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10,000+ locations globally
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10,000+ locations worldwide

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Powered by local businesses

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Up to $10,000 in protection

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100% free cancellation

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asked questions

  • Where can I find luggage storage near Verona Porta Nuova?

    To find a convenient luggage storage option near Verona Porta Nuova, use the Bounce app or website to tell us how many bags you have and when you need storage. We'll show you all of your options so you can enjoy your day near Verona Porta Nuova without your bags.

  • How much does luggage storage cost near Verona Porta Nuova?

    We charge from €5.00 per day (24 hours) for luggage storage near Verona Porta Nuova.

  • How does Bounce luggage storage work?

    We partner with local businesses around the world who have secure spaces to store luggage for travelers. Just tell us how many bags you have and when you need storage, and we'll show you convenient places you can keep your stuff safe while you explore.

    Booking online is super easy and only takes a couple of minutes. To keep our partners and your stuff safe, we'll show you the address of the store once you book online. When you're ready, head to the store and show the Bounce Partner your booking confirmation so they can take your bags and securely store them right away. Then you can enjoy your day without having to worry about your bags!

    To pick up your bags, show the Bounce Partner your booking confirmation and they'll hand over your stuff. That's it!
  • Where is my luggage stored?

    We only partner with trusted businesses who have a dedicated, secure place to keep your luggage safe. Some businesses may store luggage behind a counter that's off-limits to customers, while others may have storage rooms or closets for your luggage. But no matter where you choose to leave your luggage, our partners will keep it safe.

  • What can I store with Bounce?

    Luggage, backpacks, gym bags, and more! Bounce is like having a personal storage facility for your stuff anywhere you go, so you can leave much more than just luggage with us. Whether you want to store your luggage after checking out of your Airbnb or want to drop off your work bag before hitting happy hour, we've got you covered.

    We don't charge extra for oversized items, but some special items might need to be approved before you can store them. For example, surfboards, guitars, car seats, bicycles, or skis take up a lot of space, so let us know if you have them. We can check with the Bounce Partner for you to make sure they have room for your stuff.
  • Is there hourly luggage storage near Verona Porta Nuova?

    Yes, but many companies charge per hour and costs can add up fast. We charge one price for 24 hours of storage, so storing your stuff is more affordable near Verona Porta Nuova.

  • How long can I leave my luggage with Bounce?

    Whether you need storage for a couple of hours or a couple of days, we've got you covered! Just put in the dates and times you need luggage storage and we'll show you all of the available locations on our map. For long-term storage lasting more than a week, reach out to us and we'll help you find a convenient location.

    If you're already storing your stuff but you need more time, you can add more time from your booking details page. Just make sure the store will be open and you can get your bags before your new pickup time.
  • How do I change or cancel my booking?

    Plans change, we get it! If you need to change or cancel your booking for any reason, the best way to do it is from your booking details page in the Bounce app. You can edit the dates, drop-off and pick-up times, and number of bags. You can also cancel your booking or rebook at a nearby store. If you can't find your booking details, check the email address you used to make your booking. You can change your booking by following the link there, or reach out to us if you need support.


About Verona Porta Nuova 

Verona Porta Nuova is one of two train stations located in Verona, situated in the heart of the city just south of the CBD on Piazzale XXV Aprile. It’s one of the most important transportation hubs in the city. The station dates back to 1852 when it was originally opened as part of Austria’s Sudbahn, an extensive double-track railway system connecting Vienna with the port city of Trieste. The Verona Porta Nuova station underwent major redevelopment between 1910 and 1922 when its ownership was transferred to Italy, and again between 1946 and 1949 after suffering bombings from the Allies during WWII. 

Today, it is the primary train station of Verona and services a range of routes across the country and further abroad. The station is on the Milan-Venice line, making it easy to travel the country by train. You can also jump on services that can take you as far as Palermo or Berlin. With an array of shops, cafes, and restaurants in the vicinity, there is no shortage of delightful experiences for those exploring the area around Verona Porta Nuova.

Whether arriving at the station or waiting for your next train out of the city, we offer luggage storage facilities near Verona Porta Nuova that you can use during your stay. Book luggage storage via the Bounce app; simply find a location near you and drop off your bags there for a few hours or even the entire day if needed.

Is there luggage storage at the Verona Porta Nuova train station?

Yes, there is luggage storage service available at the Verona Porta Nuova train station. The rate depends on how long you will be storing your items, with the base price starting at €3.80. The downside, however, is that they impose a limit of 20kg on luggage deposit, which might be challenging if you have multiple heavy bags, backpacks, and suitcases. Also, they only allow storage for a maximum of five days.

A more convenient option is to store your luggage with us; we have teamed up with local businesses near the Verona Porta Nuova station and across the city to provide luggage storage options. 

Do train stations in Italy have lockers for luggage?

Yes, there are station lockers in most of the big cities in Italy but not all of them have it for security reasons. A more hassle-free alternative is to store luggage with us; we have luggage storage facilities across Italy — most of which can be found in strategic areas such as near local shops, transportation hubs and tourist attractions — that you can use for however long you need at a fixed price.

How far is the Verona Porta Nuova station from City Centre?

The Verona Porta Nuova station is 0.93 miles away from the City Centre and can be reached within 10 minutes by bus. It is also possible to walk to and from the train station and the journey will take approximately 20 minutes. If you want to go on foot unencumbered, store your bags and other belongings at one of our luggage storage locations near the Verona station. 

Things to do near Verona Porta Nuova station

The picturesque and beautiful city of Verona just begs to be explored. If you have a stopover at Verona station, use our Verona luggage storage service before heading out to experience the magic of the city for yourself. The station is located right in the heart of town so it’s not far to the major attractions if you only have a limited amount of time before your next train.

Arena di Verona (Verona Arena)

The Arena di Verona is a breathtaking ancient Roman amphitheater in the heart of the city, just a short distance from the Verona Porta Nuova station. Dating back to the 1st century AD, this iconic structure is renowned for its remarkably well-preserved architecture, grand arches, and imposing stone walls. Today, the Verona Arena serves as a spectacular venue for operatic performances, concerts, and cultural events, drawing audiences from around the world to experience its rich history and unparalleled acoustics under the starlit sky.

Arena di Verona bag policy

The Arena imposes a baggage policy where guests can only carry small backpacks inside. This means that items such as large bags, backpacks, suitcases or other bulky belongings are prohibited. To avoid inconvenience, use one of our many luggage storage facilities across the city. 

Casa de Giulietta (Juliet’s House)

Casa de Giulietta, or Juliet's House, is a charming 14th-century residence in the Verona city center. From Verona Porta Nuova, the attraction is just around a 15-minute drive. Famous for its association with William Shakespeare's tragic love story, Romeo and Juliet, the house attracts countless visitors who come to see the balcony believed to have inspired the iconic scene where Juliet declares her love. Juliet’s House is also adorned with love letters and messages left by visitors, creating a romantic atmosphere that captures the essence of the timeless tale.

Giardino Gusti

The Giardino Giusti is a magnificent Renaissance garden renowned for its breathtaking beauty and historical significance. Dating back to the 16th century, the lovely green space offers visitors a serene retreat from the bustling city, with its meticulously manicured lawns, sculpted hedges, and elegant pathways. One of its most iconic features is the stunning "Pra dell Valle" terrace, offering panoramic views of Verona's skyline. Travelers coming from Verona Porta Nuova can take a 12-minute bus or taxi ride to get to Giardino Gusti.

Airport travel from Verona Porta Nuova

Verona is served by one major airport that handles both domestic and international flights. Various transportation options, including links to the Verona Porta Nuova station, make it easy to access the city from the airport.

Verona Airport to Verona Porta Nuova 

Situated about 6.2 miles outside the city center, the Verona Airport (also known as the Valerio Catullo Airport) is the primary airport serving the city of Verona. The most cost-efficient way to get from the airport to Verona Porta Nuova station is through the Aerobus, a direct shuttle bus service operated by ATV. All you have to do is take the line 199 bus, and the journey takes about 15 minutes.

Getting around Verona from Verona Porta Nuova

Navigating Verona from Verona Porta Nuova is convenient due to the city's efficient public transportation system; from the station, visitors can easily access buses that connect to the different neighborhoods and attractions across the city. Verona's historic center is also within walking distance from the station for those who prefer to explore on foot. Additionally, taxis are readily available outside the station for those seeking a more direct and private mode of transportation. 

Verona Porta Nuova to Castelvecchio 

One of Verona’s most renowned attractions, the Castelvecchio is a medieval fortress overlooking the Adige River. Built in the 14th century, it is renowned for its imposing brick walls, fortified towers, and strategic architectural design. Today, Castelvecchio houses a museum showcasing a vast collection of medieval and Renaissance art, including sculptures, paintings, and decorative arts. 

To get from Verona Porta Nuova Station to Castelvecchio, the most affordable and efficient way is to take the Line 24 direct bus from the train station, which takes no more than 10 minutes and costs €1 to €2. Alternatively, you can take a taxi from the station. The journey will take between 2 and 5 minutes and costs anywhere from €8 to €10. For those who prefer to walk, you can also go on foot, which will take around 20 minutes to complete.

Verona Porta Nuova to Piazza Bra

Piazza Bra stands as one of Verona's most iconic and bustling squares, known for its vast open space and historic charm. Surrounded by elegant buildings and lined with cafes and shops, it offers a lively atmosphere for locals and visitors to enjoy leisurely walks, outdoor dining, and cultural events. With the magnificent Arena di Verona as its centerpiece, Piazza Bra captures the essence of Verona's rich history and vibrant contemporary life.

You can get from Verona Porta Nuova to Piazza Bra by direct bus (Line 13); the journey takes about 5 minutes and costs €1 to €2. You can take a taxi from outside the station, costing between €8 and €10. Alternatively, you may go on foot, which takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes; once you exit the train station, head southeast on Piazzale XXV Aprile toward Viale Filiberto Listi until you reach the Piazza.

Verona Porta Nuova to Torre dei Lamberti

The Torre dei Lamberti is an iconic medieval tower in Verona that dominates the city's skyline. Standing over 84 meters tall, it offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city and its surroundings from its observation deck. Its lofty presence is a tangible link to the city's storied past and a testament to its enduring allure.

The distance between Verona Porta Nuova and Torre dei Lamberti is about 1.25 miles, and the most efficient way to get there from the station is by bus. Take the Line 24 bus, get off at the Porta Bosari stop, and walk for about 2 minutes until you reach the tower. The bus fare ranges from €1 to €2, and the journey takes about 15 minutes in total. 

Luggage storage near Verona Porta Nuova 

Whether you’re in Verona for a quick trip or a long holiday, there’s nothing worse than dealing with heavy luggage, suitcases and other bulky bags while you explore the city. Luckily, you can store your luggage with us; we offer secure and reliable luggage storage options across key areas in Verona. 

By letting us take care of your heavy bags and important belongings, you have the freedom to wander the Verona Porta Nuova area and check out even more notable attractions, including the Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, Scaligeri Tombs, and the Galleria d'Arte Moderna Achille Forti. 

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