Hotel Luggage Storage: The Ultimate Guide For 2024

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We've all been in that tricky position. You've booked a vacation, but your hotel check-in time is hours and hours later than the time that your flight lands, or there's a ton of time for you to wait after check out before it's time to head back to the airport. You don't want to waste a moment of your trip because you're watching over your suitcases, so the question is - how can you make the most of hotel luggage storage?

Because we know how frustrating it can be to be stuck with your bags, we've created a list of our top tips to help you find hotel luggage storage options while you're away - even if you're not actually staying in the hotel yourself (if that's you, check out our guide to luggage storage for Airbnb guests, too).

If you're staying at a hotel

Ask if you can leave luggage at the hotel

Most hotels offer luggage storage to their guests because they're are aware that you'll probably be arriving in the city earlier than your check-in time, or have a few hours after check out to finish making the most of the city.

When choosing a hotel to book, send the hotel staff a message and ask whether they offer luggage storage services in the form of an early luggage drop-off option or a secure place to keep your bags after check out. Even if you have to pay an additional fee, it's well worth it if it means you can spend some extra time exploring the city.

Ask for a late check-out

Many hotels will extend check-out time for their guests if their guests request it. Plus, keeping hold of your room longer also has additional benefits beyond providing you with your own left luggage facility. If you're on a business trip or you're a digital nomad, for example, extending your check-out time is a great way to create a private workspace for yourself, especially if you need internet or even just some peace and quiet.

Use luggage storage services near your day's activities

If neither of those solutions sounds useful to you, have you considered checking out the other luggage storage options in the city?

If you're taking a train out of the city and looking for a short-term luggage storage facility to use while you grab a quick bite to eat before the trip, take a look at the station's website before you go - many offer luggage lockers that you can rent out for a few hours. Just make sure to check whether you need to book in advance and if you need to pay with coins, cash, or card so that you're prepared.

Alternatively, in most cities, luggage storage facilities (like Bounce) partner with local shops to provide luggage storage space for travelers and tourists looking to be free of their bags for a little while. If you're planning to see some more of the sights, or want to enjoy your lunch without your bags, find a convenient luggage storage location nearby and book online via the Bounce app or website.

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How to store your luggage in a hotel you're not staying in

Of course, you might not have booked yourself into a hotel (take a look at our Airbnb luggage storage tips here), but fear not - you can still find a way to make the most of hotel luggage storage!

Ask a hotel if they'll store your luggage for you

If a hotel already stores luggage for its own guests, the chances are it'll store luggage for you, too, if you ask them.

You'll probably have to pay a fee (and if you don't, then leaving a good tip will go a long way), but this can be a really simple solution to what could turn into a frustrating problem. Simply search online for hotel luggage storage near you and call in to ask.

Book hotel luggage storage through a luggage storage app

Of course, the problem with just walking into local hotels to ask if they can store your bags is that there's always a good chance they won't - and you don't want to have to drag your bags from one hotel to another until you find one that will.

However, did you know that many hotels partner with luggage storage companies to provide non-guests with bag storage solutions? It's true, and not only does this make finding a hotel that offers a luggage storage service easier, but it can also mean that your luggage benefits from added security measures.

What's a luggage storage app?

Simply put, luggage storage apps are a great way to find the right location for you. If you download the Bounce app, you'll be able to see the nearby hotel luggage storage locations by looking for the hotel sign at the top of the location title card. Simply choose the location that suits you best, book online, and show the hotel desk your booking confirmation when you arrive.

Do you run a hotel?

If you run a hotel and you'd like to make some additional revenue by providing tourists and travelers with convenient luggage storage, then you've come to the right place. As a Bounce partner, you'll earn commission on every bag you store through the Bounce platform.

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