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asked questions

  • How much does it cost to store luggage near Krakow Bus Station?

    The price for luggage storage near Krakow Bus Station starts from just PLN 20.00/bag for the entire day.

  • Where can I store luggage near Krakow Bus Station?

    There are multiple locations in the Krakow Bus Station area which can be booked through the Bounce platform including near Flixbus Kraków, Rondo Matecznego, and Pętla Krowodrza Górka and all over Krakow.

  • Is it safe to store your bags near Krakow Bus Station?

    Yes. Every bag is tagged with a security seal and comes with the $10,000 Bounce Guarantee. Every location is required to uphold tight security precautions. You may be asked to show ID and you will be required to use a credit card to book through Bounce in advance. With hundreds of thousands of bags stored, you can count on Bounce to handle your baggage near Krakow Bus Station.

  • Are there storage lockers near Krakow Bus Station?

    Yes, there are storage lockers and many other luggage drop off points in the Krakow Bus Station area. Bounce has multiple luggage storage locations nearby Krakow Bus Station and in the broader Krakow area where you can conveniently store your luggage with full security and the $10,000 safekeeping guarantee.

  • Where are the best hotel accommodations near Krakow Bus Station?

    The top-ranked middle to high-range hotels near Krakow Bus Station are Vinci Hotel Krakow Airport, FORUM Treningu, and AC Hotel by Marriott Krakow. When traveling on a budget, the best hostels near Krakow Bus Station are Greg & Tom Hostel, Atlantis Hostel, and Premium Hostel.

  • Where are the best restaurants near Krakow Bus Station?

    The most popular restaurants to visit when near Krakow Bus Station are Przystanek Vietnam, Hala Forum, and Kracow Burgers.

  • Where are the best parks and nature attractions near Krakow Bus Station?

    Check out the nearby Park Jordana, Wybieg dla psów, and Planty.


About Krakow Bus Station

Kraków Bus Station, officially known as MDA Kraków (Małopolski Dworzec Autobusowy), is a central piece in the transportation puzzle of Kraków, Poland, efficiently serving both domestic and international travelers. Strategically located adjacent to the Kraków Główny railway station, this bustling hub offers seamless connectivity to a myriad of destinations across Poland and Europe, making it an indispensable asset for the city's mobility and access.

The station itself is a testament to functionality meeting modernity, equipped with tons of amenities designed to cater to the needs of today's travelers. From ticket offices, waiting areas, and luggage storage facilities to a selection of eateries and shops, the station ensures a comfortable and convenient experience for passengers waiting for their next journey. Its architecture, though pragmatic, is laced with elements of Kraków's unique charm, blending the historical with the contemporary.

As the gateway to exploring Kraków's history, culture, and breathtaking scenery, the bus station isn't merely a point of transit but is the starting line for adventures in one of Poland's most enchanting cities. Whether you're drawn to the medieval allure of the Old Town, the solemn history of Schindler's Factory, or the picturesque landscapes of the Polish countryside, your journey begins at Kraków's bus station, a portal to the heart and soul of this historic region.

Where can I store my luggage in Krakow?

Kraków is too beautiful and too fascinating a city to be weighed down by heavy bags. That's why you want to find luggage lockers or luggage storage services almost as soon as you arrive.

Finding a left luggage facility isn't always easy. But Bounce makes it a breeze. By partnering with local shops, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, we provide convenient locations to store your luggage throughout the city. Our app helps you find a luggage room close to you, so convenient luggage storage is never far away.

Where is Krakow Central Bus Station?

Kraków Central bus station is located right next to the city's main train station at 18 Bosacka Street. It's within walking distance of the city's Main Square.

Can train stations hold luggage?

Some train stations provide luggage lockers or other luggage storage services, and some don't. Kraków Bus Station does have luggage storage facilities in the form of self-service lockers, but at the time of writing, these luggage storage options were not available.

Can you store luggage at train stations in Europe?

Generally, you can count on finding luggage lockers in major train stations across Europe. However, this varies from one country to the next. Notably, Italy does not allow lockers inside train stations and instead provides staffed luggage storage facilities for security reasons.

Things to do near Kraków Bus Station

Old Town

Just a short walk from Kraków Bus Station, the city’s historic Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famed for its well-preserved medieval architecture. Marvel at the majestic St. Mary's Basilica, the iconic Cloth Hall in the Main Market Square, and the remnants of the city's medieval walls. The area is also dotted with charming cafés and shops, offering a perfect blend of history and modern-day leisure.

Galicia Jewish Museum

This museum offers a poignant look into the Jewish culture and history of Kraków and Galicia, with a focus on remembrance and education about the Holocaust. Before this tragic event, Galicia was home to a huge Jewish population with a rich and fascinating culture, and it's important to remember the way of life that was almost eradicated by this act of evil.

Galicia Jewish Museum bag policy

Visitors are allowed to bring small bags, but larger items must be stored in lockers at the entrance.

Kraków Barbican

A few minutes walk from the bus station, the Kraków Barbican is a formidable relic of the city's medieval fortifications. This Gothic-style structure was once a key defensive barrier and now serves as a museum. Inside, visitors can explore exhibitions related to Kraków's history and defensive architecture. It's also a great photo opportunity, as well as a portal to Poland's past.

Planty Park

Encircling the Old Town, Planty Park is a lush, green belt that offers a peaceful escape from the urban hustle. Comprising 30 gardens and numerous paths, it's ideal for a leisurely stroll or a restful break, showcasing seasonal flora and historic monuments along its winding routes.

Airport travel from Kraków Bus Station

Kraków John Paul II International Airport to Kraków Bus Station

Direct bus services and trains connect Kraków Bus Station to Krakow Airport, providing convenient and efficient travel options for passengers. The bus journey takes around 45 minutes and is the cheapest option, with tickets costing approximately one euro. Alternatively, a train can be taken from the nearby Kraków Główny railway station, offering a quicker but slightly more expensive option, with a journey time of around 20 minutes and tickets priced at around three euros.

Getting around Krakow from Kraków Bus Station

Wawel Royal Castle

Situated on the banks of the Vistula River, Wawel Royal Castle is a symbol of Poland's national identity and a must-visit historical site. A 30-minute walk from Kraków Bus Station, the castle complex encompasses a collection of buildings constructed in various eras, housing important art, armor, and tapestries, as well as the famous Dragon's Den.

The castle’s architecture is a stunning showcase of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles. Visitors can explore the State Rooms, Royal Private Apartments, Crown Treasury, and Armory. The castle also offers breathtaking views of the river and the city, making it a perfect spot for history enthusiasts and photographers alike. The journey not only offers a glimpse into Polish royalty but also allows visitors to immerse themselves in the serene beauty of the castle grounds. And if you don't feel like walking, tram number 10 can get you there from Kraków Bus Station and around 15 minutes.

Kazimierz District

Once a separate city, Kazimierz now forms a unique district of Kraków, known for its historical significance and vibrant cultural scene. Just a 20-minute tram ride on Line 10 from Kraków Bus Station, Kazimierz has been the heart of Jewish life in Kraków for centuries. Today, it is a lively area filled with galleries, quirky shops, atmospheric cafés, and some of the best dining spots in the city.

Visitors can explore historic synagogues, the Old Jewish Cemetery, and the aforementioned Galicia Jewish Museum, providing insight into the Jewish heritage of Kraków. The district also hosts numerous festivals and events throughout the year, making it a dynamic destination full of life and history. Don't forget to leave your bags behind and a luggage storage near Krakow Bus Station where you can securely store your things while you explore.

Schindler’s Factory

A tram journey on Line 20 from the bus station takes you to Oskar Schindler’s Factory, now a museum dedicated to Kraków’s experience during World War II and the Holocaust. The museum presents a detailed narrative of the war's impact on the city and its inhabitants, including the story of Oskar Schindler, who saved over 1,200 Jewish workers from the Holocaust.

The exhibitions are immersive, utilizing multimedia installations and personal accounts to convey the gravity of the era. The factory is not only a tribute to Schindler’s bravery but also a profound educational experience, shedding light on the resilience and suffering of Kraków’s citizens during the war. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the factory by tram from the bus station, and you can get local transit tickets from the bus station ticket office or Krakow main station right next door.

Tyniec Abbey

For those seeking tranquility and spiritual enrichment, a bus ride from Kraków Bus Station to Tyniec Abbey offers a serene escape. Perched on a cliff overlooking the Vistula River, this Benedictine abbey is one of the oldest in Poland, dating back to the 11th century. Visitors can explore the abbey's church, cloisters, and museum, which showcases the monastic life and history of the abbey. The site also offers stunning views of the river and surrounding countryside. Tyniec Abbey is a place of peace and contemplation.

Luggage storage near Kraków Bus Station

Thanks to its highly central location, Kraków Bus Station makes an excellent place to begin your exploration of the city. With the train station right next door, this area is the hub of the city's public transportation network, and it makes it easy to visit the top sites in the city and in the region.

Take advantage of the luggage storage options available to you and store your luggage in one of our convenient locations close to these major transportation hubs. Then, explore the city center of this beautiful and historic town without dragging heavy bags around with you.

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