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Bridging Continents for Safe Deliveries

Published by: Bounce Package Acceptance TeamPosted Updated

The Problem : Travelling, getting packages and storing them

Staffan, traveling from Germany to New York for a conference. He needed to receive packages before arrival.
Those shipments were of very high value and because of that he needed a very safe location for him and the goods.

He was struggling to find an affordable solution for package receiving online, until he found about Bounce.

When you travel, how can you receive packages easily. Without having to deal with limited lockers deadlines? I used Bounce and it worked out.

Bounce receives and store packages in safe locations

Staffan found out that the location he booked on Bounce was heavily protected to get his company shipments from Europe to the US.
It's was a kimono shop in the center of Manhattan that resides on the 14th Floor of a skyscraper.

Thanks to this location he felt safe that he could ship his packages there. He also considered another location that had direct access to the street but he felt that an office was the safest place for his pickup. Also the 2k+ reviews made only for this location!

International shipment made easy

Thanks to Bounce's secure acceptance process, Staffan's company shipments arrived safely at the Kimono shop.
The location's strategic position in the center of manhattan and security made the transfer from Europe to the US smooth and worry-free.

If you want to book that location, you can find it here!

About Bounce Package Acceptance:

Tired of missed deliveries, packages stolen, juggling multiple pickup points, lockers limitation?
Bounce Package Acceptance Service is the answer. Online shopping has become unreliable. Bounce simplifies it all.

We receive your deliveries at a location near you, store them for all the time you need and come pick them up at all time!

Names have been changed in order to protect the privacy of our clients and locations.

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