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asked questions

  • How much does it cost to store luggage near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station?

    The price for luggage storage near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station starts from just ¥450/bag for the entire day.

  • Where can I store luggage near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station?

    There are multiple locations in the Kyoto Kawaramachi Station area which can be booked through the Bounce platform including near Neyagawashi Station (KH17) (寝屋川市駅), Okubo Station (B12) (大久保駅), and Ōmihachiman Station (近江八幡駅) and all over Kyoto.

  • Is it safe to store your bags near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station?

    Yes. Every bag is tagged with a security seal and comes with the $10,000 Bounce Guarantee. Every location is required to uphold tight security precautions. You may be asked to show ID and you will be required to use a credit card to book through Bounce in advance. With hundreds of thousands of bags stored, you can count on Bounce to handle your baggage near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station.

  • Are there storage lockers near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station?

    Yes, there are storage lockers and many other luggage drop off points in the Kyoto Kawaramachi Station area. Bounce has multiple luggage storage locations nearby Kyoto Kawaramachi Station and in the broader Kyoto area where you can conveniently store your luggage with full security and the $10,000 safekeeping guarantee.

  • What public transportation exists near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station?

    Popular metro stations like Karasuma Oike Station (烏丸御池駅), Subway Kyoto Station (K11) (地下鉄 京都駅), or Subway Yamashina Station (T07) (地下鉄 山科駅) can be used for nearby transit. When traveling within Kyoto near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station, you may be close to some bus stations: Kyoto Sta. Karasuma Exit Bus Terminal (京都駅烏丸口バスのりば), Kitaoji Bus Terminal (北大路バスターミナル), or Kyoto Sta. Hachijo Exit Bus Terminal (京都駅八条口バスのりば). If traveling by train, Kyoto Station (京都駅), JR Kyōto Station (JR 京都駅), and Yamashina Station (山科駅) are nearest to Kyoto Kawaramachi Station.

  • Where are the best hotel accommodations near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station?

    The top-ranked middle to high-range hotels near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station are Kyoto Hotel Okura (京都ホテルオークラ), Ace Hotel Kyoto (エースホテル京都), and Karasuma Kyoto Hotel (からすま京都ホテル). When traveling on a budget, the best hostels near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station are Hatoya Zuihokaku (京湯元 ハトヤ瑞鳳閣), Yuno Yado Shoei (湯の宿 松栄), and Teradaya (寺田屋).

  • Where are the best restaurants near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station?

    The most popular restaurants to visit when near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station are Tsukumo Udon (つくもうどん), リパーク京都経済センター, and McDonald's (マクドナルド).

  • Where are the best parks and nature attractions near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station?

    Check out the nearby Ume-koji Park (梅小路公園), Kyoto Gyoen (京都御苑), and Okazaki Park (岡崎公園).


About Kyoto Kawaramachi Station 

Situated in the heart of downtown, Kyoto Kawaramachi Station is a useful train station for both commuters and tourists, as it’s surrounded by numerous landmarks, markets, and retail districts. There isn’t a Shinkansen platform at Kyoto Kawaramachi Station, as the station primarily serves the Hankyu Kyoto Line for local commuters from the suburbs and other regional destinations.

Kawaramachi Station is actually fairly small, especially when compared to sprawling transit hubs like Kyoto Station that serve long-distance, commuter rail lines, and the subway. Kyoto Kawaramachi Station is still well-connected with other transit facilities and travel destinations. 

Are there coin lockers or a baggage room at Kawaramachi Station?

Like most Japanese train stations, there are coin lockers at Kyoto Kawaramachi Station. You’ll be able to find the coin locker area near the station building's central exit between the west ticket gate and the up and down escalators. Locker availability can be a challenge, as is the limited space capacity. There are larger lockers near ticket gates or the ticket office, but these aren’t large enough for a checked bag or bulky suitcase. If you’re traveling with larger luggage, you might want to opt for a relaible luggage storage service like Bounce. 

Can you store luggage at Kansai Airport?

Kansai International Airport has extensive luggage storage facilities situated in the arrivals area. You can find temporary baggage storage facilities at the north and southern ends of Terminal 1.

For the general baggage storage, prices will vary by size. It’ll cost between $4 (small items) and $15 (larger baggage and specialty items like ski gear) to rent a locker for the day. There are also coin lockers at terminals 1 and 2 along with the Aeroplaza. Prices range from $3-$6 per day.

If you have a hard time finding the lockers, the attendants at the Kansai Tourist Information Center can also assist you. This is a fantastic option if you’re on a layover in Kyoto, although this is incredibly rare for international tourists. For most travelers, having your belongings stored so far outside the city can be unnerving, as it can take up to an hour just to get to the airport and have access to your bags. It might be easier to have your luggage on hand or at least stored in Kyoto proper. 

Are there Kyoto Station lockers?

You’ll be able to find lockers throughout Kyoto Station. There are a few different locker sizes, with prices being based on that. It’s actually quite affordable to store your luggage at Kyoto Station, with the smallest lockers (which can accommodate small items like a purse) costing about a dollar, and the largest (which can fit backpacks and small luggage) costing only $6 per day. You can find these lockers near the station’s ticket machines, post office, central exit,  and even one outside Kyoto Theater. Of all the lockers at Kyoto Station, the busiest (and less likely to have vacant lockers) would be the ones at the ticket gate of the central entrance 

Where can you store luggage in Kyoto? 

Like other cities, Kyoto hotels are happy to take your bags (even before check-in) for a few hours while you sightsee. It won’t cost more than a small tip to the bellhop, but it still might not be the best option. Certain museums and landmarks might have cloakrooms or lockers, but this isn't all that common in Kyoto, because the best attractions are historic landmarks set in buildings that weren’t designed with tourists in mind.

Because you’ll be heading to plenty of shrines and temples (at least, if you’re doing Kyoto the right way) you’ll want to find a secure place to store the bags. With the most convenient locations for luggage storage in Kyoto, Bounce is easily the best option.

Things to do near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station

Nishiki Market 

Situated just a short walk from Kyoto Kawaramachi Station, this covered market is one of the top attractions within walking distance of Kawaramachi Station. Nishiki-kōji Ichiba is not just a place to buy fresh produce and other ingredients (this won't be as much use to tourists staying in hotels in any case) but it's one of the true foodie destinations in Kyoto.

Japanese food has always been one of the country's culinary strong suits, and the line of vendors selling yakitori skewers and other snacks is top-notch. Nishiki Market has rightly earned the nickname of ‘Kyoto’s Kitchen’ as seemingly everyone in town descends on the place after work, or on weekends. While it's crowded, it's pretty easy to navigate. Just remember to be respectful of your fellow visitors.

Higashi Hongan-ji Temple

You can't travel to a Japanese city like Kyoto without stopping at a revered temple like Higashi Hongan-ji. Not only is this Shinto temple one of the top travel destinations in Kyoto but it's also within walking distance from Kyoto Kawaramachi Station, making it a great first stop on your sightseeing trek through the former capital’s best landmarks.

The temple's main hall (Goei-dō) is one of the largest wooden structures in Japan, and its scale is matched by the intricate detailing adorning its facade. It's free to tour, but you can also pay for an audio guide to learn about the temple's history and the various traditions associated with the shrine. One of the more curious objects on display at the temple is the massive rope made of coiled human hair hanging above the passageway of Amida-dō hall that leads to the grand Amida Buddha shrine.

The temple's illustrious history dates back to the 17th century when legendary Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu founded it. Learn anything about Japanese history and you'll know how momentous that is.

Kyoto Imperial Palace Park 

Kyoto Gosho, or the Kyoto Imperial Palace, is by far the most notable historical landmark in the city. You really can't get the comprehensive Kyoto experience without a visit to the castle and its spacious grounds.

Even if you don't tour the castle's interior and its fantastic museum, simply heading to the expansive green space surrounding it is worthwhile. In fact, you'll find Kyoto locals simply lounging in the shade, picnicking on the spacious lawn, or strolling through the garden paths. When the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom, there is nothing in Japan, half as beautiful as Kyoto’s Palace. In the southern corner of the park is a tranquil little pond filled with carp. There’s also a grove of massive shidareze-zakura, or  'weeping' cherry trees at the other end. 

Airport travel from Kyoto Kawaramachi Station

The vast majority of international travelers will either fly into Tokyo, and then take the Shinkansen bullet train to Kyoto, or fly directly into Kansai International Airport in Osaka. From Kansai Airport, you can take the JR Kyoto Line to Kyoto Station, which takes about 25 minutes and costs $10. From Kyoto Station, you’ll take the Karasuma Subway Line to Shijō Station, which is a five-minute walk to Kyoto Kawaramachi Station.

In general, it will take about an hour to get from the airport to Kawaramachi Station, but it'll cost less than $20 in total. You can always take a cab from the airport but that'll cost about $60 and take about the same amount of time because of traffic. 

Getting around the city from Kyoto Kawaramachi Station

How to get from Kyoto Kawaramachi Station to Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kawaramachi Station is well situated near Kyoto's top attraction - you really can't skip Kyoto Imperial Palace on any sightseeing trip. The Kyoto City Bus runs a route right by Kawaramachi Station, with the Shijo Kararamuchi Bus Stop being the corner of the intersection at the exit of the train station.

You won’t need to head to a bus ticket center, as you can pay for fares on the bus. You’ll take the bus to the Kojin-guchi stop, which is across the street from the entry to the palace grounds. The whole trip takes about 20 minutes and costs less than $2. If you want to get there quicker, you can take a cab or rideshare for about $15. It's a 40-minute walk, but the affordable bus ride really is the better option.

How to get from Kyoto Kawaramachi Station to Kyoto Station 

If you’re traveling from the Kyoto City Center, you’ll have an easy time reaching Kawaramachi Station from JR Kyoto Station. While the two train stations aren't directly connected, you can take the Karasuma Subway Line between Kyoto Station and nearby Shijō Station, which is just a five-minute walk from Kyoto Kawaramachi Station.

The whole trip takes less than 15 minutes and costs only $3. If you need to get from Kyoto Station to Kawaramachi Station, it’s simply the reverse route. You can take the bus or a cab ride for a more direct route, but with traffic, the trip will take almost 30 minutes. 

Luggage storage near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station

If you're planning a trip to Kyoto, your itinerary will have at least half a dozen can't-miss stops. Fortunately, the famously efficient Japanese public transit system will help you get around, so you'll want to either pack light or find a secure place to store the bags while you're sightseeing.

The best option for luggage storage Kyoto has to offer is through the Bounce network. With dozens of storage spots throughout Kyoto, you'll have an easy time finding a secure place to drop the bags off with the handy Bounce mobile app. Heading to Tokyo or Osaka? Bounce has hundreds of storage spots across Japan, with plenty of convenient locations, near top attractions and cultural hotspots. 

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