Stockholm Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Sweden's capital Stockholm is an artistic treasure. Home to world-class universities, a network of subway stations that are considered the world's longest art gallery, and the Nobel Prize, Stockholm is a cultural hub not just for the country but for the whole Scandinavia region. It's also the most populous city in Scandinavia, making it the perfect place to experience the culture of northern Europe.

Spread across 14 islands in the Baltic Sea, this modern city has ancient origins. As an important port since the Middle Ages, Stockholm was the center of Swedish power during the country's golden age. Plus, the city's location means it's also an excellent place to explore the outdoors. In short, you'll never run out of things to do in Stockholm. Visit for yourself and see why this Swedish capital is one of Europe's most happening cities.

8 Best Ways to Experience Stockholm in 2024

Once you start exploring, you’ll find there’s no shortage of things to do in Sweden’s capital city. Stockholm has something to offer everyone, whether it’s food, arts and culture, or stunning scenery. But you can get a better sense of the city by embarking on a guided tour. The following companies offer a range of experiences that will let you see many different sides of Stockholm. Drop off your unnecessary bags at a Bounce luggage storage in Stockholm and see what makes the city so special for yourself.

Best adventure tours —Stockholm Adventures

If you like an adrenaline rush while on vacation, Stockholm Adventures is the company for you. This company offers a range of different tours that will help you get some exercise and push your limits while seeing more of the city. They offer both guided and self-guided tours, and you can explore the city by kayak, standup paddleboard, rigid inflatable boat, bike, or on foot. Or for a truly Swedish experience, take the ice-skating tour and enjoy Stockholm’s winter wonderland. Contact them at or 46 8 33 60 01.

Best free tour —Rainbow Tours Stockholm

Stockholm is many things, but cheap isn’t one of them. Therefore, if you want to explore the city on a budget, you have to save money where you can. And there’s no better price than free. Rainbow Tours offers a range of tours that won’t cost you a penny. You can explore Stockholm’s Old Town or visit the city’s hipster island. The tours may be free, but remember to tip your guide for offering an information-packed tour at zero cost. Contact them to book at or 4634673675400.

Best nature tours — True Nature Sweden

The people of Sweden are passionate about the outdoors, and with the scenery that surrounds Stockholm, it’s not surprising. You can explore the natural side of the country for yourself with a tour by True Nature Sweden. Go mountain biking in the forests or take a sunset kayak tour of the city. If you really want to immerse yourself in the outdoors, they even offer multi-day survival courses that can teach you how to thrive in the Nordic wilderness. Contact them at or 46 70 245 88 11.

Best car tour —Stockholm DriveAndGuide

If you want to take it easy on your vacation, a car tour can help you see the most important sites of the city without over-exerting yourself. Stockholm DriveAndGuide offers a two hour tour that will take you to all the major sites and explain their significance. If you prefer to stretch your legs, they can also take you on a walking tour. But it’s great to have the option of a car tour, especially for those with limited mobility. Contact them at or 46 73 7078814.

Best kayak tour — The Green Trails

Those interested in ecotourism shouldn’t miss this opportunity to explore Sweden’s capital. With its many waterways, Stockholm is a great place to explore by boat, and there’s no more environmentally friendly way to do that than by kayak. They offer both day and evening tours, and a sunset paddle through Stockholm is an experience you won’t soon forget. In the winter, they also offer ice-skating tours and skiing excursions for a truly Nordic experience. Contact them at or 46 76 911 13 44.

Best food tour — Tours of Stockholm

Stockholm’s culinary scene has come a long way in the past few decades. Foodies won’t want to miss the culinary explorations offered by Tours of Stockholm. Some of Sweden’s best restaurants are located in the city, and this tour can help you explore them. They offer a range of tours, such as street food, a vegetarian tour, or a high-end dinner tour. Give your tastebuds to treat and contact them at or 46 73 140 86 55.

Best bike tour — Philips Stockholm Tours

Stockholm is a perfect place to explore on two wheels, and you’ll find that many local residents prefer biking as their main method of transportation. A bike tour with Phillips lets you see more of the city than you otherwise might while getting some exercise in. However, this knowledgeable local guide also offers other tours, such as the Fire and Ice tour which will take you to a sauna before a dunk in some ice-cold water. You could also combine your bike tour with a kayak tour to see different sides of the city. Contact them at or 46704747151.

painted cave in subway station

A weekend in Stockholm

A couple of days in Stockholm will by no means exhaust everything the city has to offer, but should be enough to give you an overview of the place. Drop off your heavy bags at a Stockholm luggage storage service and start exploring some of these great attractions.

  • See the ancient roots of Stockholm at Gamla Stan. These three islands are where the city began, and they maintain much of their medieval charm. Ancient but carefully maintained buildings are now home to restaurants, bars, and museums, and the narrow cobblestone streets offer the perfect place to wander.
  • See a relic of Sweden's impressive Naval history at the Vasa Museum. This sixty-four gun warship sank on its maiden voyage back in 1628. She remained underwater until 1961, when she was found and restored. Now, this ancient ship has a museum all to herself and is an impressive place to visit in Stockholm.
  • See one of Europe's largest Royal palaces at Stockholm Royal Palace. Still the home of the King of Sweden, the palace also houses multiple museums. Enjoy the art collection and opulent lifestyle of the Swedish Royal family.

Stockholm lockers

If the weather cooperates, Stockholm can be a great place to explore on foot. The older part of the city is just made for walking. Also, the extensive public transit network makes it easy to get around. But you'll enjoy yourself a lot more if you're not carrying more than you need to. Drop off your extra gear at a bag storage in Stockholm so you can travel light in the Swedish capital.

Off the beaten path in Stockholm

Beyond its most famous attractions, Stockholm has plenty to offer those who want to delve a little deeper. You don’t have to go far in Stockholm to find some quirky attractions that let you escape the crowds.

  • Celebrate one of Sweden's most famous bands at ABBA: The Museum. Abba achieved worldwide fame back in the seventies, and this museum pays tribute to the enduring popularity of this musical act. Filled with memorabilia of the band, the museum is an unashamedly kitschy attraction well worth visiting.
  • Get away from it all on the island of Skeppsholmen. Although part of Stockholm, this island feels a long way away. With expansive water views and even a small forest to explore, the island can be reached by bus or ferry and is a great place to get away from the crowds of the city.
  • Leave your mark on the Stockholm skyline at Color By Numbers. This twenty-story tower lights up at night, and you can control it yourself via smartphone. Don't forget to get photos of your masterpiece as you become part of the artistic heritage of the city, if only for a moment.

What to do alone in Stockholm

street in Stockholm

Stockholm is a safe city that is welcoming for foreign travelers. Once you pierce through the celebrated Nordic chill, its people can be remarkably open and friendly. Whether you're in the city for a solo vacation or traveling on business, you'll find plenty to do by yourself in Stockholm.

  • Shop like a local at Hornstulls Marknad. This outdoor street market is undoubtedly one of Stockholm's coolest locations. Shop for art, antiques, or clothes here, or just enjoy something to eat from the many food trucks. Drop off your bags at a Stockholm luggage storage locker and immerse yourself in this vibrant attraction.
  • Stockroom's Royal Museum of Natural History was established in 1819 to house the country's growing collection of biological artifacts. Located next to the University, this museum makes a fascinating place to visit and learn more about the life of our planet. It's also home to the largest planetarium in Sweden.
  • Stockholm's Museum of Modern Art is one of the country's many cultural highlights. The collection here includes work by Picasso, Dali, Duchamp, Matisse, and others. See the work of these megastars or encounter some new favorites at this impressive museum.

The best souvenirs in Stockholm

Wooden handicrafts are a big part of Sweden's cultural tradition. Pick up some handmade wooden utensils at Svensk Slojd in the heart of the city for some extremely practical souvenirs. Alternatively, you could explore the culture of the Sami, the indigenous inhabitants of Sweden, by picking up some authentic Sami jewelry. The braided silver bracelets incorporate pieces of caribou antler and are a great way to pay tribute to this fascinating culture. Head to Burman & Voss for a good selection. Or for something a little more affordable, head to Hotorget Halls market and treat yourself to some homemade jam. Lingonberry is a classic Swedish flavor, and Cloudberry jam is also something you won't find anywhere else.

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