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10,000+ locations globally
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Rated 4.9 by 567,215+ people

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10,000+ locations worldwide

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Powered by local businesses

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Up to $10,000 in protection

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100% free cancellation

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asked questions

  • Where can I find luggage storage near Ostbahnhof Berlin East Station?

    To find a convenient luggage storage option near Ostbahnhof Berlin East Station, use the Bounce app or website to tell us how many bags you have and when you need storage. We'll show you all of your options so you can enjoy your day near Ostbahnhof Berlin East Station without your bags.

  • How much does luggage storage cost near Ostbahnhof Berlin East Station?

    We charge from €4.30 per day (24 hours) for luggage storage near Ostbahnhof Berlin East Station.

  • How does Bounce luggage storage work?

    We partner with local businesses around the world who have secure spaces to store luggage for travelers. Just tell us how many bags you have and when you need storage, and we'll show you convenient places you can keep your stuff safe while you explore.

    Booking online is super easy and only takes a couple of minutes. To keep our partners and your stuff safe, we'll show you the address of the store once you book online. When you're ready, head to the store and show the Bounce Partner your booking confirmation so they can take your bags and securely store them right away. Then you can enjoy your day without having to worry about your bags!

    To pick up your bags, show the Bounce Partner your booking confirmation and they'll hand over your stuff. That's it!
  • Where is my luggage stored?

    We only partner with trusted businesses who have a dedicated, secure place to keep your luggage safe. Some businesses may store luggage behind a counter that's off-limits to customers, while others may have storage rooms or closets for your luggage. But no matter where you choose to leave your luggage, our partners will keep it safe.

  • What can I store with Bounce?

    Luggage, backpacks, gym bags, and more! Bounce is like having a personal storage facility for your stuff anywhere you go, so you can leave much more than just luggage with us. Whether you want to store your luggage after checking out of your Airbnb or want to drop off your work bag before hitting happy hour, we've got you covered.

    We don't charge extra for oversized items, but some special items might need to be approved before you can store them. For example, surfboards, guitars, car seats, bicycles, or skis take up a lot of space, so let us know if you have them. We can check with the Bounce Partner for you to make sure they have room for your stuff.
  • Is there hourly luggage storage near Ostbahnhof Berlin East Station?

    Yes, but many companies charge per hour and costs can add up fast. We charge one price for 24 hours of storage, so storing your stuff is more affordable near Ostbahnhof Berlin East Station.

  • How long can I leave my luggage with Bounce?

    Whether you need storage for a couple of hours or a couple of days, we've got you covered! Just put in the dates and times you need luggage storage and we'll show you all of the available locations on our map. For long-term storage lasting more than a week, reach out to us and we'll help you find a convenient location.

    If you're already storing your stuff but you need more time, you can add more time from your booking details page. Just make sure the store will be open and you can get your bags before your new pickup time.
  • How do I change or cancel my booking?

    Plans change, we get it! If you need to change or cancel your booking for any reason, the best way to do it is from your booking details page in the Bounce app. You can edit the dates, drop-off and pick-up times, and number of bags. You can also cancel your booking or rebook at a nearby store. If you can't find your booking details, check the email address you used to make your booking. You can change your booking by following the link there, or reach out to us if you need support.


About the station 

One of the key transportation hubs in Berlin is Ostbahnhof or the Berlin East Station. Like the central station, Hauptbahnhof, most of the regional, national, and international trains heading for Berlin stop at Ostbahnhof. Travelers and locals staying on the east side of the city will frequently board or get off at Ostabahnhof to get to their destination quicker.

In typical German fashion, it’s a highly efficient facility, but the amenities might be a little more stripped down than Hauptbahnhof. Still, it’s an easy station to travel through and is situated near some of the best attractions in Berlin.

Does Berlin Hbf have luggage storage?

Berlin train stations have highly limited luggage storage facilities. Most of the larger stations like Ostbahnhof and Hauptbahnhof will have luggage lockers. In general, it costs about $5 for a 24-hour period, but there are strict size limitations, and you won’t be able to store your bags there for an entire day because the facilities close at night. It’s preferable to use a luggage storage service with more flexibility and customer service. 

Where I can leave my luggage in Berlin?

The best option for luggage storage Berlin Ostbahnhof is Bounce. Our left luggage service is ideal for exploring a city like Berlin because we offer dozens of locations near the city’s travel and cultural hotspots. With an intuitive mobile app, booking a place to store your suitcase or bags is simple. You won’t have to worry about a museum having a locker or rolling your luggage through that crowded restaurant.

How much does it cost to store luggage at Berlin Airport?

Berlin Airport has limited luggage lockers that cost $5 for a 24-hour rental. 

Things to do near Berlin Ostbahnhof Station


“Museum Island” is a central complex where the city’s premier museum, along with the Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral) and the leafy Lustgarten Park is located. It’s a magnet for history buffs and anyone looking for the quintessential Berlin experience. Museumsinsel is perhaps most famous for its iconic curve along the River Spree which features the grand Bode-Museum’s Baroque architecture overlooking the river bend.

There are multiple museums on the premise that all focus on a specific time period or discipline. There’s the Altes Museum, with its thousands of artifacts and archaeological finds from ancient Greece and Rome. The Neues Museum is where you’ll find one of the world’s premier collections of Egyptian antiquities. The Nationalgalerie is a treasure trove of European art spanning centuries. The Pergamonmuseum is where you’ll find some of the world’s most famous sculptures. Set aside at least half a day to wander the halls of these museums. 

Museumsinsel bag policy 

Bringing luggage or larger items is not recommended as the “A4” size of carry-on and larger is prohibited. This includes any backpacks and notable items. There are highly limited luggage lockers, but because there are multiple museums in the complex, it’s not a particularly convenient option. It’s better to find a secure place with a luggage storage service near your commuting route or hotel. 

Volkspark Friedrichshain 

Being the most urban place in the entire country, Berlin can feel a little claustrophobic at times. This might explain the city’s oldest park’s popularity with locals. If you were there when the park was open in 1840, it would seem unrecognizable in its current state. The unfathomable amount of rubble left in the wake of Berlin's destruction in World War II is hard to quantify. But if you imagined it all piled up with dirt and grew grass, you’d find two of Berlin’s “mountains” in the Volkspark Friedrichshain. The hilly terrain provides a wonderful vantage point of the mostly flat city center, and there are flat surfaces for pickup soccer or picnicking. There’s even a beer garden.

Berlin Zoological Garden (Zoologischer Garten Berlin)

Most travelers head to the German capital for its nightlife or numerous historical landmarks, but Berlin is surprisingly great for families. The main reason? Germany's oldest zoo. The Berlin Zoo, situated in a leafy outer neighborhood on the beautiful Hardenbergplatz, is the perfect way to escape the bustle of central Berlin for a few hours.

With 1,500 different species and thousands of animals across its many distinct areas, you’ll find elephants, giraffes, chimpanzees, penguins, lions, and everything in between. The historic facilities are as interesting as the wildlife, with Baroque architecture dating back to the mid-19th century when it was built for Prussian ruler King Friedrich Wilhelm IV as a private recreational preserve, but has been open to the public for a century. 

Berlin Zoo bag policy 

There aren’t any luggage storage facilities onsite for security purposes, and bringing your larger items or suitcases is not recommended due to the amount of walking it takes to fully experience the Berlin Zoo. Your best bet is to leave the bags with a reliable Bounce luggage storage service near Berlin Ostbahnhof or elsewhere in the city center before heading to the zoo. 

Tempelhofer Park

Situated in Kreuzberg, the hippest park in Europe is situated on the repurposed airfield of Tempelhof Airport, which is certainly most famous for being the setting for the Berlin Airlift event. Today, this vast space is lined with trails for cycling and filled with both concrete and grass fields for all manner of recreation. The most popular pastime these days has to be seeing and being seen. This hipster hangout is the most popular place for Berlin's infinitely trendy twenty-somethings to gather to picnic and admire the dozens of art installations. 

The Berlin Wall’s East Side Gallery 

The German capital’s most famous feature has to be the Berlin Wall. While this particular scar of history has largely been taken down, segments of the wall survive to this day and operate as a reminder of the city’s past and as a symbol of perseverance. It also functions as a template for some of the most unique and provocative street art in the world, especially the stretch called the East Side Gallery. There are hundreds of murals lining this mile-long stretch of surviving wall near the Spree River, which will doubtless be swamped with tourists taking a peek, and certainly a selfie in front of the wall. 

Airport travel from Berlin Ostbahnhof

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) has its own S-Bahn train stop (Flughafen BER) that is connected with multiple transit methods. There are express buses that run to the city center as well, but it’s not a particularly efficient way to get to Berlin Ostbahnhof. The quickest (21 minutes) and cheapest ($4) way to get from the airport to Ohstbahnhof is the S9 Train. You can board the train directly from the airport at Terminal 1 Level U2 near the check-in hall. On this route, you’ll be able to stop at the Berlin Zoo, Alexanderplatz, and other notable locations. The train runs every 20 minutes, so you won’t have to wait long.

Getting around the city from Berlin Ostbahnhof

How to get from Berlin Ostbahnhof to Berlin Hauptbahnhof 

Berlin Central Station is known locally as “Berlin Hauptbahnhof” and serves as the primary transportation hub for the city. You can take the S5 Train between the two main train stations for $5, and the journey will only take about 10 minutes. You can also take the #142 bus, but it’ll take half an hour. 

How to get from Berlin Ostbahnhof to Berlin’s Central Bus Station

If you’re traveling through the region, you may end up taking a bus to smaller towns outside of Berlin. The Central Bus Station is located closer to the Hauptbahnhof in the city center, and you can take the 142 Bus right to the station for about $5. It’s half an hour, so you might want to take the S5 Train to save some time, it’s a short walk from Hauptbahnhof and you’ll be able to board regional trains from there. 

How to get from Berlin Ostbahnhof to Mitte 

It couldn’t be quicker to get from Ostbahnhof to the “Mitte” area of Berlin. The name of the city center derives from it being in “the middle” of everything and it’s essentially Berlin’s city center. At only seven minutes stop-to-stop and costing only $3, the train is the best way to get here. The S7 Train runs directly from Ostbahnhof to the Berlin Alexanderplatz Bahnhof stop. 

How to get from Berlin Ostbahnhof to Potsdamer Platz

This bustling public square is situated just south of the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag and is also accessible from the Tiergarten Park, which makes it one of the heaviest-trafficked places in Berlin. It’s about a 26-minute commute from Ostbahnhof via the RE1 Bus to the S2 Train. 

Luggage storage near Berlin Ostbahnhof

If you’re planning a trip through Germany, a stop in Berlin is basically a given. But if you’re visiting cities like Munich, Hamburg, and Stuttgart (or any major city, really), you can rely on Bounce for all your luggage storage needs. All you’ll have to do is pull up the trusty Bounce app to find there’s a reliable luggage storage facility near every amazing landmark or trendy neighborhood in the country.

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