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Package Security in NYC

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"Constant Frustration with missed and stolen Packages"

Ashley was tired of getting her packages missed or stolen in front of her door in NYC and so decided to use Bounce as her doorman in one of their East Village locations.
New York has been listed as the fourth-highest victim rate of porch piracy in 2022, more than 27 percent of the New Yorkers have had a package stolen that year.
Source: - Package Theft research

I kept having my packages stolen especially during Black Friday and Christmas. I had to fill more than 20 reports at the police station ... nothing had change.

"A Reliable Alternative to a Doorman: Bounce"

Ashley decided to entrust her package deliveries to Bounce's East Village location, where she found the perfect alternative to the unreliable front porch delivery.

No more stolen packages or anxious waits, Amir the owner the store now knows Ashley and even repaired her iPhone screen
(Yes Amir’s, first job is to repair phones! Bounce is an extra)

"Peace of Mind and hundreds of $ saved via Bounce"

With Bounce as her trustworthy doorman, Ashley's online shopping experience transformed. No fear over missing deliveries or stolen goods.

The East Village Bounce location had become an essential part of her routine, making sure her packages were always in safe hands.

About Bounce Package Acceptance:

Tired of missed deliveries, packages stolen, juggling multiple pickup points, lockers limitation?
Bounce Package Acceptance Service is the answer. Online shopping has become unreliable. Bounce simplifies it all.

We receive your deliveries at a location near you, store them for all the time you need and come pick them up at all time!

Names have been changed in order to protect the privacy of our clients and locations.

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