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Downstairs shop in Nolita New York, becomes package doorman

Published by: Bounce Package Acceptance TeamPosted Updated

NYC Challenge: Receiving Packages for Multiple Apartments

Receiving packages in a building full of apartments without a doorman is usually a problem. Package room are a mess and delivery crew are not reliable.

This building in Nolita started to have issues with their package reception. Packages were lost or taken by thief as the building door is not properly secured, the mood in the building became problematic as the landlords and tenants started to point fingers at each other for lost packages.

The locksmith downstairs started to help by receiving some deliveries, but what’s the point for free?

Receiving packages straight in our building became an absolute nightmare. We had to start fighting each other to realise that our solution was downstairs with Bounce.

Trustworthy Partners: Bounce's X "Abuelita"

Facing the challenge of securely receiving packages for multiple apartments, downstairs locksmith turned to Bounce Package Acceptance Service.
“Abuelita” and Freddie as the building tenants like to call them, started to push Bounce as their package receiving service for the building.

Tenants would get notified via Bounce app and the locksmith crew would get payments as the tenants and landlord decided to team up and subscribe to Bounce Package Receiving Service.

Seamless Package Acceptance for the locksmith Shop

Thanks to the partnership with Bounce, the locksmith can now easily deal with all those deliveries that arrive to them instead of the building.
"Abuelita" and Freddie ensured that packages were received and stored securely, creating a reliable bridge between the apartments and the locksmith shop.

You can find the location in this story here!

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Names have been changed in order to protect the privacy of our clients and locations.

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