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Lisa Nucamendi

Jun 27th, 2019

Great experience! We dropped our bags off at 8:30am. Pulled up and parked right in front, since it was so early there wasn’t a problem finding a spot. The hostess directed us upstairs where the manager tagged our bags and placed them in the fenced storage area directly behind the hostess stand. Then we were off to Alcatraz Landing for our Alcatraz & Angel Island cruise tour. We picked up our bags at about 4:15pm and the process was just as smooth!

Merlene Converse

May 10th, 2019

This luggage storage service was simple and handy to use. It allowed for a fun day trip without needing to haul my suitcase with me. The price was affordable, and the hotel I chose was aware of the Bounce arrangement and ready to take care of me when I arrived. It couldn’t have been easier.

Sabra Hayes Olivieri

Jun 5th, 2019

Very easy process. We found a good location while at SFO and left our bags when we arrived in the city. Secure location and nice staff. No issues dropping or picking up our bags. I would use again if we needed temporary bag storage in San Francisco

Laura Nuno

May 15th, 2019

Very easy to make a reservation online. Went to drop off location and was in and out in a couple of minutes. Very fast and easy to use. More than reasonable price to store our luggage while we went to the ballgame. I will definitely use again.

Elizabeth Stevens

May 17th, 2019

This is a great service to have while traveling. We had a red eye flight on our last day of vacation and needed a safe and centrally-located place to store our luggage for the day. It was a very fast and simple process—just show the employee at the location your email receipt, snap a photo of your bag(s), and you’re on your way to enjoy your day untethered by cumbersome bags!

Angela Aldrich

Jun 11th, 2019

I LOVED this service!! I was in San Francisco for the day for a job interview and had a huge bag that I didn't want to lug around the city with me. I found a location blocks away from where I was was fast, easy, and convenient! I will definitely use them again!

Lizz Travelzz

Jun 26th, 2019

The whole experience was very easy and I was able to make a same day reservation. If I ever need this service again I'll definitely use bounce!

J Cruz

May 5th, 2019

Bounce service was a great way for me to safely storage my luggage while I need to move around San Francisco. I chose Yotel as the location to store my bag. First, this place was only a blocks away to where I needed on Market street. The place was a beautiful hotel with a comfortable lounge and helpful and welcoming staff. I will definitely use bounce aging when needed and the location as well.

Faith Jones

Jun 14th, 2019

I had never heard of this company but wanted to hang out a little in NYC before my flight from JFK. I didn’t have long enough to leave my stuff at an airport then explore. I found bounce and there were so many convenient options to choose from. Amazing idea to work with local businesses to provide this service. Booking was easy and so was leaving/picking up my bag. I was able to choose one close to the train in Chelsea Market where I wanted to have lunch. Highly recommend.

Angela Romero

Jun 2nd, 2019

Only drawback is there is nowhere to call if you run into issues. However, the website does have a chat function and I was able to resolve my issue there. The place we used was great! It was very easy and secure. Thank you to the owner for providing the phone number after I posted this review. I wish it was readily available on the website when I needed it. I have noted it for the future.

Chris Brown

Jun 16th, 2019

Our bounce experience was very good. Definitely a cost effective and easy way to store your luggage. Nice that you can pre book online. However we did have a bit of a challenge finding our storage location (Hudson Pub) since there was scaffolding around it. We expected Bounce to be advertised on the window but it did not appear to be so. Otherwise - it was great!

Nazim कवि

Jul 1st, 2019

Great overall experience! The team member at Al Horno answered all of my questions and concerns with confidence. We came back to find our bags exactly as we had left them.

Blair Evans

Jun 10th, 2019

Great experience! I wanted to go to a baseball game but planned to take the caltrain right after for a weekend trip. Because I couldn't bring my suitcase with me into the park, I selected a convenient Bounce location through the app and was able to drop off my suitcase for the whole day. I will definitely use again!

Rochelle Vaughn

Jun 2nd, 2019

The staff was easy to work with, gracious, helpful and friendly. The value is incomparable! They were there when I needed them in a pinch! I will use them again. Thanks so much guys!!!!

Kristine Blancflor

Jun 30th, 2019

Very easy to use. We left our bags in Stamina Grill in the morning and picked it up in the afternoon after we went around the Battery Park, Wall Street and Liberty Statue. Value for money.

Carlita Kelly

May 2nd, 2019

SOLID SPOT. Luggage was stored and booking was easy and reasonably priced. / Its at a cleaners so there is other traffic. It was not clean. Nor was the luggage locked away or anything.. but the staff was nice and friendly and I felt like it was safe enough for it to not be picked through or stolen. Everything worked out! Would def use again!

Kai Hastie

Jun 24th, 2019

Excellent service...just what we needed on our trip to NYC. Our checkout was 12 am but out flight wasnt till 9pm and didn't want to curry our suitcase these guys were a life saver, just around the corner from where we were....super cheap and super easy. Everything you want, I just hope to see more of these services availible in more places. Great job guys

Kim Palumbo

May 25th, 2019

Great service. Booking was easy and the location we stores our bag at was very friendly and helpful. No issues with dropping off or picking up. We highly recommend using this service.


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