Cape Town Visitor Guide 2021: Everything you need to know

10 March, 2021by Bounce

Located on the South African coast, Cape Town is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Africa. With its stunning scenery dominated by Table Mountain, coupled with a pleasant Mediterranean climate and a fascinating culture, it's not hard to see why. Cape Town is a jewel of South Africa and offers the best of both city and nature to visitors.

Drop off your unneeded bags at a Cape Town luggage storage service, and you'll be able to explore everything the city has to offer. This cultural and economic hub has something to offer just about everyone. You'll never run out of things to do in Cape Town.

A weekend in Cape Town

A weekend in Cape Town gives you an opportunity to see some of the city's top attractions. While a couple of days won't by any means exhaust all there is to do, it will give you a sense of what the city has to offer. So drop off your bags at a Cape Town bag storage and start exploring.

  • Table Mountain is an icon of the city. This stunning flat-topped mountain has a cable car that will take you to its summit so you can enjoy incredible views over Cape Town and the coast beyond. It's a must-visit on any Cape Town trip.

  • Clifton’s Beaches are some of Cape Town’s most popular. This chain of four beaches is the perfect place to soak up the sun and swim in the ocean. You’ll also find plenty of cafés and restaurants where you can refresh yourself after swimming.

  • Hit the road on one of the world's most scenic drives along Chapman's Peak Drive. This winding road hugs the cliffs overlooking the ocean, and offers one incredible view after another. Take your time and enjoy the scenery on this famous coastal route.

Cape Town lockers

Thanks to its natural setting, many of Cape Town's best attractions and activities lie outside the city. But even within Cape Town itself, there's plenty to keep you busy. Make your trip easier on yourself by dropping off your unneeded belongings at a Cape Town luggage storage locker. Knowing your belongings are safely looked after will give you peace of mind as you explore this vibrant city.

Off the beaten path in Cape Town

Cape Town's attractions are well-known to visitors from around the world. But if you're looking to escape the tourist crowds, the city also has several lesser-known gems that are worth visiting. Leave your bags behind at a Cape Town suitcase storage and explore the hidden side of the city.

  • Penguins may not be the first animal that comes to mind when you think of African wildlife. But Cape Town's Boulders Beach is one of the best places to see penguins in the wild. You'll see them swimming in the water and burrowing on the beach, and there's a visitor center where you can learn more about these charming animals.

  • Learn about the darker side of South African history at Robben Island. The island is home to the prison where Nelson Mandela was held for 18 years, and tours explain the struggle against apartheid that made the country what it is today.

  • See the reality of life for many Cape Town residents in the townships. These informal shantytowns are home to some of the city's poorest residents. A guided tour helps you understand these unique communities and their history.

What to do alone in Cape Town

Solo travelers know that big cities are often best explored alone. Visiting Cape Town by yourself can let you navigate the crowds better and see more of what matters to you. Drop off your bags at a Cape Town bag storage and enjoy a solo adventure in South Africa.

  • See the vibrant street art of Woodstock. This once poor area has recently become one of the trendiest in Cape Town, and it's home to dozens of works of colorful street art. Enjoy the work of some of the city's best street artists in this fascinating area.

  • Visit the Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill for some of Cape Town's best shopping. Local designers and artisans sell their work here, and it's also a great place to try some of Cape Town's most interesting food.

  • Test your nerves diving with Great White sharks. Steel cages let you get up close to one of the ocean's top predators safely, and there's nothing like fear to help you bond with fellow travelers. Head out on a group tour and come face-to-face with these incredible animals.

Best souvenirs in Cape Town

African woodcarvings make a great souvenir of Cape Town. Traditional African masks make for striking ornaments, but you can also pick up quirky carvings of politicians and sports stars. Check out Taung Trading Post for a great selection. 

Another uniquely African item is a decorated ostrich egg. These giant eggs can be turned into lamps, photo frames, and other household items, making them a striking conversation piece in your home. Avoova is a great place to shop for ostrich eggs. Or you could head home with some Rooibos tea grown outside Cape Town. This herbal tea will always remind you of your South African trip, and Bokkeveld Rooibos has a good selection.

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