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the store staff were lovely and very helpful! there’s a cafe where you can sit and grab a refreshment. the area is a bit sketchy but i was okay walking there. on the way back i ube...

Solomia StrutynskaUżyto Bounce w Salt Lake City22 days ago
Photo of Salt Lake City

8000 miejsc sprawdzonych pod kątem bezpieczeństwa Twojego bagażu

Carrie Graf
Użyto Bounce w Salt Lake City1 month ago

So the place was in a bit of a sketchy area but it was fine and super easy process. Would recommend

Marina Kaye
Użyto Bounce w Salt Lake City1 month ago

Super lovely and personable people! They have a little cafe on site and I recommend! My luggage was safely stored away for the day.

Marilyn Betsill
Użyto Bounce w Salt Lake City1 month ago

Everything went smoothly! The employees I worked with knew exactly how to help me. My bags were safely stored and returned to me quickly when I picked them up. Also, the location was convenient to both Trax and City Creek Mall. I wouldn't hesitate to store my bags here again!

Justin Tam
Użyto Bounce w Salt Lake City1 month ago

Great location. Great service. They took care of everything.

Stedman Holsey
Użyto Bounce w Salt Lake City3 months ago

Don’t judge the book by it’s cover. Awesome job!

Maria Miniter
Użyto Bounce w Salt Lake City4 months ago

We met the nicest kindest guy in the ups office in SLC. Will definitely be using this service again

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