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Hannover Marathon 2024

About 200,000 people will attend Hannover Marathon 2024 in Hannover.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Hannover Marathon 2024

Hey there, fellow runners and adventure seekers! Welcome to your ultimate guide to the Hannover Marathon 2024, an event that promises to be a memorable experience for both participants and spectators. This one-day event, taking place on April 14th, 2024, is more than just a marathon; it's a celebration of athleticism and endurance. Imagine this: a day filled with energy, enthusiasm, and the spirit of competition, all set in the picturesque city of Hannover, Germany. As your insider, I'm here to walk you through everything you need to know to make the most of this exhilarating event. From the marathon itself to the city's attractions, I've got you covered. So, lace up your sneakers, and let's dive in!

The Event and the City

The Hannover Marathon, also known as the ADAC Marathon Hannover, has a history that dates back to 1991. Over the years, it has grown in popularity and prestige, attracting elite athletes and recreational runners from all over the world.

The event is known for its flat and fast course, which takes runners through the heart of Hannover, past historical landmarks, and along picturesque streets. 

The Hannover Marathon dazzles not just with its competition but with an attractive side program featuring samba bands, musicians, stage shows, and a lively family program on Trammplatz, ensuring a feel-good atmosphere throughout the city.

The Heart of the Action: Event Area

The New Town Hall area is where the magic happens. This spot transforms into a marathon village, offering an "all-inclusive package" for participants.

Picture this: the excitement of the start and finish zones, the convenience of picking up your numbers, and the buzz of the Marathon EXPO—all within a stone's throw of each other. And let's not forget the pasta party and marathon hotel, making your experience seamless and enjoyable.

The Famous Pasta Party

Carb-loading before the big day? The Pasta Party on April 13th is where you want to be. From 4:00 to 7:00 p.m., join fellow runners in fueling up for race day. Just remember, registration is required, and if you decide to join last minute, there's a fee—but it's totally worth it for the delicious pasta and the chance to mingle with your fellow marathoners.


On April 14th, 2024, the marathon kicks off with the Handbike Marathon at 08:50, followed by the main event, the ADAC Marathon, at 09:00.

With various disciplines and shorter races including a Marathon-Relay, Half Marathon, and even a Kids Run for a fun family day, there's something for every level of runner. The events wrap up by 15:45, giving you ample time to bask in your achievement.

Dive into the Marathon EXPO

Set in a sprawling pavilion, the Marathon EXPO is your go-to for pre-race inspiration. Running from April 12th to 14th, this fair showcases the latest in sports gear, wellness, and tourism. It's wheelchair-friendly, too, ensuring everyone can join in. Grab your starter pack here and soak in the marathon fever!

Hannover, the capital of Lower Saxony, is a city steeped in history and culture. From the grandeur of the New Town Hall to the enchanting Herrenhausen Gardens, there's plenty to see and do in this city. 

The Atmosphere at ADAC Marathon Hannover

The atmosphere is electric, with live music, cheering crowds, and a sense of camaraderie that permeates the event.

Food and Refreshments

Beyond the Pasta Party, a variety of food options await. From health-focused snacks to indulgent treats, there's something to satisfy every craving. And of course, hydration stations along the route ensure you stay watered and ready to conquer the miles.

The local cuisine is another highlight. From traditional German fare like bratwurst and pretzels to international dishes, there's something to satisfy every palate. And let's not forget the local beer!

Other Interesting Activities

While the marathon is the main event, there's plenty more to do in Hannover. Visit the Sprengel Museum, take a stroll around the Eilenriede, or explore the city's vibrant nightlife. 

Bag Policy: Pack Smart

To keep the event safe and enjoyable for everyone, there's a clear bag policy in place. Pack only what you need, leave your bags with us at Bounce, and make sure to follow the event's guidelines. This way, you can breeze through security and focus on the race.

Why Bounce Luggage Storage is Convenient at Hannover Marathon 2024

When you're in the city for a big event like the Hannover Marathon 2024, the last thing you want to worry about is your luggage. That's where Bounce comes in. As the largest luggage storage platform, Bounce offers short-term luggage storage solutions at over 10,000 facilities worldwide, including Hannover.

Travel Light, Enjoy More

With Bounce, you can drop off your bags at a local business, such as a souvenir shop or café, and enjoy the marathon worry-free. Each item stored through Bounce comes with $10,000 in BounceShield™ Protection, so you can rest assured your belongings are safe. With no size limit on bags and a flexible cancellation policy, Bounce offers a convenient and affordable solution for luggage storage.

Things to Do in Hannover

Alright, let's talk about kicking back and soaking in the sights of Hannover once you've conquered the marathon or if you're here for the good vibes. Hannover's got some seriously cool spots that are worth checking out, whether you're a history nerd, an art lover, or you just love a good stroll through beautiful scenery.

Herrenhausen Gardens

Picture this: sprawling gardens that look like they’ve been plucked right out of a fairy tale. The Herrenhausen Gardens are a must-see with their stunning baroque style. It’s the perfect spot for a leisurely walk or just to sit and chill after the marathon.

New Town Hall

This isn't your average town hall. The New Town Hall, or Neues Rathaus, looks more like a castle and offers some seriously Instagram-worthy views from the top. Plus, it's got an elevator that tilts as it goes up, which is pretty cool.


Need a place to relax? The Maschsee is a massive lake with many green spaces right in the city where you can just hang out, rent a boat, or even cycle around. It’s super peaceful and a great way to unwind.

See You in Hannover?

So there you have it, your ultimate guide to the Hannover Marathon 2024. Whether you're a runner or a spectator, this event offers an unforgettable experience. And with Bounce's convenient luggage storage, you can enjoy the marathon and the city of Hannover without any worries.

Here's to making memories and crossing the finish line. See you at the starting line!

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All you need to know

  • How long is the ADAC Hannover Marathon?

    The ADAC Hannover Marathon is a long-distance running event that covers the classic marathon distance of 42.195 kilometers (26.2 miles). This event attracts participants from all around the world, offering them the opportunity to run through the scenic city of Hannover, Germany, experiencing its landmarks and vibrant atmosphere.

  • Where does the 2024 Hannover Marathon take place?

    The 2024 ADAC Hannover Marathon will take place in Hannover, Germany, offering participants a flat and fast course through the city. The event promises a vibrant supporting program alongside the race, including a family day, music, stage shows, and various activities for both runners and spectators. All key event facilities, including the Marathon EXPO and the pasta party, will be located around the New Town Hall, making it a comprehensive and convenient experience for all attendees.

  • What is the ADAC Hannover Marathon 2024?

    The ADAC Hannover Marathon 2024 is a running event scheduled for April 14th in Hannover, Germany. It offers a flat and fast course for both professional runners and enthusiasts aiming to achieve personal bests. The marathon features a comprehensive program, including a family day with activities for all ages, musical performances, stage shows, and interactive activities. The event is centered around the New Town Hall, providing easy access to key facilities like the Marathon EXPO and pasta party.

  • How can I register for the Hannover Marathon 2024?

    To register for the Hannover Marathon 2024, you should visit the official event website. There, you can find the registration section which will guide you through the necessary steps to sign up for the race. Ensure to check for any registration fees, deadlines, and required information to complete your registration successfully. For detailed instructions and to proceed with your registration, please refer to the marathon's official website at

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