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Leipzig Book Fair 2024

Leipzig Book Fair 2024 in Leipzig.

Mar 21, 2024 → Mar 24, 2024

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Your Ultimate Guide to Leipzig Book Fair 2024

The Leipzig Book Fair, or "Leipziger Buchmesse" in German, is a significant event on the literary calendar, attracting authors, publishers, media companies, book art enthusiasts, and book lovers from around the world. Taking place from March 21st to March 24th, 2024 at the Leipziger Messe GmbH, this event is a must-visit for anyone with a passion for the written word. The spring's most awaited event at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre becomes a global village of literature and media innovation. This guide offers insider tips for making the most of the fair, exploring Leipzig's attractions, and enjoying a memorable visit.

Leipzig Book Fair: More than Just Books

The Leipzig Book Fair is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and genres. It's not just about buying books; it's about immersing yourself in the world of literature. The fair also hosts the Manga Comic Con, a vibrant and colorful event that brings together fans of comics, manga, cosplay, and gaming. 

Event Overview

Key Facts

Leipzig, Germany, is a city steeped in history and culture, and the Leipzig Book Fair embodies this rich heritage. The Leipzig Book Fair is not just a book industry event; it's a vibrant meeting place for over 2,500 exhibitors from more than 40 countries and attracts over 200,000 visitors, including 55,000 trade visitors. The fair is not just about books; it's a celebration of literature, art, and culture.

Fun at the Fair

It sprawls across Halls 1 to 5 and the Glass Hall of the Leipzig Exhibition Centre, embracing the Manga-Comic-Con and the Leipzig liest reading festival. With a density of activities ranging from author readings, smart classes, and literary discussions, to the Manga Comic Con, there is something for everyone.

The fair operates daily from 10 am to 6 pm, offering attendees a rich schedule of activities, discussions, and presentations, and connecting readers. It's also great fun for families, offering children's books, specialist literature, fiction, and non-fiction, so there's something for everyone, no matter their age.

Schedule and Activities

The fair's packed schedule features over 3,000 events, including author readings, panel discussions, and book and media industry workshops across various locations. The Leipzig Liest festival, held concurrently, extends the literary celebrations city-wide with unique readings and performances.


  • Manga-Comic-Con: A paradise for comic and manga enthusiasts, offering cosplay contests, workshops, and meet-ups with artists.
  • Autoren@Leipzig: Tailored for aspiring and established authors, this segment provides valuable insights into publishing, marketing, and rights management.

Atmosphere Straight Out of a Book

The atmosphere at the fair is electric, with the buzz of conversation, the rustle of pages, and the excitement of discovering new authors and books. The fair is a great place to discover innovations and to meet authors, international or German publishers, and fellow book lovers. 

Leipzig Cuisine and Activities

When you're not browsing through books, Leipzig offers a variety of other activities. A diverse array of food stalls and cafes throughout the Exhibition Centre caters to every taste, from traditional German snacks to international cuisine.

Insider tip: The city is famous for its culinary scene. Exploring the city center for local delicacies like Leipzig Lerche, a pastry filled with marzipan and jam, is a must.

What to Wear to the Fair

As for outfits, while there's no specific dress code for the book fair, the Manga Comic Con is a great opportunity to dress up in your favorite cosplay. The Leipzig Book Fair has a casual and inclusive atmosphere. Attendees are encouraged to dress comfortably, with many choosing business casual attire.

Cosplayers frequently dazzle the crowd at Manga-Comic-Con, celebrating their favorite characters in elaborate costumes.

Bag Policy

To ensure a smooth experience, a clear bag policy is in place. Small bags and backpacks are allowed but subject to search at the entrance. It's advisable to pack light to navigate the fair comfortably.

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Things to Do in Leipzig

Leipzig offers numerous attractions to explore during your visit.

Exploring Leipzig

  • St. Thomas Church: A historic site where Johann Sebastian Bach served as a cantor.
  • Leipzig Zoo: One of the world's oldest zoos, known for its commitment to animal conservation.
  • Leipzig Botanical Garden: A serene escape featuring diverse plant species and beautiful landscapes.
  • Museum of Contemporary History: Offers insightful exhibits on Germany's recent history.
  • Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts: Showcases a vast collection of artworks spanning several centuries.
  • Leipzig Opera: A premier destination for opera enthusiasts, known for its high-quality productions.
  • The Spinnerei: A converted cotton mill now housing art galleries and studios.

Travel Tip

Leipzig's extensive public transport network is the best way to get around. Consider purchasing a Leipzig Card for unlimited travel and discounts at various attractions.

See You in Leipzig

The Leipzig Book Fair 2024 is more than just a book fair. It's a cultural event that brings together literature, art, and people. The Leipzig Book Fair 2024 promises a diverse and enriching experience for literature and media lovers.

Whether you're there to discover the latest literary trends, meet your favorite authors, or simply soak in the cultural atmosphere, these insider tips will help you enjoy the fair and the city of Leipzig to the fullest.

And with Bounce, you can enjoy this event and the city of Leipzig without any baggage. So, pack your bags (and don't worry about where to store them), and we'll see you in Leipzig!

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All you need to know

  • Where is the biggest book fair in the world?

    The biggest book fair in the world is the Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse) in Frankfurt, Germany. It is considered the most important international trade fair for books, publishing, and rights and licenses. The fair typically takes place in October and attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the globe.

  • How big is the Leipzig Book Fair?

    The Leipzig Book Fair is one of the largest book fairs in the world, though not as large as the Frankfurt Book Fair. It attracts around 2,500 exhibitors from more than 40 countries and over 200,000 visitors each year, including publishers, authors, booksellers, journalists, and literature enthusiasts. The fair covers a wide range of areas within the publishing industry, from fiction and non-fiction to children's and young adult books, scientific publications, and specialist literature. It's a key event for the book and media industry, connecting readers with authors, publishers, and media companies from Germany and around the world.

  • What is the prize for the Leipzig Book Fair?

    The Leipzig Book Fair Prize (Preis der Leipziger Buchmesse) is an esteemed award presented annually during the fair. This prize recognizes outstanding works in the following categories: Fiction Non-fiction/essays Translation The award aims to highlight the quality and diversity of books in these categories and to promote the visibility of authors, translators, and their works. Winners receive a monetary prize, which not only serves as a financial reward but also significantly enhances their recognition and status in the literary world.

  • What is the largest book fair in Germany?

    The largest book fair in Germany is the Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse). It is the world's largest trade fair for books, based on the number of publishing companies represented, and also the largest trade fair for books based on the number of visitors. Held annually in Frankfurt, it gathers thousands of exhibitors from over 100 countries and attracts visitors in the hundreds of thousands, including publishers, authors, media professionals, and book enthusiasts from around the globe. The Frankfurt Book Fair plays a crucial role in the global publishing industry, serving as a key marketplace for the negotiation of book rights and licensing deals.

Other places to explore in Leipzig

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