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Aleks and I started Bounce a year ago with the vision of transforming how people live and get around with their things in cities. Collectively, we’ve lived in 15 cities and traveled to 60+ countries and don’t own very much. From our experiences, we know how much your things can hold you back and that has inspired Bounce. We fundamentally believe people spend far too much time planning their lives and planning their days around the things that they own.

Our vision is for Bounce to become the interface between you and everything you own. The “remote control for your things”.

When starting Bounce, Aleks and I were very deliberate about starting with a model that was capital efficient. Both the storage and logistics industries are incredibly expensive to get off the ground, requiring warehouses and/or a fleet of drivers. The result was a model with zero fixed costs and high scalability.

Aleks and I both come from software backgrounds, Aleks having built apps that grew to hundreds of thousands of users, and myself having spent most of my career as a product manager at a big Silicon Valley tech company — Intuit. We bleed the philosophy of lean testing and rapid prototyping. We built our first prototype in an hour and our first functioning product in a month. Up until now, we’ve had truly just a minimum viable product — we’ve been surprised how many people have used it.

Going mobile is the next chapter for Bounce. We’ve “graduated” from the validation phase of building the company to now focusing on the premium user experience that can really delight our users and that we can grow with. Today, we release our mobile apps to the world on both iOS & Android.

The product today allows users to find a place to leave their things anywhere in the city, hosted by local retailers (hotels, dry-cleaners, etc) and guarantees the safety of their items. This is the base layer of the Bounce platform — ubiquitous access to daily storage all over the city. In a future post, we will share what can be built on top of such a platform and why that’s a really big deal.

If you’re interested in what we’re doing, shoot us a note: and follow us on social channels. It is a very exciting road ahead…

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