Where To Find The Best Street Food In Oxford

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Oxford, England, is known as a university town, with 38 universities including the famous Oxford University. But it is also one of the best cities in the country for international and street food. Unfortunately, most visitors only end up going to the three main touristy areas of George Street, the Castle Quater, or Gloucester Green.

Why not branch out beyond the tourist areas to find the best street food in Oxford? If you are already a lover of the more well-known types of street food such as Asian, Indian, or American, you will find some of the best here. But Oxford can offer you many more flavors from around the world and at prices that will surprise and delight you.

You are going to need both your hands to really dig into Oxford's delicious street food so don't be dragging your luggage or personal items with you. Store it at one of our convenient luggage storage locations here in Oxford. Then, enjoy every bite!

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The best street food vendors in Oxford

Oxford has many many street food vendors and restaurants that offer cuisine from every corner of the world. And while there are a plethora of great places to eat, we made a list of a few top picks in Oxford that you absolutely need to try.

Pizza Pilgrims

Literally starting off as a street food vendor with just a little pop-up food stall, Pizza Pilgrims is now a full restaurant. They may have stopped roaming the streets, but they haven't lost that authentic street food touch. You can sit inside the retro-style restaurant, out in the courtyard, or grab a slice to go.

The brick-oven baked Neapolitan pizza has just the right amount of char on a crust that is chewy, bready, and full of flavor. You can build your own, order from the menu, or get it by the slice. The choices are fantastic, like the 8-cheese, mushroom & truffle, and classic Margherita. They even offer gluten-free crusts at no extra charge. This is a great place for fast food pizza that is bursting with flavor. After having fun with the kids in Oxford, bring them here!

Location: Westgate Centre Roof Terrace, Oxford

Oxford Fish Shop

You can't talk about street food in the UK without mentioning fish & chips and Oxford Fish Shop is one of the best places to get some. The owner and staff are super friendly, the portions are large and really tasty, and are very reasonably priced. The shop isn't fancy, but don't let that stop you from dropping in.

The Oxford Fish Shop is not near the downtown area, in fact, it is in the Iffley suburb. It tends to be busy, so you may have to wait a bit, but that's how you know it is a great place for food. You can sit in or grab some takeaway, but the shop doesn't deliver, so you have to get yourself down there. If you want the best, it is worth making the trip.

Location: 287A Iffley Road, Oxford.

Acropolis Greek Taverna

Bringing a taste of the Mediterranean to Oxford, the Acropolis serves up great authentic Greek food. The menu provides a wide selection of popular Greek dishes like saganaki, calamari, and dolmades (vine leaves filled with rice and spiced meat). And, of course, the most popular Greek street food item, the gyro, is also on the menu.

The family-run restaurant has built a reputation as being very friendly and accommodating to the customers. The portions are a good size and reasonably priced, and they have some great vegetarian and vegan options. With all the amazing choices you will find on the menu, it will be hard to decide what to eat.

Locations: 146 London Road, Oxford

C.R.A.F.T. Burgers

If you love your burgers and are looking for fast service without it being a fast food place, check out C.R.A.F.T. Burgers. Beef, chicken, fish, and vegetarian burgers are all available on the menu. The variety of styles is impressive too, from the spicy El Diablo burger to the Hollywood with smashed avocado.

As good as the burgers are, their side dishes match up equally well. People rave about the buffalo wings and halloumi fries with garlic dip. And what goes great with a burger but an excellent craft beer (hence the name), to which they have thirteen to choose from. Great service, great food, and a great atmosphere, what more could you ask for?

Location: 1 The Parade Windmill Road, Oxford

Delhish Vegan Kitchen

Being the first vegan restaurant in the Oxford area, Delhish Vegan Kitchen has a very different take on food. For them, it must not only be delicious street food, but it must be healthy as well, and they fully succeed. The Owner Jaya, who learned from her mother and grandmother, does all the cooking herself and her passion shines through in the food.

The menu is a host of delicious street food like roti wraps and chaats, with gluten-free options. Even though the Delish Vegan Kitchen serves only vegan and vegetarian dishes, the food is so good that non-vegetarians flock here to eat too. Jaya ensures the restaurant provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes it more than just a place to eat.

Location: 19-20 St. Clements St, Oxford

Mission Burrito

To find the perfect Mexican street food in Oxford, head to Mission Burrito. The small restaurant has gained a loyal following in Oxford by offering a simple menu concept, five meals served the way you want them. This is a high-quality Mexican fast food joint.

On certain days the street in front of the restaurant is closed off to vehicle traffic and they move tables out onto the street, so you can enjoy your street food actually on the street. Mission Burrito even help you out with a guide to their sauces and ingredients so you know exactly what you are ordering.

Location: 8 St. Michael's St, Oxford

George & Davis

Street food is not just about savory food; it is also about the sweet, and George & Davis' ice cream cafes are a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth. There is nothing quite like enjoying a cold, creamy ice cream on a hot summer day; actually, it is good any day of the year. George & Davis is a local business that has been serving delicious ice cream flavors for almost 20 years.

They are more than an ice cream shop though, they also do bagels and other tasty treats. On the menu, you will find a variety of sandwiches, breakfast, and pizza bagels, waffles with toppings. When it is cold outside, you can sip on a nice cup of hot chocolate or one of their specialty coffees. Being a hometown business, "G&D" like to support local businesses by using locally sourced ingredients whenever they can.

Locations: 94 St. Aldates, 104 Cowley Road, and 55 Little Clarendon St, Oxford

The Coconut Tree

If you have never heard of or tried Sri Lankan street food, you are missing out. The menu is a great combination of small and large dishes that resemble a tapas style. Staying true to their Sri Lankan roots they have 16 vegan options plus great fish, dairy, and a variety of meats in an explosion of flavors. The drink menu is just as powerful as the food menu with "sweet and fiery" cocktails that use ingredients like elderflower, cardamom, and nettle.

As you would expect of great street food, the food at the Coconut Tree is a little messy to eat but oh so fun. The Coconut Tree food and drink come at a reasonable but from Monday to Wednesday, all food is 50% off when you eat in, until the end of January 2023. The Coconut Tree gives you a place that is relaxing and a little raucous at the same time, it truly is a special sort of restaurant.

Mowgli Street Food

How good is Mowgli Street Food? They have opened fourteen restaurants throughout the UK in less than seven years and are opening four more in 2022. The concept was to bring the kind of Indian food that was eaten in the homes and streets of India, and the concept has been very successful. In fact, Mowgli Street Food has won several awards for its food.

You may never have had Indian food like this before in your life. It is made with the best ingredients sourced locally and directly from India. The menu is mainly traditional homemade Indian food but there are a few dishes with modern twists. There is a good selection of Street Chat, Street Meat, and Tiffin Boxes along with a kid's menu and vegan options. At Mogli Street Food, the food and friendly service will make you feel like you are visiting a home not a restaurant.

Location: Unit 302, Westgate, Oxford

Sasquatch Lodge

Formerly known as the Urban Griller, the Sasquatch Lodge serves up Texas BBQ the right way. Rubbed in a special blend of herbs and spices and then slow-cooked with seasoned oak to mouthwatering perfection. Succulent brisket and pulled pork that is so tender it melts in the mouth.

Sam, the owner, started as a software engineer but decided to follow his passion for BBQ and everyone is happy he did. So, where can you find this amazing BBQ king? Everywhere. Sam operates a true street food business and travels around the city, setting up at food markets like the Gloucester Green Market and other areas. To find out where he is, or to hire him for catering, check his website. He didn't forget about the non-carnivores. He knows they love BBQ too and has a special vegetarian selection. This is the ideal place to fill up after hiking in Oxford. You won't leave hungry!

Location: Varies

Where to find the best Oxford street food spots

Oxford obviously has some great street food restaurants throughout the city, but here are spots where you can find great street food in one location.

Oxford Covered Market

Do you love to shop and browse? Do that here and eat, too! Locate near the City Centre, this historic building was built in the 1770s and has been a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike. Fresh local produce, crafts, and street food vendors are all found under one roof. You can sit at one of the cafes or grab a takeaway and wander the market munching on fresh pastries or pies.

Location: Market St, Oxford

Gloucester Green Outdoor Market

The Gloucester Green Outdoor Market is only open the latter half of the week, from Wednesday to Saturday. But while it is open, this market in the heart of the city is alive with activity. Half of the market sells fresh produce, and in the other half, you can find pretty much anything you can think of.

Nearby the market, on George Street, you will find all the usual chain restaurants, but skip them as the market is a great place to get some authentic street food from around the world.

Location: 78 Gloucester St, Oxford

Westgate Oxford

With more than twenty different restaurants, cafes, and bars spread over three floors, Westgate Oxford has an extensive array of choices. At the Westgate Social Street Food area, you will find three street food vendors plus TV screens for sporting events and a social seating area.

Location: Queens St, Oxford

Street food festivals in Oxford

The biggest food festival in the UK happens in Oxford. It's the Foodies Festival. Not only do you get to enjoy the best street food Oxford has to offer, but some of the UK's top chefs and entertainers perform. It is a full weekend of celebrating with food, drinks, music, and culinary demonstrations taking place at the end of August.

Location: South Parks, Headington Road, Oxford

Delicious Street Food in Oxford

The next time you visit Oxford and are going out for an evening or just wandering the streets during the day, make sure you hit up a few, if not all, of these great street food places. Various tastes await so why not get adventurous?

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