Busch Stadium Visitor Guide 2021: Everything you need to know

17 March, 2021by Bounce

Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, is a place steeped in tradition. The current stadium, built in 2006 to house the St. Louis Cardinals, is the third to carry the Busch name. Named after the Anheuser-Busch brewing company, the first Busch Stadium might have been called Budweiser Stadium, except league rules didn't allow a stadium to be named after an alcoholic beverage.

Busch Stadium is the center of the Ballpark Village development of downtown St. Louis. The stadium is also blessed with a location not far from St. Louis' main shopping and entertainment district. As a result, catching a ball game at Busch Stadium is a great addition to any trip to St. Louis. Drop off your bags at a St. Louis luggage storage locker and catch a game or concert at the arena before seeing what else downtown St. Louis has to offer.

Busch Stadium bag policy

It's not permitted to bring a backpack into Busch Stadium, let alone a heavy suitcase. However, purses and shopping bags are permitted, though they will be subject to search. Soft-sided coolers are allowed so long as they are no bigger than 16" by 16" by 8". They need to fit under your seat and not get in anyone's way.

The easiest thing to do is drop off any unnecessary possessions before you head to the game. Track down a luggage storage service near Busch Stadium where you can leave your unwanted bags. Traveling light makes it far easier to enjoy your visit.

Busch Stadium food policy

If you just want to drink water, you can bring empty plastic bottles, cups, and mugs into Busch Stadium. You can also bring any nonalcoholic beverage so long as it comes in a sealed plastic bottle and doesn't exceed two liters or 67 ounces.

There are no specific rules regarding bringing food into Busch Stadium. Outside food is permitted, but you will be limited by the size of the cooler you can carry. As a general rule, it's better not to bring any food that can be thrown, such as apples and other hard fruits and vegetables.

Busch Stadium camera policy

Cameras are allowed in Busch Stadium. However, security staff make a distinction between personal cameras and commercial-grade equipment. Therefore, cameras cannot have lenses that are longer than the length of the camera body. Video cameras, tripods, monopods, and large camera bags are all prohibited. The best thing to do is to leave these items at a suitcase storage near Busch Stadium before you visit. That way, your equipment will stay safe and protected, and you won't need to worry about being refused entry. Stick to shots from your phone and let the professionals get the close-up images of the action on the field.

Busch Stadium rules

  • Anything that could conceivably be used as a weapon is not allowed in the stadium. This includes hard-sided coolers, Frisbees, laser pointers, flagpoles, and fireworks.

  • Masks and face paint are not permitted inside, along with any kind of costume that covers the wearer's face.

  • Alcoholic beverages aren't allowed into the stadium. Additionally, nonalcoholic beer is also not permitted.

  • Busch Stadium is easily reached from downtown  St. Louis by public transit. The stadium has its own train station which is served by Metrolink Red and Blue lines.

  • The downtown location of Busch Stadium means parking can be tricky. The stadium itself only has a little over 700 spaces, and parking can be difficult to find in the surrounding streets on game day. The best option is to use public transit to reach the stadium if possible.

Busch Stadium lockers

Overlooked by the iconic St. Louis Gateway Arch, Busch Stadium is an atmospheric place to catch a ball game. Although the stadium is relatively new, it continues a long legacy of baseball in the city, and is a point of pride for the residents of St. Louis. Plus, its downtown location makes it part of a far wider entertainment district with almost limitless options for fun.

The stadium has no luggage lockers of its own. If you're carrying heavy bags, it's best to drop them off at a St. Louis bag storage before you attend an event at Busch Stadium. That way, you won't need to worry about security staff and will be free to relax and enjoy the game.

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