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Luggage storage nearby most
Lima hotspots

Lima Luggage Storage Guide 2022

Posted May 28, 2022

Are you wondering, "Where can I store my luggage in Lima?" Perhaps you just arrived in Lima and need a place to store your bags before you check into your hotel or AirBnB -- or maybe you just checked out and don't want to drag your bags around with you for the rest of the day.

Don't worry, there are plenty of options for luggage storage in Lima!

Luggage storage nearby most Lima hotspots

Bounce is one of the largest luggage storage networks in Lima and the world.

Featured in The Boston Globe, Techcrunch and Forbes, Bounce is present in more than 100 cities. We partner with local hotels and shops to open up space for you to drop off your bags in essentially any major neighborhood.

Our team vets each location and provides all the security measures including insurance, security seals, and well-trained staff.

Bounce is the #1-rated bag storage network with thousands of 5-star reviews. Many of our shops are open for luggage storage 24/7 but this varies by location… we strategically open new spots so you can find the closest location to temporarily store your bags. Our prices in Lima start at just $6 per 24h/bag.

Book through our website or mobile app (required) so that we can cover you with insurance, space availability, and our 24/7 customer support. We love to travel as much as you so we make it as easy as possible! There are no size limits for suitcases or backpacks stored with Bounce. For less than a cup of coffee per bag, you can enjoy your entire day without dragging your bags with you!


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How do I store luggage in Lima with Bounce?

You can store your luggage very quickly and easily. Simply select a location here. Find the shop that meets your preferences in terms of location & hours. Once you’ve chosen a location, you can book in under 2 minutes.

Space does fill up so booking before you go there is required, but you can show up right away. With your booking confirmation in hand, we’ll give you the exact details and directions to the shop. Once there, all you have to do is show your booking confirmation and we’ll tag and check in your bags.

You’re now free to enjoy Lima without your things!

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  • BounceShield™ Protection

    $10,000 of coverage means peace of mind that your things are safe.

  • Half the price of station lockers

    Highest value, maximum affordability

  • 0.00% Bags Lost

    Store with confidence - Bounce has the highest security standards worldwide!

Store Your Luggage Around Lima With Bounce 

Tucked into the hills and valleys of the Lurin, Rimac, and Chillon Rivers, you can find Lima, the capital of Peru. The beautiful land speckled with ancient buildings interspersed with modern buildings and palm trees is unlike any other. The city was founded by Francisco Pizzaro in 1535, where he became the governor until 1541 when he was assassinated. Plagued by pirates, privateers, and earthquakes, the city has withstood the test of time and has flourished into a busy hub for Peruvians as well as the tourists who enjoy visiting the area.

Even though Lima is located in the desert as well as the tropics, the city enjoys excellent weather year-round. The temperatures range from 54 degrees to 84 degrees all year, but it is easily affected by El Niño changes. However, you will not see any rain or snow in Lima. What you will see is plenty of sunshine to enjoy the many beaches, parks, and other outdoor activities offered in the city.

Sports are also important in Lima, including basketball, volleyball, golf, and football, which is the most popular. In fact, the city has five professional football teams. However, Peruvian football is the same as American soccer. Another activity that Peruvians enjoy is surfing. They use a vessel made from woven reeds that Peruvian anglers have been using over 3,000 years for fishing. It looks like an upside-down boat or a handmade surfboard with a pointy end that turns up like a banana. You really should try this while you are in town. If not, at least go to the beach and watch the locals do it and bring your camera. 

Luggage Storage in Lima

Don’t let your bags slow you down. You came all this way, so get out there and have some fun without dragging your luggage around with you. Bounce has locations in town near tourist attractions and transportation hubs where you can store your things for safekeeping. All you have to do is download the Bounce app, find the nearest location, and book a spot.

Lima City Guide

Top Things to Do 

While you are here, make sure you see all there is to discover in this beautiful city. Take a boat tour of the islands just off the coast of Lima. They stop at several islands to see penguins, pelicans, and even a prison. Or you can rent a bike at one of the many bike rental kiosks and shops in the city. Lima also many beaches to enjoy on the Pacific coastline, such as Playa Mar Brava, Cosa Verde, and Punta Roquitas. If you cannot decide what you want to see, no problem. Take a Peru Hop bus tour and see everything in one day. 


Be prepared to explore cultural places in Lima, where you can learn about the history of the city and the country. Whether you are into art, archaeology, historic buildings, or flora and fauna, you can find it all within this beautiful city. 

  • Lima Art Museum: Also known as the Museo de Arte de Lima, here you can see over 17,000 pieces of art and treasures going back 3,000 years. Some of these items include the ceremonial breastplate from the Mochica era of 100 – 800 AD, a spout vessel from the Cupisnique era of 1500 – 500 BC, and a ceremonial mantle from the Paracas era of 100 BC – 100 AD. 

  • Larco Museum: Located on Av. Simón Bolivar, this museum inside a mansion has pre-Columbian art and artifacts to see and some you can even touch. They have them sectioned off into rooms such as the gold and jewelry rooms, library, video room, ceremonial vessels, and a large section of cultural items.  

  • National Museum of Peruvian Culture: In the heart of the city on Av. Javier Prado Este, this Peruvian history museum is one of two major national collections. See all sorts of archaeology, anthropology, and historic items such as ceramics from Wari, Nazca, and Moche. They even have Andean artifacts and a recreated burial chamber of the Lord of Spain. 


Are you looking for some souvenirs for the family or friends back home? Lima has plenty of shops for you to choose from. Browse ultra-large malls with everything in one place as well as tiny kiosks selling local goods all over the city. If you are trying to find that perfect piece of jewelry for your special someone, there are dozens of jewelers in town as well. 

  • Larcomar: Located on a cliff with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean, Larcomar on Malecon de la Reserva is a huge shopping center with more than 70 stores. From men’s fashion to sporting goods and toy stores to specialty gift shops, if you cannot find what you are looking for here, you aren’t doing it right.  

  • Galería Dédalo: In the heart of the Barranco neighborhood, this shop has artisanal items from the locals to peruse. The artsy gallery sells handmade crafts such as paintings, pottery, and bags as well as jewelry, trinkets, and toys.  

  • Alpaca 111: A famous brand in Peru, Alpaca 111 sells quality clothing for everyone. Admire handmade items made of wool from local alpaca fibers. From sweaters to coats and hats to scarves, the upscale clothing brand has several locations to choose from in Lima. 


You have to try the local eateries while you are in Lima, no matter how long you will be here. The city is known for its fantastic cuisine. So, whether it comes from a street cart or a fancy restaurant, it is bound to be delicious. 

  • Osso: This unique fine dining restaurant on Tahiti started as a butcher shop in La Molina. You won’t be comfortable here if you are a vegan because they are known for their thick slabs of meat cooked right on the charcoal in front of you. What makes it special is that it is a tasting feast with only 12 seats where you get whatever the chef is cooking. This typically includes steaks, sliders, hot dogs, tartare, and charcuterie. For dessert, you will get something flavored with bacon. 

  • Primos Chicken Bar: Head over to Av. Los Conquistadores so you can try some of the city’s main staple: chicken. Roasted chicken with thin, crispy skin makes a perfect meal whether you want to sit at the bar or at one of the cozy booths or tables. Have some fries or onion rings on the side and an Inca Kola to wash it all down with. 

  • Sutorīto Māketto: If you like sushi, this place on Av. Mariscal La Mar has you covered. They have intensely flavored sashimi, maki, and nigiri as well as glazed pork ribs, and short rib sandwiches with seaweed. You will never forget your experience here. In fact, many tourists come back to the city just to eat at Sutorīto Māketto. The chef, Javier Miyasato, really knows how to spice up every meal and make it unique. 

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