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Atlanta Pride 2023

Atlanta Pride 2023 in Atlanta.

Oct 14, 2023 → Oct 15, 2023

Atlanta Pride 2023 
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Atlanta has the largest LGBTQ community in the southeastern United States, so it’s fitting that the Atlanta Pride Festival be the region’s most prominent event. Another reason the Atlanta Pride Parade is such a big draw is that it’s isolated from Pride Month and other events happening around the country in June, so revelers will get one more shot at celebrating their community in Piedmont Park every October. 

Pride’s programming showcases an impressive lineup of live music, guest speakers, and drag shows that create iconic moments. The famously rowdy crowd makes the event a highlight of Atlanta's calendar. The festival grounds at Piedmont Park feature a variety of vendors, exhibitors, and community organizations, making Pride weekend a place to learn and have fun. Organized by the Atlanta Pride Committee, the Pride Festival has social justice and advocacy components along with the celebratory features that make it such a popular event. 

Of any event going on in Atlanta that weekend, Pride is the biggest and brightest party you’ll find. It can get quite raucous, but it’s still an approachable and family-friendly affair. The entire city embraces the event and community, and businesses in every corner of Atlanta host events and show their support as the celebration inevitably spills out of Piedmont Park into the surrounding neighborhoods. 

The 2023 edition of Atlanta Pride is set to be one of the biggest and best celebrations in its history, with a stacked lineup of music, advocacy speakers, and an incredible schedule of events throughout Atlanta. Here’s everything you need to know about Atlanta Pride 2023: 

About Atlanta Pride 2023

Held in Piedmont Park, the Atlanta Pride Festival takes place on October 14th and 15th. The official events take place on the festival grounds in the park, where live performances, food trucks and stalls, and over 250 vendors for crafts and advocacy groups set up shop. There are unofficial events throughout the city and at local businesses, but the main happenings will all be at Piedmont Park. 

The headlining event of the weekend, of course, is the Atlanta Pride Parade on October 14th, starting at noon. Over 10,000 gather in Midtown Atlanta to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. The parade route starts at the Atlanta Civic Center MARTA Station and continues down Peachtree Street. The parade then turns right onto 10th Street and ends a block from the Charles Allen Gates of Piedmont Park. There are other mini-parades throughout the weekend, including the Annual Trans March, the Annual Bi & Pan March, and the Annual Dyke March. 

The official kickoff event for the 2023 Atlanta Pride is held at the gorgeous Georgia Aquarium on October 13th, one of the world's largest aquariums. Attendees will be able to explore the entire aquarium, appreciating the vast array of aquatic wildlife (and the chance to contribute to conservation efforts) while enjoying special programming for Atlanta Pride. There will be DJ Sets from iconic local performers like Brian Rojas and David Knapp and a headlining set from DJ Dawna Montell. If you’ve ever wanted to party at an aquarium, this is your chance.

The Pride Marketplace is where over 250 different small businesses, advocacy groups, and community resources have stalls offering LGBTQ+ information, opportunities, and goods that all contribute to community support and outreach. There’s no better place to buy “Spicy Apparel” and other merchandise.

You won't want to lug your bags around the festival grounds, so finding a secure place to store your luggage is advisable before heading to Piedmont Park. Luckily, Bounce has convenient storage spots throughout Atlanta and near the park. 

Luggage storage in Atlanta 

Traveling to Atlanta for Pride weekend is like walking into a colorful whirlwind of fun and positivity. The crowds, the events, and the atmosphere are all amazing, but they can also make travel days a little hectic. If you find yourself with your luggage needing to get to the Pride parade or the festival grounds, looking into a luggage storage service is a great solution to lighten the load for a few hours. 

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Leaving your belongings with a service can be stressful, but Bounce is a trustworthy source, which explains why there are so many repeat customers who use this service wherever they travel. 24/7 support from a friendly team, along with the BounceShield™ guarantee, also gives you the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy your trip. 

Things to do during Atlanta Pride weekend

If you want to explore the city, you should check out the Atlanta LBGTQ+ community’s many events during the week of the event. On Pride weekend, the entire city turns into a sea of rainbow flags and good vibes, with hundreds of restaurants and bars hosting (official and unofficial) events and parties to celebrate. 

Craft beer fans will want to check out Elsewhere Brewing’s Grant Park brewpub for drag brunches and other festivities. There are also famously rowdy drag performances at Colony Square in Midtown. Mary’s is one of Atlanta’s most popular gay bars, and the dance parties during Pride weekend are legendary for a reason. My Sisters Room is another destination that programs a full weekend of events in its iconic Lebian hangout on Crescent Avenue in Midtown. Of course, the festivities aren’t limited to LGBTQ+-oriented establishments. Hundreds of Atlanta bars join in for the celebrations!

Urban revitalization and development efforts have been more active in Atlanta than in almost any other American city. Everywhere in Atlanta, older industrial buildings have been repurposed into modern dining and nightlife hotspots. Most notably, Ponce City Market is a historic building that now houses dozens of local Atlanta boutiques, restaurants, and bars. It’s a great “one-stop shop” for the best local experiences. It’s about as trendy as it gets, and it’s located about a 20-minute walk from Piedmont Park. It's worth exploring Ponce de Leon Avenue while you're in the neighborhood. 

Another amazing development Atlanta residents have enjoyed in the past few years is the beautification of a railway that once cut through the heart of Atlanta. The Atlanta BeltLine is now the city’s most popular urban trail for biking, walking, and cycling. It snakes through the city, connecting dozens of neighborhoods along its path. It’s not entirely complete, but there are miles of pathways near hotspots like the Ponce City Market, and there are even bars overlooking the BeltLine. It's a great way to get some steps in and even sweat out some of the drinks you had at the many Pride parties throughout the weekend. 

Located a few miles north of the city center, the 30-acre Atlanta Botanical Garden is a great spot for a relaxing afternoon to reset from all the partying for Pride weekend. There are miles upon miles of flower and tree-lined trails and some themed segments that are gorgeous, especially the Japanese Garden. For thrill-seekers, the park’s Canopy Walk is suspended 40 feet in the air and offers stunning aerial views of the entire garden. 

See you at Atlanta Pride 2023? 

With an incredible lineup of entertainment and advocacy events, a vibrant parade, and an outpouring of positivity, Atlanta Pride offers travelers one of the best celebrations of the LGBTQ+ community in the country. Pride 2023 is certainly living up to the expectations set for such a stellar event. If you’re on the fence, it’s absolutely worth a visit to this fantastic city for Pride. Can’t make it? Pencil it in for 2024 because this event is only getting better, and Atlanta’s inclusive community spirit is only getting stronger. 

Don’t let your bags get in the way of exploring this amazing city and celebrating one of the best Pride events in the country. If you’re visiting Atlanta and need a reliable luggage storage service, Bounce is your best bet.

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All you need to know

  • Who is playing at Atlanta Pride 2023?

    Atlanta Pride’s 2023 stellar entertainment lineup features musical performances from Icona Pop, Saucy Santana, and G Flip. The Starlight Cabaret will headline the event with the country’s largest outdoor drag show. 

  • Why is Atlanta Pride in October?

    Atlanta Pride was held in Piedmont Park every June to coincide with the national holiday until 2008, when drought conditions delayed the event until October. Since then, the event has taken place annually in October. The temperatures are considerably less hot and humid during the fall, making outdoor Pride festivities more comfortable. 

  • Is there Pride in Atlanta in June?

    Atlanta’s LGBTQ+ communities do celebrate National Pride Month in June, but its annual event is in October. It’s not to be confused with Black Pride month (celebrated on Labor Day weekend), which is another way Atlanta folks celebrate diversity. 

  • Where is the Pride Festival in Atlanta?

    The main Pride festivities take place in Piedmont Park, with the parade snaking its way through the city. The Pride Marketplace, which features vendors and advocacy groups from the local community, is located in Piedmont Park that weekend as well. Local bars and restaurants will also host Pride events throughout the city. 

Other places to explore in Atlanta

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