Brussels Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Flowers at Brussels Airport, Belgium

Brussels Airport is the main airport for Belgium and is used as a link to many European destinations. It has quite a checkered history in that it was developed from a tiny grass airfield by the Germans during World War I when they built large hangers to house zeppelins used in the bombing of Paris and London.

Today it is a modern thriving airport with the capacity to welcome 35 million passengers per year. Situated just 12 kilometers from the city, it makes for an ideal jumping-off point from which to explore this small and frequently overlooked country. 

The city itself is small enough to explore on foot and offers a truly multilayered experience. On the one hand, it is the headquarters of the European Union, and on the other, it is cram-packed with cultural and architectural history with sights as varied as the Grand Palace to the Belgian Comic Book Museum. It is a city that begs to be explored, so drop off your bags at a convenient locker rental service near Brussels Airport and dive in. 

Runway at Brussels Airport, Belgium

Brussels Airport baggage policy

Brussels Airport has a baggage policy similar to that you'll find in other airports around the world. Of particular importance is not leaving your bags and attended at any time, as this may be perceived as a security risk. Also, remember that liquids in volumes of over 100 milliliters are not allowed in your carry-on baggage as you board a flight. All bags are subject to security screening.

Brussels airport has a luggage storage service on level 0. However, during busy times, it can be difficult to get a locker. Also, storing your belongings here means you'll have to come back to the airport every time you want to pick something up. It may be a better idea to choose a baggage storage location near the airport but not actually inside the terminal so that it's easier to get to.

Brussels Airport food policy

You'll find plenty to eat at Brussels airport. Along with the usual fast food and grab-and-go outlets, you'll find the sit-down restaurants make a great place to kill some time and enjoy a more leisurely meal while waiting for your flight. The airport offers everything that a seasoned traveler would expect from a modern European airport. It boasts many famous brand luxury stores, as well as some less well-known ones. The food hall will serve you a wide range of different types of food so there will be no need to go hungry.

In addition, you will have access to showers, a postal service, and a pharmacy.

Brussels Airport camera policy

You're welcome to take photos inside Brussels Airport as long as the photos are for personal use. If you're planning to take more commercial photos, you'll need to apply for permission from the airport authorities. When taking photos, it's important to make sure you're not causing a nuisance for the passengers. Commercial equipment such as tripods, monopods, and lighting can all get in the way of other travelers. For that reason, it may be better to leave such equipment behind at a luggage storage location near Brussels Airport before you travel.

Brussels Airport rules

Along with most modern airports, there is no smoking allowed in the public areas and smokers are expected to enjoy their cigarettes and electronic cigarettes outside. The only exceptions to this are the two smoking rooms that have been set aside for indoor smoking.

The usual international rules regarding security are adhered to in that all liquids, creams, and gels need to be in containers of less than 100 mls and kept in a separate clear plastic bag before passing through security.

Brussels Airport city connections

The easiest way to get into the city from the airport is by using one of the frequent trains which will take you 20 minutes. A single ticket costs 8.60 euros during the week but kicks up to 14.80 euros over the weekend. Trains services go to Brussels North, Brussels Center, and other suburbs.

If your destination is the European Quarter, the bus from the airport building is your best option and takes thirty to forty minutes.

Brussels Lockers

Whether you are into architecture, art, museums, or street culture, Brussels will have something to interest you. It is one of those cities that, if you are a little adventurous, is small enough that you can just follow your nose with no set agenda. Soon you will be discovering quaint little coffee houses and delightful cafes that aren't mentioned in any guidebook, and you will be left wondering why not.

You will need to store your luggage but there are reliable locker rental facilities within close proximity of the station. Ideally, you want a service that will allow you to book online in advance. That will assure you of an available locker when you arrive. Better services include free insurance and security seals so that once your bags are stored, all you need to think about is the experience that awaits you.

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