Gare du Nord Visitor Guide 2023: Everything you need to know

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Interior of Gare du Nord train station, Paris, France

There are a select few railway stations that are famous throughout the world, even with people who’ve never visited them. New York’s Grand Central, for instance. London’s Paddington. And Paris Gare du Nord is part of this select group.

Opened all the way back in 1861, Gare du Nord remains one of the busiest railway stations in all of Europe. Over 220 million people pass through the station every year, and its connections to countries across the continent make it a major part of European transport infrastructure. Drop off your bags at a baggage storage near Gare du Nord and immerse yourself in the beating heart of the City of Light.

Entrance to Gare du Nord station, Paris

Gare du Nord bag policy

With so many visitors passing through each day, Gare du Nord has no especially strict baggage policy. As with any major transport terminal, it’s better not to leave your bags unattended. Not only does this invite thieves, but it also attracts the suspicion of security personnel.

To make your trip easier, you can leave your bags behind at a luggage storage facility near Gare du Nord. The station operates its own luggage service on level -1, where you’’ll find coin-operated lockers. However, the lockers often get full during busy times. It may be a better idea to find a luggage storage near Gare du Nord and leave your bag there so that you don’t have to worry about finding space.

Gare du Nord food policy

Parisians generally aren’t picnickers. However, you are allowed to bring your own food to Gare du Nord and even onto the train with you. If you do decide to bring your own food, be considerate and don’t litter in the station.

You don’t need to plan ahead. You’ll find plenty of food outlets in the station itself. And just outside, Paris has more restaurants than you could ever hope to visit in a single lifetime. You’ll find many fast food outlets in the station where you can grab a quick bite for the train. But if you have more time on your hands, visit Terminus Nord just outside the station to get a taste of Paris’s old-world charm in a vintage restaurant that has been serving station passengers for over 100 years.

Gare du Nord camera policy

Cameras are allowed in Gare du Nord. However, take care not to be a nuisance to other passengers. It’s best not to set up a tripod, lights, or other professional photography equipment. A better idea is to leave that behind at a suitcase storage near Gare du Nord. That way, you know your belongings will be safely looked after and out of harm’s way until you’re ready to pick them up. Content yourself with selfies from your phone and make your trip easier.

Gare du Nord rules

  • Gare du Nord is the terminus of the Eurostar train which connects London to Paris. As a result, the station has customs control similar to that you’ll find in airports. Before boarding Eurostar, make sure you know your duty-free allowances and be prepared to have your belongings inspected by border agents of both France and the UK.
  • Train platforms at Gare du Nord have ticket gates, and you won’t be able to access them without a ticket for a train.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the station.
  • Gare du Nord is connected to the Paris Metro network, and lines 4 and 5 serve the station, making it easy to reach from most places in Paris.
  • RER lines B, D, and E stop at Gare du Nord, making it easy to reach from Paris’s airports.

Gare du Nord lockers

The historic train station of Gare du Nord is as legendary as the city it serves. In many ways, this grand station is the perfect introduction to Paris. Old and charming and yet nevertheless extremely busy, the station closely resembles the French capital.

You can make your trip easier on yourself by dropping off your bags at a luggage locker near Gare du Nord. Whether you’re in Paris for just a couple of days or a much longer trip, you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more if you travel light. Drop off anything you don’t need and enjoy your French adventure in this iconic city.

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