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Store Your Luggage Around Port Canaveral with Bounce 

Port Canaveral is a world-class cargo, cruise and naval port and gateway located in Brevard County, Florida. Located about 45 minutes away from Orlando, the port is one of the busiest in the world, with about 4.5 million cruise passengers and 6 million short tons of bulk cargo moving through annually. The terminal serves as the home port to some of the most popular cruise lines in the industry, including Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Disney, and several others. 

Apart from being one of the fastest-growing cruise ports in the state of Florida, Port Canaveral has also become a premier destination among both locals and tourists. Here, there are plenty of must-see attractions, beaches, dining options, shopping choices, and other commercial facilities for people to check out. There are also several festivals held here, drawing audiences from all over the country. With such a fun and vibrant community, Port Canaveral has something for visitors of all ages. 

Are you a local who wants to see the best of Port Canaveral? Or are you a cruise passenger who’s looking to maximize your short stopover in Florida? No matter how long your stay is, you can make use of Bounce’s storage services for your heavy luggage. Simply drop off your things at a Bounce location near you and proceed with your plans for the day. 

Luggage Storage in Port Canaveral

As one of the country’s biggest cruise ports and tourist destinations, there is a demand for luggage storage from the millions of visitors in Port Canaveral. Bounce recognizes this and has strategically partnered with different businesses within the area to offer short-term storage close to what you'd like to see. Tourists at Port Canaveral can stow their bags in a Bounce location to freely go about their day. Dine and tour as you wish without the burden of your gear.

Port Canaveral City Guide

Top Things to Do

Port Canaveral is both a port and an entertainment complex, featuring some incredible attractions. A renowned spot among visitors is the Kennedy Space Center, where you can watch an actual rocket launch live. Beach lovers enjoy pristine beaches that line the coast. However, there’s more to see at Port Canaveral than just that; the area is filled with plenty of historical museums, specialty shops, and fantastic restaurants. Don’t know where to start? Check out Bounce’s recommendations of things to do in Port Canaveral.


Port Canaveral is home to some unique and eccentric museums that house a variety of artifacts and pieces. From types of machinery and cars to dinosaurs, there’s a museum in Port Canaveral to cater to any age. 

  • US Air Force Space & Missile Museum: Situated on the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, the US Air Force Space & Missile Museum is a public museum that spans two launch complexes – namely Launch Complex 26 and Launch Complex 5/6. In the former, guests can visit the site where an American satellite was first successfully launched into space. Meanwhile, the latter houses the launch pad where the first American astronauts were deployed into space. Other artifacts related to space history are also exhibited in the museum, giving you a better understanding of space and all its aspects. (Bag check policy: Guests are not allowed to bring oversized bags into the museum. Instead, store your bag at a Bounce location near the Air Force Station.)

  • The Dinosaur Store and Museum: While the Port Canaveral area is known for modern technology, it has an ancient side that’s worth seeking out, too. Get a glimpse of it at The Dinosaur Store and Museum. Established in 1996 at Cocoa Beach, this facility has an extensive collection of dinosaur fossils and other related artifacts. Here, guests will find different exhibits, game rooms, and a large store where you can buy items such as dinosaur fossils and eggs. (Bag check policy: Large bags or backpacks are prohibited in the facility. As an alternative, drop off your items at a Bounce partner near Cocoa Beach.

  • Brevard Museum of History & Natural Science: This museum is located in Cocoa, Florida, which is just a short drive from Port Canaveral. Nestled in a residential neighborhood, Brevard Museum boasts a 14,750-square-foot facility along with a nature preserve that spans 22 acres. Through its displays, the museum teaches guests about the county’s one-of-a-kind history. (Bag check policy: Guests with large bags will not be allowed to bring their things inside. If you have plans to visit the museum, you may store your bag at a Bounce location around Cocoa beforehand.)


Whenever you’re on vacation, it’s only natural to have a need to go shopping for items that will help you remember your experience. Port Canaveral taps into this human instinct by providing a variety of stores in and around the area. Whether you’re looking for unique souvenirs or carefully-curated pieces, you’ll definitely find something worth splurging on here. 

  • The Cove Marketplace: The Cove is Port Canaveral’s waterfront complex, which is home to a number of restaurants and shops. One of its main draws is the open-air Cove Marketplace, featuring distinct items that are locally-made, such as paintings, sculptures, jewelry and other creations. 

  • Ron Jon Surf Shop: Ron Jon Surf Shop is the most recognizable surf shop in the country, with different branches across the United States. The one in Cocoa Beach claims to be the largest and offers a vast range of souvenirs, swimsuits, surfboards, and other surf-related merchandise. Regardless if you’re a surfer or not, you’ll surely get a kick out of shopping at Ron Jon.

  • Kennedy Space Center Gift Shop: Port Canaveral’s most popular tourist spot also houses a gift shop where you can find and purchase NASA gear, space souvenirs and other memorabilia. 


The dining scene in Port Canaveral is definitely unique compared to the rest of the state due to the diversity of the visitors that come through the port. There are lots of different cuisines to try here – both local and international. 

  • Fishlips Waterfront Bar and Grill: This waterside restaurant and bar in Port Canaveral is fully-equipped with a party deck, sports bar, sun deck, and tiki bar. Fishlips is widely known for its seafood selection but also caters to guests with other preferences (they even offer a gluten-free menu). 

  • Papa Vito’s Italian Restaurant: Located in Cape Canaveral, this Italian restaurant serves freshly-made-to-order Italian food and pizza. They have the most incredible deals that change regularly, such as $2.99 lunch specials, 30-cent wings and $1 beers, among others. 

  • Vargas Café: Another Cape Canaveral institution, the Vargas Café is a small, family-owned restaurant that serves authentic Mexican and Cuban food. Don’t be fooled by the size, though. The restaurant draws guests all the time because of the quality of food and the affordable price. The best part is that everything that they serve is handmade – from the salads down to the sauces!

Port Canaveral - Crime Stats Guide

Safety (Introductory Paragraph)

Port Canaveral, also known as Cape Canaveral, isn’t a city in the traditional sense – it’s a massive naval port that receives hundreds of thousands of ships every year. A long time ago, a US Post Office was built in the area where Port Canaveral currently resides. Back then, back in the late 1800s, this area was called Artesia. However, Artesia gave way to Port Canaveral in 1954. Over the years, Port Canaveral has become much more than a shipping port. SeaFest is held here annually, and Jetty Park attracts scores of visitors every day. In a way, Port Canaveral has become a tourist destination in its own right. 

If you embark on one of Florida’s famous cruises, you’re bound to visit Port Canaveral. So, we’d like to share some information about the naval port’s crime statistics. Port Canaveral ranks on the scale at number 14 out of the National Crime Index’s top 100 safest American cities. Every year, native Floridians and tourists report about 320 crimes in total. 1 in 243 citizens report violent crimes. Conversely, 1 in 38 citizens describe property related crime. Bounce’s luggage storage services are an excellent way to protect your belongings. Our services are affordable, convenient and, most importantly, reliable. When you arrive in Port Canaveral, look for Bounce near Grouper Rd.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What’s the best way to get around Port Canaveral?”

  • If we’re being facetious, the best way to get around Port Canaveral is by boat. Barring that, walking, biking, scootering, and even roller-skating are all great ways to navigate the cape.

“Is public transportation in Port Canaveral safe?”

  • Yes, although options for public transportation are expectedly limited. The Cape Canaveral Transportation service is a very safe way to get to and from the port. Port Canaveral has a very small population, however, so a limited number of buses and shuttles services the area.

“What’s the best neighborhood to stay in Port Canaveral?”

  • The neighborhoods near N Atlantic Ave and E Garfield Ave are some of the best places to stay. There are luxury hotels, highly rated restaurants, and unique shopping centers just about everywhere you go.

“What are the best museums to visit in Port Canaveral?”

  • The Sands Space History Center is a must see exhibit that’s usually open Tuesday through Sunday. Another popular venue is the Air Force Space and Missile Museum. Lastly, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex should definitely be on your list of exhibits to visit.

“Whar’s the best time of year to visit Port Canaveral?”

  • Each season in Port Canaveral offers a drastically different experience. Winters aren’t too cold or crowded, so you should visit between December and February if you want to explore the area. Springs are temperate, making the months between March and May ideal for hitting the beach. Summers, namely during the period between June and August, are ideal for watersports. Lastly, fall is somewhat warm and humid, but essentially devoid of crowds.

Frequently asked questions

  • Where can I store my luggage in Port Canaveral?

    We've partnered with local Port Canaveral businesses around the city who offer a dedicated storage room or a designated area that's off limits for customers.