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Italian Open 2024

About 230,385 people will attend Italian Open 2024 in Rome.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Italian Open 2024

As the 2024 Italian Open returns to the eternal city of Rome, Italy, for its 81st edition, the excitement is palpable. Save the date from May 6th to May 19th, 2024, when the Foro Italico will become a mecca for tennis enthusiasts, hosting the world’s top talent on its storied clay courts. Whether you're a die-hard tennis fan or a curious traveler, this guide offers insider tips to help you navigate the event, soak up the atmosphere, and explore Rome like a local.

The Historical and General Insights about the Event and City

The 2024 Italian Open, also known as the Internazionali BNL d'Italia, is one of the most prestigious red clay court tennis tournaments in the world. It is part of the ATP Tour Masters 1000 of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and the Premier events of the Women's Tennis Association (WTA).

The event is held annually at the Foro Italico in Rome, a sports complex inspired by the Roman forums of the imperial age. The city itself is a living museum, steeped in history, culture, and cuisine.

Why the Italian Open 2024 is Worthwhile

Attending the Italian Open 2024 is a unique experience. It's not just about the high-level tennis matches, but also the atmosphere that is truly unique. The event is a blend of sports, culture, and gastronomy, offering a taste of the Italian 'dolce vita'.

The venue, Foro Italico, is an architectural marvel, providing a stunning backdrop to the matches. The clay court adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the games, making the Rome Masters a must-see event.

Event Highlights and Schedule

The Italian Open 2024 stretches over two thrilling weeks, akin to the Grand Slam tournaments, featuring 96 male and female players each. This format not only intensifies the competition but also transforms the central weekend (Saturday, May 11th, and Sunday, May 12th) into a grand tennis festival.

With the tournament's upgrade in 2023, it now hosts a significantly larger draw, promising more action and excitement for fans.

The Historic Foro Italico

Situated in the picturesque hillside of Monte Mario, the Foro Italico is not just a sports complex but a monument steeped in Italian history.

Take the opportunity to explore its majestic statues and architecture, reflecting the grandeur of Roman culture.

Top Contenders to Watch

The 2024 edition boasts an impressive lineup of tennis stars, some who played and won the past tournaments, including Novak Djokovic, Carlos Alcaraz, Alexander Zverev, and Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Each brings their unique style and fervor to the clay courts, promising spectators a tournament filled with unforgettable matches and potentially historic moments.

The Atmosphere and Activities

The atmosphere at the Italian Open is electric, filled with passionate fans and the rhythmic thud of tennis balls. Besides watching the matches, visitors can explore the historic city of Rome, visit the Colosseum, the Vatican, or simply stroll along the beautiful streets and piazzas.

Culinary Delights

Italian Open is not just about tennis; it's also a celebration of Italy's rich culinary heritage. Italian cuisine is also a big part of the experience. Inside the venue, you'll find a variety of food stalls offering everything from traditional Italian dishes to quick bites.

Local food stalls offer a variety of Italian delicacies, from traditional pasta dishes to artisanal gelato. Indulge in authentic Roman pizza, pasta, and gelato, alongside international cuisines, ensuring a gastronomic treat for all attendees.

Tips for Fellow Travellers

Remember to pack comfortable shoes as the venue is expansive and requires a lot of walking. Also, be prepared for the Mediterranean weather - bring a hat, sunscreen, and stay hydrated. 

Seating Tips: Avoiding the Sun

When planning your visit, consider the stadium's orientation for the best viewing experience. To avoid the sun directly hitting your face, look +for seats on the West or South sides of the stadium.

This strategic choice will enhance your comfort and enjoyment of the games, especially during Rome's sunny May days.

Bag Policy: What You Need to Know

Before heading to the Foro Italico, be aware of the tournament's bag policy. Large bags and backpacks are typically not allowed inside the stadium for security reasons. It's best to carry a small, manageable bag for your essentials to ensure a smooth entry process.

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Bounce: Your Trustworthy Luggage Storage Partner

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Things to Do in Rome

Rome is a city that captivates visitors with its rich tapestry of history, culture, and art. Here are some of the must-visit attractions and landmarks that make the city unforgettable:

The Colosseum

An enduring symbol of Rome's imperial might, this ancient amphitheater has witnessed the passage of centuries. Once the stage for gladiator battles, it remains a breathtaking sight and a testament to Roman engineering.

The Roman Forum

The heart of ancient Rome, the Roman Forum is a sprawling complex of ruined temples, basilicas, and vibrant public spaces. Walking through the Forum is like stepping back in time, offering a glimpse into the daily life of Roman citizens.

The Pantheon

With its massive dome and classical architecture, the Pantheon is one of Rome's best-preserved ancient buildings. Originally a temple to all the gods, it now serves as a striking example of Roman architectural brilliance.

Vatican City

The epicenter of the Catholic world, Vatican City is home to St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo's famed ceiling, and vast collections of art and history in its museums. It's a place of pilgrimage and wonder for visitors from around the globe.


This neighborhood embodies the charm of old-world Rome, with its narrow cobblestone streets, vibrant squares, and an abundance of cafes and artisan shops. Trastevere is the perfect place to experience the laid-back Roman lifestyle.

Trevi Fountain

The largest and most famous Baroque fountain in Rome, the Trevi Fountain is a masterpiece of sculpture and architecture. Legend has it that throwing a coin over your shoulder into the fountain guarantees a return to Rome.

Galleria Borghese

Set within the beautiful Villa Borghese gardens, this gallery houses an impressive collection of art, including works by Caravaggio, Bernini, and Titian. It's a must-visit for art lovers, offering a serene escape from the city's hustle.

See You in Rome?

The Italian Open 2024 is more than just a tennis tournament; it's a celebration of sport, culture, and Italian lifestyle. With Bounce as your luggage storage partner, you can enjoy this event and the city of Rome with peace of mind. So get your tickets for the final, pack your bags (and your love for tennis), and we'll see you in Rome!

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All you need to know

  • How to get tickets to the Italian Open?

    Securing tickets to the Italian Open is a straightforward process, primarily done online. The official Italian Open website is the most reliable source for tickets, offering a variety of options from single-day passes to multi-day or tournament-long packages. Early booking is highly recommended, as tickets, especially for key matches and the finals weekend, tend to sell out quickly. Additionally, some third-party websites and sports travel agencies also offer ticket packages, often bundled with accommodation and tours. However, when purchasing through third-party vendors, it's crucial to ensure they are reputable to avoid scams. Prices vary depending on the match day and seat location, with premium prices for seats closer to the action or for matches featuring high-profile players. Keep an eye on the tournament's social media channels and official website for announcements regarding ticket sales launch dates, special offers, and any changes to ticketing policies or schedules.

  • What is the biggest tennis tournament in Italy?

    The biggest tennis tournament in Italy is the Italian Open, also known as the Internazionali BNL d'Italia. Held annually in Rome at the Foro Italico, it is one of the most prestigious clay court tennis tournaments in the world, attracting top ATP and WTA players. The Italian Open is part of the ATP Masters 1000 series on the men's side and a WTA 1000 event on the women's side, making it a key event in the professional tennis calendar, especially as a lead-up to the French Open.

  • What is the address of the Italian Open?

    The Italian Open is held at the Foro Italico, which is a sports complex located in Rome, Italy. The address for the Foro Italico, where the Italian Open takes place, is: Piazza Lauro de Bosis, 15, 00135 Roma RM, Italy

  • How much is the tickets for Italian Open tennis?

    The ticket prices for the Italian Open tennis tournament vary significantly based on the date and the session. Here's a quick overview of the ticket prices for various days and sessions: Final (Sunday, May 19, 2024): Starting from €1,900.00. Women's Final (Saturday, May 18, 2024): Starting from €400.00. Semi-Finals (Friday, May 17, 2024): Both Day and Evening Sessions start from €450.00. Quarter Finals (Thursday, May 16, 2024): Day Session from €227.00, Evening Session from €209.00; Quarterfinals Doubles ATP on Grounds from €100.00. Quarter Finals (Wednesday, May 15, 2024): Day Session from €257.00, Evening Session from €227.00; Quarterfinals Doubles ATP and WTA on Grounds from €100.00. Round of 16 (Tuesday, May 14, 2024): Day and Evening Sessions both start from €227.00; additional matches on Grounds from €125.00. ATP & WTA Singles (Monday, May 13, 2024): Day Session from €227.00, Evening Session from €209.00; more matches on Grounds from €125.00. The prices continue to decrease for earlier rounds and sessions, with the cheapest tickets available for the Pre-Qualification sessions on April 30, 2024, at €20.00. This structured pricing offers a range of options for spectators, from those wanting to witness the climax of the tournament to those interested in the early stages of competition.

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