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Easy drop off, close to the train station, and it’s a restaurant so you can eat there while waiting.

Ryan RichardsonВоспользовался Bounce в Кордова15 hours ago

10 000+ рассмотрены места, где можно обезопасить свой багаж

Kunal Chawla
Воспользовался Bounce в Кордова2 months ago

Situated near the train station. Exit from the right side and take the staircase down from the ramp

Ishita Sharma
Воспользовался Bounce в Кордова7 months ago

Had a great experience dropping if my luggage here. I was able to use the bathroom as well. Very smooth and efficient

Laura Hardwick
Воспользовался Bounce в Кордова9 months ago

Very efficient service just a few minutes' walk from the cathedral/mosque. They even called a taxi for us to get to the station when we picked up our bags at the end of the day. There is a toilet you can use too.

Sinead Flood
Воспользовался Bounce в Кордова10 months ago

Fabulous! Friendly and helpful staff at the hotel. Location was close to our hotel, and €5 per bag is completely reasonable when it means you can enjoy the city unencumbered. The insurance protection gave us peace of mind. Great service, don’t hesitate!

Lorraine Brownrigg
Воспользовался Bounce в Кордова11 months ago

Very easy to drop-off luggage this morning with a kind gentleman at the hostel desk. Just as easy picking it up about 8 hours later from a different friendly gentleman. Highly recommend using this service and location if you need to lighten your load for a little while.

Martez Johnson
Воспользовался Bounce в Кордова11 months ago

The staff was very friendly and professional. We felt comfortable leaving our luggage with them.

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