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The store was easy to find and conveniently located a short walk from train station. The gentleman who took our luggage was pleasant and friendly and the service was efficient and...

Ruth HoldenUsed Bounce in Durham2 months ago

10,000+ locations reviewed to keep your luggage safe

Janaki R Jayasuriya
Used Bounce in Durham1 year ago

Very friendly service and conveniently located. No problems.

Victoria Earll
Used Bounce in Durham1 year ago

Everything happened in a totally straight forward manner and I was pleased that the location of my luggage was safe.

Lena Morano Gerding
Used Bounce in Durham4 months ago

Worked perfectly, thanks!

Kay Hannah
Used Bounce in Durham1 year ago

Lovely gentlemen who gave me advise on Durham

Jenny Lin
Used Bounce in Durham1 year ago

The lady was friendly and helpful.

Sakiinah Mungroo
Used Bounce in Budapest24 minutes ago

The service is very easy to use. The people working there were very friendly.

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