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Lyon Luggage Storage Guide 2023

Posted Mar 26, 2023

Are you wondering, "Where can I store my luggage in Lyon?" Perhaps you just arrived in Lyon and need a place to store your bags before you check into your hotel or AirBnB -- or maybe you just checked out and don't want to drag your bags around with you for the rest of the day.

Perhaps, you're planning on shopping at Carré de Soie Pôle Commercial et de Loisirs, Centre Commercial Carrefour Vénissieux, or C.C Givors Deux Vallées and need a place to store your bags. Or, you're planning on at Kanopée Village, Place du Village, or Château de Fléchères and don't want to be burdened by your baggage.

Don't worry, there are plenty of options for luggage storage in Lyon!

Luggage storage nearby most Lyon hotspots

Bounce is one of the largest luggage storage networks in Lyon and the world.

Featured in , Bounce is present in more than 100 cities. We partner with local hotels and shops to open up space for you to drop off your bags in essentially any major neighborhood.

Our team vets each location and provides all the security measures including insurance, security seals, and well-trained staff.

Bounce is the #1-rated bag storage network with thousands of 5-star reviews. Many of our shops are open for luggage storage 24/7 but this varies by location… we strategically open new spots so you can find the closest location to temporarily store your bags. Our prices in Lyon start at just €5.00 per 24h/bag.

Book through our or mobile app (required) so that we can cover you with insurance, space availability, and our 24/7 customer support. We love to travel as much as you so we make it as easy as possible! There are no size limits for suitcases or backpacks stored with Bounce. For less than a cup of coffee per bag, you can enjoy your entire day without dragging your bags with you!

Here are some ideas for making the most of your time in Lyon now that you are free from your baggage. Some notable places to relax before a flight are Pomme de Pain, Esplanade de Fourvière, and Jardin Zoologique de la Tête d'Or. You can also go for a hike around Via Rhôna, Voie de la Dombe Km 2.0, and Piste de la Sarra. And if you’re looking for a night on the town, check out Boston Taverne, L'Institution, and Ninkasi Guillotière.


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How do I store luggage in Lyon with Bounce?

You can store your luggage very quickly and easily. Simply select a location here. Find the shop that meets your preferences in terms of location & hours. Once you’ve chosen a location, you can book in under 2 minutes.

Space does fill up so booking before you go there is required, but you can show up right away. With your booking confirmation in hand, we’ll give you the exact details and directions to the shop. Once there, all you have to do is show your booking confirmation and we’ll tag and check in your bags.

You’re now free to enjoy Lyon without your things!

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Bounce is trusted by 100,000+ customers, worldwide

Bounce is trusted by 100,000+ customers, worldwide

  • 8,000+ locations

    8,000+ locations

    We have locations everywhere. Find luggage storage near you.

  • 1,000+ cities

    1,000+ cities

    Store your bags wherever in the world you find yourself.

  • BounceShield™ Protection

    BounceShield™ Protection

    $10,000 of coverage means peace of mind that your things are safe.

  • Half the price of station lockers

    Half the price of station lockers

    Highest value, maximum affordability

  • 99.99% Bags Kept Safe

    99.99% Bags Kept Safe

    Store with confidence - Bounce has the highest security standards worldwide!

Store Your Luggage Around Lyon With Bounce

Centuries ago, members of the Roman army were tasked with establishing new settlements all throughout ancient Europe. In 43 BCE, the settlement of Lugdunum was founded by the legendary soldier turned senator Lucius Munatius Plancus. The Romans maintained control of Lugdunum for many years. In fact, it wasn’t until the 14th century that the French gained control of the city and renamed it Lyon. Rather than shy away from that past, the citizens of Lyon chose to embrace their city’s ancient ties with the Roman Empire. As a result, many ancient Roman forums, temples, and artifacts can still be found in modern-day Lyon.

Indeed, Lyon is a city that embraces the past, the present, and the future in equal measure. Residents and visitors are encouraged to visit the myriad of historic sites that dot Lyon’s landscape. Lyon is also famous for its numerous annual festivals – with the Fête des Lumières being one of the most popular. In fact, Lyon is often called the “Capital of Light.” 

Lyon is also considered the “Gastronomy Capital of the World” because of how important food is to the city’s culture. Between traditional French dishes and exquisite ethnic entrees, Lyon’s cuisine won’t leave you disappointed. There’s plenty to do, and even more to eat, in Lyon. The less luggage you have to haul around, the better. That’s why you should use Bounce to store your things.

Luggage Storage in Lyon

We're a secure luggage storage service that’s located throughout most major cities, including Lyon. Our services are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Sunday. To learn more about our services, visit download the app. Then, book storage near your location, leaving you free to explore hands-free.

Lyon City Guide

Top Things to Do

Fashion, art, and fine dining are perhaps the three things that France is most famous for. Lyon offers all of those things in spades – perhaps that’s why the city is so popular! Whether you’re a foodie who’s looking to experience some of France’s greatest restaurants, or if you’re a die-hard fashionista, Lyon has something for everyone!


There’s no shortage of astonishing museums, inspiring cultural exhibits, and cutting edge science centers in Lyon. When you visit the Capital of Lights, we recommend checking out the following venues:  

  • Musée des Confluences: This contemporary art center is located on 86 Quai Perrache. Everything from science conferences to concerts are held here. Really, the most fascinating thing about the Musée des Confluences is that something new is always going on.
  • Textile Museum: Word on the street is that the Textile Museum owns the first textile collection in known history. Head to 34 rue de la Charité and experience more than 2000 years of history for yourself.  
  • Musée Gadagne: You can learn quite a bit about Lyon’s history by visiting the Musée Gadagne. It’s located at 1 Place du Petit Collège, right in the middle of the Vieux Lyon district. 


Lyon’s shopping centers are just as diverse and varied as the rest of the city. You’ll find plenty of familiar brands in Lyon’s shopping districts, as well as retailers that can only be found in France. To get the most bang for your buck, check you the following shopping centers:

  • Grand Hôtel Dieu: This massive shopping center is a haven for all things high fashion. The Grand Hôtel Dieu is loaded with boutiques, book stores, jewelry shops – the whole 9 yards. You can find it at 1 Place de l'Hôpital. 
  • Part-Dieu Shopping Centre: This indoor mall is one of the largest shopping centers in all of France. The Part-Dieu Shopping Centre is five stories tall – that’s five stories of premium brands and delicious eateries. Stop by 17 Rue Dr Bouchut and check out the Part-Dieu Shopping Centre.
  • Confluences Shopping Centre: This high-quality shopping mall is another standout. After all, not every shopping center has a restaurant terrace on its roof, or allows visitors to stop by via boat! The Confluences Shopping Centre can be found on 112 Cours Charlemagne. 


Alright, now we can really get into the meat of what Lyon has to offer. The Capital of Gastronomy has every kind of dish you could think of. Traditional French cuisines, Asian food, Southeast Asian food, Mediterranean food – you name it, Lyon has it. The following are three of our favorite restaurants in Lyon:

  • Le Neuvieme Art: This gourmet restaurant regularly receives 5-star reviews from professional food critics and casual patrons alike. The Duck foie gras may be Le Neuvieme Art’s single most popular dish. Make your way to 173 Rue Cuvier to try it for yourself.
  • Mediterranean Dishes: If you’re in the mood for shawarma, hummus, lamb, or any other classic Medirrenaean dishes, Lyon won’t disappoint you. Epicurius is one of Lyon’s most popular Mediterranean restaurants. It’s located on 5 Rue Longue. 
  • Bistrot Orcia: Come for the food, stay for the wine. Bistrot Orcia is a great restaurant that’s moderately priced, offers all sorts of dishes, and is vegetarian friendly. You can find this well-reviewed restaurant on 15 Rue d'Austerlitz. 


France has an exceptionally low crime rate overall. The same applies to Lyon. Very few physical crimes are typically reported each year. When those sorts of reports are made, however, Lyon’s dedicated police force will act quickly and carefully. A prime example of this was the 2019 bombing that occurred in Lyon on May 24th of that year. Lyon’s local authorities teamed up with Interpol to investigate the situation, then quickly arrest several prime suspects. Ultimately, 14 civilians were injured, but none were killed thanks to the actions of Lyon’s local authorities and healthcare workers.

When you visit Lyon, you can expect to have a safe, fun, and enlightening trip. Thanks to Lyon’s local authorities, it isn’t very likely that you’ll encounter physical crime directly or indirectly. In recent years, Lyon has experienced more homicides and gun-related deaths than usual. However, those events are far and few between, with Lyon’s gun death rate purportedly tolling in at 2.83 for every 100,000 residents. If visitors need to be wary of anything, it’s property-related crime. Tourists may be targeted by pickpockets and thieves if they aren’t aware of their surroundings and don’t keep a close eye on their belongings. Bounce can help lighten your load and give you peace of mind during your trip to Lyon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

“What’s the best way to get around Lyon?”

Walking and utilizing Lyon’s excellent public transportation system are the best ways to get around the city. Lyon offers plenty of buses, trains, subways, trams, trolleys, and ferries to help commuters travel quickly and safely.

“Is public transportation in Lyon safe?”

Lyon’s public transportation system is much safer than most cities with similar population sizes. Commuters rarely report robberies, burglaries, muggings, or any other kind of physical crime. 

“What’s the best neighborhood to stay in Lyon?”

Presqu'île is one of the best neighborhoods to stay in while visiting Lyon. This district’s name means “peninsula” in English – an apt name, considering that Presqu'île is comfortably nestled between the Saone and Rhone rivers.

“What are the best museums to visit in Lyon?”

Lyon has a slew of unique and extremely popular museums. The Museum of Printing and Graphic Communication, the Museum of Cinema Miniature, and the Lugdunum come to mind. These three venues are must-sees for anyone new to Lyon.

“What’s the best time of year to visit Lyon?”

Right around September, October, and November are good times to visit. Lyon will be much less crowded during the fall, especially compared to the summer or spring.

If you plan to travel throughout Europe take a look at guides for Nice, Colmar, and Paris. We offer fantastic luggage storage coverage throughout Europe that you can take advantage of during your travels.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How much does it cost to store luggage in Lyon?

    The price for luggage storage in Lyon is just €5.00/bag for the entire day.

  • Where can I store luggage in Lyon?

    There are multiple locations all around Lyon which can be booked through the Bounce platform including near Kanopée Village, Place du Village, Château de Fléchères and many other areas.

  • Is it safe to store your bags in Lyon?

    Yes. Every bag is tagged with a security seal and comes with the $10,000 Bounce Guarantee. Every location is required to uphold tight security precautions. You may be asked to show ID and you will be required to use a credit card to book through Bounce in advance. With hundreds of thousands of bags stored, you can count on Bounce to handle your baggage in Lyon.

  • Are there storage lockers in Lyon?

    Yes. There are storage lockers and many other luggage drop off points in Lyon. Bounce has multiple locations throughout Lyon where you can conveniently store your luggage with full security and the $10,000 Bounce Guarantee.

  • Where are the best places to stay and eat while in Lyon?

    The most popular restaurants to visit are La Marmite, Parc de la Tête d'Or, and Hôtel Dieu. Additionally, the highest ranked hotels within Lyon are Radisson Blu Hôtel, Mercure Lyon la Part Dieu, and Intercontinental Lyon Hôtel Dieu.

  • Where are the best parks and nature attractions in Lyon?

    Lyon offers several scenic parks including Parc de Parilly, Parc de la Commune de Paris, and Aire de jeux Bellecour.

  • Where can I find tourist information and guideposts in Lyon?

    You can find local tourist information at Lyon Visa Services, Comité Départemental Tourisme du Rhône, and Rhône Alpes Tourisme.

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