Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Florence

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Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Florence

Florence is a really delightful city, and there is so much to do and see here. If you have come to Florence to work, you might be feeling like you won't be able to make the most of your time in this lovely city. Thankfully there are so many museums and art exhibitions to see, convenient day trips to embark on, and the shopping in Florence can't be beaten. It's easy to get your work done and see at least a little bit of the city. Whatever your reasons for wanting to work in a coffee shop, Florence is the perfect place to do it. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant coffee culture, the city has something to offer everyone.

The first thing that you should do before you head to a coffee bar or coffee shop in Florence is take care of your luggage. Visit a Bounce bag storage in Florence and let us worry about the bags while you focus on your work. Once your bags are securely stored, you will be ready to go find the perfect coffee bar.

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Working coffee shops in Florence

Coffee Shops In Florence That You Can Work From

If you have been working on the plane or even trying to get some hours of work while sitting in airports, you will be relieved to be able to check out these coffee shops for your work day hours. These are comfortable and welcoming coffee shops that will allow you to get the most out of your workday. Between great coffee and delicious food, you will be well-provided for as you take care of business. With locations that are formerly beer halls, and spots so fancy, even a grand piano sitting elegantly in the middle of them seems like it belongs, you will have access to lots of great working locations in this city.

Ditta Artigianale

If you want a lovely bistro to sit at and work in peace and quiet, this is the right place to visit. This is one of the coziest and most comfortable specialty coffee locations in the city, and you will be able to sit down here for hot chocolate, coffee made with delicious fresh coffee beans, snacks, and desserts. The front window brings a lot of light into the space, and the ambiance is relaxed and ideal for people-watching as you take breaks from your work.

Another benefit to selecting this location for your work hours is that the staff is used to people coming into their coffee shop to work all day long. You will not be bothered as you are working, which is why this is often the favorite coffee shop of people traveling for work in Florence.

Via dello Sprone, 5r, Florence


This is actually not a coffee shop and is instead a co-working space with plenty of plug-ins and places to sit down to work. Sit’N’Breakfast is near the Accademia Gallery, and you can even rent out spaces if you want to sit with a large group here to work. You can have coffee and food delivered to you with ease at this well-known location while you work, and this is a unique space that offers you access to the various coffee shops in the area along with a flexible working space.

While not a traditional coffee shop, this is a great working space, and you can sit here for a few hours or more if you wish while enjoying food and drink from the best coffee shops in the area.

Via San Gallo, 21r, Florence

Where to work in Florence

Ben Caffe

This is the best of the coffee shops in Florence, located in the tourist zone, and there are many places to sit and work in this location. You will also find that you can get specialty coffee and items like avocado toast here, along with cold brew and cappuccino. The selection of food and drink here will keep you comfortable all day as you work, and you will love the cozy coffee shop designs that were used to make this place user-friendly and memorable.

The prices are fair, but you might not want to pay the premium that the location adds to specialty coffee orders. The basic fare is so good that you won't mind sticking to it, and the avocado toast is something that you should not miss out on.

Via dell'Oche, 7, Florence

La Menagere

For those who work late, this is the perfect coffee shop location. This spot stays open until midnight, so you can work late into the evening if you need to. You can sit inside or outside here, and this is one of the best coffee shops in Florence for the atmosphere. The bare walls and the simple designs of the decor are welcoming and create a really nice ambiance for your time working in this space.

You can even get green juice and smoothies, so you will not be held to a coffee shop menu if you don't want to have to drink coffee all day. The Florentine coffee-drinking culture in this part of the city has led to the creation of this lovely bistro space, and you will have a great time here if you want to enjoy the best coffee and a really lovely location at the same time.

Via de’ Ginori, 8/R, Florence

Coffee Mantra

Do you love espresso? If so, Coffee Mantra is the right coffee shop for you. The quality of the food and drink is second to none at Coffee Mantra, and you can count on delicious specialty coffee and small batch brews when you visit. The prices here are also very fair, which is nice if you get such high-quality coffee while you work at Coffee Mantra.

This is a cute little study space, but you might find that there are not enough tables to work in comfort on busy days. If you arrive early in the morning, you will be sure to secure a spot, and the food is so good that you can just stay and dine here rather than leaving and coming back later. This is also a fun place to work if you want a quiet workspace since lots of students come here from nearby universities to study.

Borgo La Croce 71r, Florence

RED Feltrinelli

Located in the city center near the Piazza della Repubblica, this spot is actually a bookstore with a coffee shop inside it. This is a very different location than Coffee Mantra, but it truly exudes coziness. You will find that this is a bit of a noisy spot during peak times, but there is a lot of seating, and you can get a yummy coffee here and work in peace all day if you want. The Florence coffee scene offers lots of cute little coffee shops like this, and these can be the right place to head for work.

You will not get specialty coffee here, and you will find that the chairs might be a little hard, so not a place for comfortable lounging, but you will love that they are so open to you hanging out all day, and you might even meet some other people who are also traveling for work.

Piazza della Repubblica, 26-27-28-29, Florence

Coffee shops for digital nomads in Florence

La Cite Libreria

This is another bookstore that is also a cafe, and you will love the comfortable and cozy nature of this location. You can sit down at a comfortable chair here and work for hours, and there are lots of plug-ins for your devices near each table. This is another place that is nothing like shops in the vein of Coffee Mantra, but sometimes the library-style locations that are offered by Florentine coffee drinking culture are the best for working.

You will want to be done working at this spot when the aperitivo hour arrives, however, as things will get busy and noisy. You can easily choose to just put away your laptop and join in the fun, or you might want to just be done working and head back to your hotel by this time of day if this was where you chose to work.

Borgo S. Frediano, 20/R, Florence

Todo Modo

Bookstores with coffee shops are common in this city, and the selection of books here will tempt you greatly as you work. This is a quiet and special location where you can sip on single-origin coffee or get an Italian pastry and work in peace. Todo Modo has the most amazing decor as well, and you will have a memorable experience when you come here to work.

Make sure that you come in early enough to secure a table and then stay all day if you want to. This is an Italian cafe that knows who likes to come to hang out in it, and generally, you will not be bothered as you work.

Via dei Fossi, 15/R, Florence

Chiaro Scuro

For those who love espresso, this espresso bar is one of the best coffee shops in Florence for this classic Italian drink. You can also get really good hot chocolate here and even filter coffee if you wish. The location offers a full, traditional stand-up espresso bar but also tables and chairs near outlets so that you can work away. You will find that some parts of the day are busy here as this is a popular specialty coffee location but these rush periods are brief.

Prices are good here, and you are minutes from the Duomo as well. It's rare to find an authentic caffe in Florence that is also such a good place to work while feeling part of Italian daily life. Start your day with a bracing espresso, and then move on to snacks and hot chocolate as you work.

Via del Corso 36/r, Florence

Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Florence, Italy

La Feltrinelli

This is another well-known bookstore that offers coffee and food too. You will find that this central location is an interesting workspace because there are lots of spacious tables to sit at and work at. The work area is actually downstairs, which makes this a great place if you need to have some peace and quiet or do a video call. The specialty coffee is excellent, as is the filter coffee, and this is one of the best coffee shop options if you want an amazing lunch as well.

Come here to work a partial day and enjoy an Italian pastry with your coffee, or you can also plan to hang out in the cozy atmosphere for as long as you need to. This is an awesome student hub as well, which makes it a good fit for those who need to sit down and work in peace and quiet.

Via de' Cerretani, 40, Florence

Coffee Shops in Florence Make Great Work Spots

If you are going to work while you are in Florence, you will want to make sure that you head to some of these locations for good coffee and great food. You can sit down in peace and quiet at almost all of these locations (at least for most of the day) and work without feeling uncomfortable. This city has some of the best coffee anywhere around, and you will certainly be able to work effectively without going hungry.

No matter where you choose to sit and work while you are in Florence, make sure that you put your luggage into secure storage first. Once your bags are stored, you will be able to work in peace without worrying about your things being in the way or being stolen. We can take care of your bags so that you can take care of your work while you visit this amazing city.

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