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Love the location and the storage area is super secure. It’s in a hotel so you can pick up or drop off anytime.

Tahira FolkUsed Bounce in Medellin1 month ago

10,000+ locations reviewed to keep your luggage safe

Cristian Hidalgo
Used Bounce in Medellin4 months ago

So accommodating. I'm guessing it's because I was one of their first customers but the location is stellar, they treated me vip, and the location is well hidden and guarded by security. The website said 10pm but the guard told me 24/7 so take that as you will.

P Celemin Silva
Used Bounce in Medellin5 months ago

very easy to check in and check out! the room is not that small but it gets very full because people drop a lot of luggage very close to the door they don’t bother to be organized so hotel crew should assist people to avoid that instead of just letting people drop wherever

Paul Kelly
Used Bounce in Medellin3 months ago

Friendly staff

Jonathan Mora
Used Bounce in Medellin1 month ago

Servicio excelente!

Brandon Videkovich
Used Bounce in Venice19 minutes ago

Limited space to move around with bags, but great location and quick service

Jaroslaw Bilinski
Used Bounce in New York36 minutes ago

Great people, recommends it Great people, recommends it <3

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