Brussels Midi Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium but also the de facto capital of the European Union. As a result, it has excellent public transport facilities. Brussels Midi, also known as Brussels Zuid or South, is the city’s main rail station for international trains.

The station takes its name from the fact that during the nineteenth century, trains used to leave from here for the French midi, the sunny southern part of the country. Brussels Midi, located in the southern part of the city, has a history that goes back to 1839 and is the busiest railway station in Belgium. Since it is a hub for international trains such as the Eurostar from the UK, Brussels Midi is often the first glimpse travelers see of the city and the country.

With millions of passengers using the station every year, Brussels Midi can become extremely busy place. You can make your trip easier on yourself by dropping off any unneeded baggage at a luggage storage service near the station.

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Race in Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Midi bag policy

As a major international rail station, Brussels Midi gets plenty of visitors with plenty of bags. You’ll find baggage carts throughout the station to make it easier to get around with your luggage, but in this sprawling station, carrying more than you need to is never a good idea.

Brussels Midi has a luggage storage service close to the Eurostar check-in area where you can leave your bags. There are three sizes of locker for small, medium, and large bags. However, big suitcases may turn out to be too much for even the biggest lockers, especially if you have more than one. It may be better to find a luggage locker near Brussels Midi so you can drop off your bags and know there’ll be enough space.

Brussels Midi food policy

Brussels Midi is home to some good options for food on the go, such as the European burger chain Quick. There is also an express supermarket where you can pick up food and drinks for your trip. If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, try the Pullman Hotel. This hotel has a lobby connected to the station, and while the bar is on the pricey side, it functions as a VIP waiting room that you can access for the price of a beer. Or you could try the Brasserie de la Gare across the street from the station where you can get Belgian food and beer while you wait for your train.

Brussels Midi camera policy

Cameras are allowed inside the station, and you’re welcome to take photos for noncommercial purposes. Be aware, though, that equipment such as tripods, monopods, and lights are not allowed. You should also be conscious of the fact that trains leave from here to the UK, meaning there is a customs check, and security personnel there won’t appreciate having their picture taken. If you have bulky camera equipment, it’s a good idea to leave it at a luggage locker near Brussels Midi so you won’t be weighed down with things you don’t need.

Brussels Midi rules

  • Smoking is not permitted inside the station. To smoke, you’ll need to leave the station completely and do it in the street outside.
  • Open containers of alcohol in the station are not a problem in this beer-loving country. However, public intoxication is. Be sure to drink in moderation to avoid any problems with security staff.
  • If you’re traveling to London on the Eurostar, you’ll need to get to your platform at least 30 minutes before your train is scheduled. You will have to pass through both Belgium and British customs as well as an x-ray scanner, so be prepared for that.
  • Brussels Midi is an approximately 20 minute walk from the center of the city. You can also hop on a train that will take you to Brussels Central, which is much closer to the top tourist attractions of the city.

Brussels Midi lockers

Brussels Midi has been an important station since the day it was built, and continues to welcome passengers from around Europe and across the world to the city. In many ways, Midi lies at the heart not only of Belgium’s rail system, but of that of the whole of Europe. This big and busy station is as cosmopolitan and international as rail stations come.

The lockers at Brussels Midi can help you out if you have unneeded bags, but there are limits on what they can hold. Plus, they are in high demand, and it can be difficult to find a locker suitable for you. A better option may be to find a luggage storage service near Brussels Midi and drop your bags there. That way, you won’t have to navigate the big station every time you want to pick something up or drop something off.

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