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Overcoming Language Barriers in Portugal

Published by: Bounce Package Acceptance TeamPosted Updated

The Problem "Language Barrier: Receiving Packages in a New Country"

Romeo was trying to move from the US to Portugal. He needed to ship and receive several packages before his arrival.
How can he do that in a country where he doesn’t speak the language?

Receiving packages in another country is complicated especially if you don't speak the language! Not with Bounce.

Language-Barrier free service

Rita, the store manager, was there to help him flow through the language barrier and receive all his parcels in a country where deliveries work differently.

Smooth Transition between 2 countries

Through Bounce's solution, Romeo overcame the challenges of cross-border moves and language differences.

With Bounce’s support, he successfully received all his parcels, making his transition to Portugal smoother and more manageable.

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