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10,000+ locations globally
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10,000+ locations worldwide

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Powered by local businesses

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Up to $10,000 in protection

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100% free cancellation

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asked questions

  • Where can I find luggage storage near Fremantle?

    To find a convenient luggage storage option near Fremantle, use the Bounce app or website to tell us how many bags you have and when you need storage. We'll show you all of your options so you can enjoy your day near Fremantle without your bags.

  • How much does luggage storage cost near Fremantle?

    We charge from A$8.00 per day (24 hours) for luggage storage near Fremantle.

  • How does Bounce luggage storage work?

    We partner with local businesses around the world who have secure spaces to store luggage for travelers. Just tell us how many bags you have and when you need storage, and we'll show you convenient places you can keep your stuff safe while you explore.

    Booking online is super easy and only takes a couple of minutes. To keep our partners and your stuff safe, we'll show you the address of the store once you book online. When you're ready, head to the store and show the Bounce Partner your booking confirmation so they can take your bags and securely store them right away. Then you can enjoy your day without having to worry about your bags!

    To pick up your bags, show the Bounce Partner your booking confirmation and they'll hand over your stuff. That's it!
  • Where is my luggage stored?

    We only partner with trusted businesses who have a dedicated, secure place to keep your luggage safe. Some businesses may store luggage behind a counter that's off-limits to customers, while others may have storage rooms or closets for your luggage. But no matter where you choose to leave your luggage, our partners will keep it safe.

  • What can I store with Bounce?

    Luggage, backpacks, gym bags, and more! Bounce is like having a personal storage facility for your stuff anywhere you go, so you can leave much more than just luggage with us. Whether you want to store your luggage after checking out of your Airbnb or want to drop off your work bag before hitting happy hour, we've got you covered.

    We don't charge extra for oversized items, but some special items might need to be approved before you can store them. For example, surfboards, guitars, car seats, bicycles, or skis take up a lot of space, so let us know if you have them. We can check with the Bounce Partner for you to make sure they have room for your stuff.
  • Is there hourly luggage storage near Fremantle?

    Yes, but many companies charge per hour and costs can add up fast. We charge one price for 24 hours of storage, so storing your stuff is more affordable near Fremantle.

  • How long can I leave my luggage with Bounce?

    Whether you need storage for a couple of hours or a couple of days, we've got you covered! Just put in the dates and times you need luggage storage and we'll show you all of the available locations on our map. For long-term storage lasting more than a week, reach out to us and we'll help you find a convenient location.

    If you're already storing your stuff but you need more time, you can add more time from your booking details page. Just make sure the store will be open and you can get your bags before your new pickup time.
  • How do I change or cancel my booking?

    Plans change, we get it! If you need to change or cancel your booking for any reason, the best way to do it is from your booking details page in the Bounce app. You can edit the dates, drop-off and pick-up times, and number of bags. You can also cancel your booking or rebook at a nearby store. If you can't find your booking details, check the email address you used to make your booking. You can change your booking by following the link there, or reach out to us if you need support.


Store your luggage around Fremantle with Bounce

Although part of the Perth metropolitan area, Fremantle is its own thing. Technically a port city, Fremantle has a lot more to offer visitors than ships rolling in and out with various goods. It has a rich history, a thriving artistic community, and tons of maritime charm. Located at the mouth of the Swan River, just a short drive from Perth, Fremantle—or "Freo" as it's affectionately known—blends the old with the new and is definitely a worthy destination on your Perth itinerary.

The city's heritage is palpable in its well-preserved 19th-century architecture, with the Fremantle Prison, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offering a glimpse into Australia's colonial past. The Fremantle Markets, established in 1897, remain a bustling hub of activity, where visitors can find a range of artisanal goods, fresh produce, and gourmet delights. The streets of Fremantle are lined with cafes, bookshops, and galleries, reflecting the city's vibrant arts scene and bohemian spirit.

Fremantle's maritime legacy is ever-present, where the Fremantle Harbour is a constant reminder of the city's role as a gateway for early settlers. Fremantle's beaches, including the popular Bathers Beach, offer stunning sunsets and a chance to relax by the Indian Ocean.

It's safe to say that any visit to Fremantle will be a busy one. To make things easy on yourself, make sure you drop off any unneeded items with a Bounce luggage storage location on your way to explore everything there is to do.

Luggage storage in Fremantle

It's easy to find convenient luggage storage in Fremantle when you use any of the Bounce luggage storage facilities. We offer a comprehensive network of locations throughout Australia, including Fremantle. By partnering with local shops, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, we provide convenient baggage storage wherever you are. There's no easier way to store luggage in Western Australia than by booking with Bounce, so check out the storage options on our website or app and use our left luggage service to make your trip to Perth much easier, no matter what you plan to do.

Fremantle city guide

Top things to do in Fremantle

Fremantle may have its origins as a port, but its history has left it with a great legacy of things to see and do. Facing out over the spectacular Indian Ocean, Fremantle is home to some of the most interesting things to do in the whole city. With your suitcases safely stored, you can enjoy Fremantle worry-free and check out some of the best things to do in the area.

Museums in Fremantle

Fremantle is steeped in rich history and artistic flair, offering an array of cultural experiences and maritime adventures. Known for its preserved architectural heritage, Fremantle serves as a gateway to exploring the diverse narratives of the past through its museums and galleries. Let's look at three significant museums that contribute to the city's unique cultural landscape, each offering a distinct glimpse into Fremantle's historical, maritime, and artistic heritage.

WA Shipwrecks Museum

The WA Shipwrecks Museum, situated in the heart of Fremantle, is recognized as the foremost maritime archaeology museum in the southern hemisphere. This museum houses an extensive collection of shipwreck artifacts, most notably from the Dutch shipwrecks of the 17th century, such as the Batavia. With exhibits that tell the stories of explorers, settlers, and the Indigenous people affected by these maritime disasters, visitors are offered a deep dive into Western Australia's exploration and colonial history. The museum's atmospheric setting in an 1850s-era Commissariat building adds to the immersive experience.

WA Shipwrecks Museum bag policy

Please note that the WA Shipwrecks Museum advises visitors to carry small bags only, as large bags, backpacks, and luggage may need to be stored in lockers during your visit. Additionally, luggage storage facilities here are limited in the size of bags they can store. You may be better off leaving your bags at a luggage storage near Fremantle railway station or Perth station before visiting.

Fremantle Prison

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Fremantle Prison stands as a monumental reminder of Australia's convict past. This former maximum-security prison, operational until 1991, is now a fascinating public museum. Guided tours offer insights into the lives of inmates, daring escapes, and the prison's historical significance. The prison also hosts art exhibitions and cultural events, making it a dynamic venue that bridges the past with contemporary issues.

Fremantle Arts Centre

Originally built as a psychiatric hospital in the 1860s, the Fremantle Arts Centre is now a thriving hub for the arts and culture. It showcases local, national, and international artists through a range of exhibitions, residencies, and live events. The centre also offers art courses and workshops, making it a place of creativity and learning. The beautiful Gothic Revival architecture and lush gardens provide a serene backdrop for exploring the vibrant art scene of Fremantle.

Shopping in Fremantle

Fremantle offers a treasure trove of shopping experiences that reflect its eclectic charm and vibrant culture. From historic markets to boutique-lined streets, Fremantle is a shopper's paradise, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you're in search of unique artisan crafts, fashionable attire, or vintage finds, Fremantle's shopping districts promise an engaging and diverse retail adventure. Here are three key shopping areas, each offering a distinct flavor of Fremantle's retail landscape.

Fremantle Markets

Established in 1897, the Fremantle Markets are a must-visit for anyone looking to soak up local culture and history while shopping. This indoor market features over 150 stalls, offering everything from fresh produce and gourmet foods to handmade crafts, unique gifts, and indigenous art. The vibrant atmosphere, coupled with live music and street performers, makes it a lively spot to find something special and authentically Fremantle.

High Street

Nestled in the West End, High Street is renowned for its exceptional range of fashion boutiques and independent designers. This area is perfect for those seeking high-end fashion, unique garments, and accessories. The beautifully preserved Victorian architecture adds to the shopping experience, creating a picturesque setting for discovering the latest trends and timeless pieces alike.

South Terrace & Cappuccino Strip

For a more relaxed shopping experience, South Terrace, known as the Cappuccino Strip, offers a blend of shopping and leisure. Alongside its famous cafes and eateries, this area boasts a variety of shops selling books, music, art, and homewares. It's the perfect place to browse for gifts and souvenirs in a laid-back atmosphere.

After a day of shopping in Fremantle, managing multiple shopping bags can become cumbersome, especially if you plan to continue exploring the city or indulge in other activities. Services like Bounce offer convenient luggage and shopping bag storage, allowing you to drop off your purchases and enjoy Fremantle's attractions unencumbered. This practical solution ensures that your shopping spree doesn't weigh you down as you take in all that Fremantle has to offer.

Restaurants in Fremantle

Fremantle, renowned for its vibrant culture and picturesque setting, is equally celebrated for its diverse and delicious dining options. This historic port city boasts a rich array of restaurants that cater to all tastes, from fresh seafood caught in the Indian Ocean to authentic Italian eateries and innovative contemporary Australian cuisine. Fremantle's culinary scene is a reflection of its multicultural heritage, offering an exciting gastronomic journey for anyone who dines here.

Little Creatures Brewery

Situated right on the waterfront, Little Creatures Brewery is not just a haven for beer enthusiasts but also a fantastic dining spot. This iconic establishment offers a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process, alongside a menu featuring fresh, local produce and seafood. The lively atmosphere, combined with waterfront views and a selection of craft beers brewed on-site, makes for an unforgettable dining experience.

Bread in Common

Bread in Common is a rustic, yet contemporary restaurant set in a refurbished warehouse. It's known for its communal dining, open kitchen, and a focus on homemade bread and locally sourced ingredients. The menu is seasonal, showcasing the best of Western Australia's produce. The unique ambiance, combined with a commitment to quality and creativity, makes Bread in Common a standout dining destination in Fremantle.

Vin Populi

Offering a slice of Italy in the heart of Fremantle, Vin Populi is celebrated for its authentic Italian cuisine. From homemade pasta to wood-fired pizzas, the menu is a testament to traditional Italian cooking techniques and flavors. The cozy atmosphere and family-friendly vibe make it a perfect spot for a casual meal, embodying the warmth and hospitality of Italy.

Carrying luggage or multiple shopping bags can significantly hamper your dining experience, especially in bustling Fremantle where you might want to hop from one place to another. Luggage storage services, such as Bounce, provide a convenient solution by allowing you to securely store your bags, freeing you to enjoy Fremantle's culinary delights unburdened. This way, whether you're just arriving in the city or out exploring, you won't have to worry about your belongings as you savor the flavors of Fremantle.


It may be just part of Perth, but Fremantle has lots to offer in a very small area. Easy to reach from Perth airport, attractions like the WA Maritime Museum, the WA Shipwrecks Museum, and Fremantle Markets make this a place rich in both the history and culture of Western Australia. Leave the bags behind at a convenient luggage storage in Fremantle, and you'll find plenty to do, whether you're here for a few hours or for days.

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