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What to do in Lyon

Plan your luggage storage in Lyon

Make the most out of your time and find luggage storage near Lyon hotspots before checking-in into your hotel or AirBnb.


17 July

9 must see parks in Lyon

Lyon is known not only for its food but also for the beautiful parks. From meandering through greenhouses to enjoying a hillside view, Lyon has much to offer in the way of parks.

21 June

7 best hostels in Lyon

The beauty of the Rhône is part of the attraction of taking a trip to Lyon. The city is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stay at a hostel in Lyon in areas like the city center or Old Town to discover a variety of sights.

Beaches near Lyon
2 June

6 beaches near Lyon: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

The picturesque Mediterranean Sea is about three hours away from Lyon by train. Sandy beaches and scenic lakes are all possibilities when you need a day on the water near Lyon.

Lyon on a budget
20 April

Lyon on a budget: 9 travel hacks to save on your trip

You can head to Lyon on a budget easily and have a great time during your stay. Use these travel hacks to plan a fun and exciting trip that you will never forget without putting a big dent in your wallet.

Weekend trips from Lyon
4 April

6 easy must-do weekend trips from Lyon

The best Lyon weekend trips can show you everything from a medieval castle to beautiful villages to the scenic grandeur of the French Alps. And wherever you go in this region, you'll find incredible food, generally good weather, and lots of history and culture to explore.

13 March

Is Lyon safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Lyon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a wonderful place to visit. Where does Lyon rate as far as safety goes? Our guide will tell you this and much more on the topic of security when traveling.

What to eat in Lyon
5 October

What to Eat in Lyon: 16 Treats You Should Not Miss

From savory dishes like coq au vin and quenelles to sweet treats like tarte aux pralines and coussin de Lyon, there's something for everyone to enjoy in Lyon. It's a foodie's paradise, and a place that is famous throughout France for the incredible range and quality of food you can get.

Day trips from Lyon
4 October

Best Day Trips from Lyon

From scenic alpine towns to quaint villages and castles, the opportunities for day trips from the centrally-located French city of Lyon are seemingly endless. Grab a train ticket or rental car and hit the road to any one of these destinations to see even more of this picturesque area.

Coffee shops to work from in Lyon
4 October

Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Lyon

When you need a spot to work and a caffeine hit, the cafes and coffee shops of Lyon have you covered. From quaint and cozy to modern and lively, you'll find every type of workspace here.

Rooftop bars in Lyon
4 October

Rooftop Bars in Lyon: 8 Places to Drink with a View

From prestigious wine cellars with a view to locations that are vintage-styled cocktail bar hangouts, there is no shortage of fun to be had at the rooftop bars of Lyon. Here are our top picks to make sure you have a great time in the city while enjoying the views.

Wine tasting in Lyon
3 October

Wine Tasting in Lyon: 10 Places You Have to Try

From scenic vineyards and private tours to Old Town wine bars, the opportunities for wine tasting in and around Lyon are ample. You can enjoy local Beaujolais, Côte Rôtie wines, and pretty much any other wine you can think of here.

Vegetarian restaurants in Lyon, France
6 July

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Lyon

Sticking to your meat-free diet in Lyon won't be a problem. This charming city has tons of tasty vegetarian and vegan restaurants to keep the vacation meals flowing.

Things to do in Lyon on a rainy day
6 July

Lyon On a Rainy Day: 10 Things To Do

When the sun takes a break in Lyon, arm yourself with lots of fun indoor things to do. The rain doesn't have to disturb your trip with all these enticing rainy day activities.

Music Festivals in Lyon in 2022
23 June

Music Festivals in Lyon in 2022

Lyon is an exciting place to visit, especially for one of their lively music festivals. Here is a guide to all the best music event in this historic and architecturally diverse French city.

Guide to 3 days in Lyon
23 June

3 Days in Lyon: Everything You Should Know

The charming French city of Lyon has a lot to offer tourists. It will be tricky to cram all the great things to do into just one long weekend, but we're here to help you try. Check out our guide on how to spend the ideal 3 days in Lyon, and you'll be off to a good start!

The Best Time to Visit Lyon
23 June

The Best Time to Visit Lyon 2024: the Ultimate Guide

The picturesque city of Lyon is a fun destination any time of year, but there are advantages and disadvantages o each of the seasons here. Read on to find out the best time to visit Lyon for you.

Brunch in Lyon
21 March

Best Brunch In Lyon: The Definitive Guide

Just because you're in France doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite meal. The restaurants of Lyon offer many brunch options for the perfect mid-morning to mid-afternoon meal.

Lyon, France
17 March

Where To Stay In Lyon: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

The neighborhoods of Lyon offer an eclectic mix of history, nightlife, and dining. But, which one is right for you? This guide will help you narrow down the best neighborhoods that suit your needs.

17 March

How To Get Around Lyon

Driving in France can get hectic, but how else can you get around? Read this guide for all the options in Lyon from public transportation to rental cars to your own two feet.

17 March

14 Unmissable Things To Do In Lyon At Night

Lyon is a city that comes alive at night with exciting attractions, bars, and dance clubs. Make sure you sleep in so that you get to enjoy them all.

Fountain in Lyon, France
17 March

The Top 10 Free Things To Do In Lyon

French travel can get expensive, so it's a relief to know that Lyon is full of exciting free things to do. Give your wallet a break and add these destinations to your itinerary.

Carnival in Lyon
17 March

11 Things To Do In Lyon With Kids

Lyon isn't just a city for adults. It features tons of attractions centered around kids and family fun. This list will help you find the right activities and attractions for your next trip.

Fresh baguettes in Lyon
17 March

Where To Find The Best Street Food In Lyon

Satisfying your appetite isn't a challenge in Lyon. The city boasts countless options for street food and this guide will help you find your new favorite.

Shop in Lyon
17 March

Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Lyon

The French are known for their boutiques and high-end taste, but when it comes to shopping in Lyon, there's something for everyone.

Museum in Lyon
17 March

The 10 Best Museums In Lyon

Lyon is a city full of historical significance, impressive art, and some world-class museums. Read on to find out which of Lyon's museums will fit best with your interests.

Lyon, France
17 March

The 11 Best Hikes In Lyon

Hiking within the city of Lyon and its surroundings is full of scenic views and glimpses of history. This guide will help you decide which hikes in Lyon are perfect for you.

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