Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Lyon

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Coffee shops to work from in Lyon

If you have to head to Lyon for a work trip, you might be worried about missing out on all the city has to offer while you are at work. You don't have to sit in your hotel room and stare at the walls, however. The best coffee shops in Lyon can help you to be immersed in the movement and life of the city centre while you take care of your work. From specialty coffee shops that offer great coffee and really amazing food to locations that are specifically designed for remote workers to make the most of a coffee shop, you can find the right location for your needs.

Lyon offers beautiful hotels, amazing museums, simple transportation, and so much more to those who travel to visit it. You will want to make sure to check out this guide to the best shopping in Lyon to help fill the hours that you are not working. Even if you have to do a little work on your trip, you'll still want to make the most of your time here once you put the laptop away. Make sure that you have plans that will take you out into the city to have fun when you are done with your work and iced lattes.

When you get to this lovely city, you will want to be certain that you have your luggage taken care of right away. It is no fun to have to drag your bags around the city while you try and get work done and take in the sights. Bounce can keep your luggage in secure storage in Lyon so that you don't have to worry about your things being in the way while you are taking care of your job in this amazing city.

Once your bags are safe and secure, you will be able to head out to make the most of your working hours at these excellent coffee shop locations.

Where to work in Lyon

Best Remote Work Coffee Shops in Lyon

Slake Coffee House

Slake Coffee House is an ideal place to work while you are in Lyon, and this charming and cozy shop offers you access to specialty coffee as well as really good food. You can find a comfortable table near the window of Slake Coffee House if you want to watch the world go by, or you can head more toward the back of the shop for some added quiet and privacy. The staff is really helpful, and they are aware of the students and remote workers putting in their hours when they visit. You will not be bothered, and you can easily order and then go back to work without letting your attention stray.

This café serves everything from cold brew to french press coffee, and you can pair that with a number of healthy snack options or homemade pastries. Slake Coffee House is a great place for your working hours, and you will love the vibe here as soon as you arrive.


9 Rue de l'Ancienne Préfecture, Lyon, France

Le Simone

This charming coworking space is a great spot to head for your working hours. While this is not at all like Slake Coffee House, this might be the perfect place if you have a large group that needs to find room to work. You can easily get a large table and enjoy basic local roasters coffee as well as snacks and other simple food. This café serves really delightfully uncomplicated fare, and the setting makes for a perfect spot if you have a meeting that you need to handle that will require some space.

This is not as quiet a location as some other coffee shops in the city, but it can be perfect if you are not looking for an experience like Slake Coffee House or other specialty coffee shops in the city.


45 Rue Vaubecour, Lyon, France

Puzzle Café

This charming little café and bar is a great place for hot drinks, comfortable seating, and a classic feel. You will love this hidden gem in the city because Puzzle Café offers you access to that traditional coffee house feel that most people love. This is a small cafe, and their specialty coffee is excellent. Come here for yummy pastries, delicious french press coffee, or specialty coffees that will make you smile. You can even get coffee art in every cup!

This is a smaller shop that offers smaller tables, so be sure that you arrive early to get a spot with access to a plug-in or two. You will love the view of the street, and this is one of the best cafés in Lyon for that kind of classic feeling that makes for a lovely work day.

when the work is done, they offer tons of retro games to play and a perfect selection of beer on tap.


278 Rue de Créqui, Lyon, France

Work-friendly cafes in Lyon


Diploid is a really cool little spot that is trendy and newer among the coffee shops in the city, The big windows make for a lot of nice light, and you will love the cozy smaller tables that are clustered near the front of the shop. This is a different kind of coffee shop than those that are clustered in Old Lyon, and the modern vibe is really fun whether you are working all day or just need a quick caffeine fix before heading on to other adventures. Just like Puzzle Café, this location has a really good vibe, and the specialty coffee shops in the city are often totally unique and memorable like this. You will find more coffee options on offer here than in some of the other cafés in Lyon, and there is a good food menu as well.

Expect a little more noise here during peak hours, and be sure that you come early to get a seat if you plan to work all day here, enjoying the speedy wifi and the comfortable atmosphere. Since this is technically a brunch restaurant, expect the hours between 11 am and 2 pm to be the busiest. Luckily, they open at 8:30 am, so you can get a lot of work done before it gets too noisy.


18 Rue de la Platière, Lyon, France

Les Cafetiers

This is one of the most French and charming coffee shops on this list, and you will love the open and airy atmosphere of this quaint coffee shop. This is one of the best coffee shops to head to for specialty coffee, but you can also stick to local roasters and enjoy a simple cup of coffee as well. Make sure to come here early in the morning if you want to get one of the seats in this coffee shop that is right by the windows, but you can also sit at the back and still make the most of the speedy wifi.

The service here is excellent, and you can enjoy the specialty coffee shop feel of this location without being pestered with excessive attention all day. You can step up to the counter and order anything that you want and be steps away from your little table. This is a really nice place to come for your work day to enjoy specialty coffee and comfort all day long.


36 Rue Ferrandière, Lyon, France

La Boîte à Café

If you want to sit outdoors and still have access to speedy wifi, you will want to head here. This is one of the best coffee shops in the city for excellent wifi as well as really good coffee. You will love Boîte à Café because of the modern feel and vibe of this location without having to suffer through more basic food and drink. You can get delicious cold brew here as well, but this is one of the best coffee shops for traditional pastries and tasty yet strong coffee.

La Boîte à Café serves lunch as well, so you can cozy up at a table here and spend the entire workday without feeling the need to move around to a new place for the afternoon. La Boîte à Café is one of the most charming coffee shop locations in the city and one that you might want to put at the top of your list.


3 Rue de l'Abbé Rozier, Lyon, France

Loutsa Lyon 1

This is the right specialty coffee shop for you to visit if you want to enjoy coffee art and strong brews that will keep you awake all day long. This is a charming little shop that is tucked into a small corner, and you will love the very traditional feeling of the building as well as the shop interior. This is one of the nicest cafés in Lyon for charm, and you can easily be comfortable here all day long as you work. You will need to bring a battery pack to make sure you do not have to cut your workday short, but this is otherwise a great place to spend a day soaking up what Lyon has to offer while you take care of your workday tasks.


24 Rue de la Platière, Lyon, France

Best coffee shops in Lyon

Le Kitchen Lyon

While Le Kitchen Café is not really a coffee shop, it can be a great place to work a partial day if you are looking for a very good meal at the same time as you are getting your work done. Le Kitchen Café offers you access to a tourist-friendly part of the city as well, so you will be close to some of the best things to do in the city. You might want to pop in here for brunch or lunch as you work, and the location is big enough that you should have room to spread out and stay for a while if you wish. You can tell the staff that you are going to be hanging out for a bit, and they will be fine with you sticking around while you get things done.

Make sure that you plan to enjoy the seasonal food menu as well as the delicious drinks and coffees. This location transitions from coffee shop to restaurant as the morning progresses, so you will need to expect some traffic and busy times during peak dining hours if you do stay all day long. This spot has the added charm of being a bike repair location as well, so you will see all kinds of things going on while you take care of your emails.


34 Rue Chevreul, Lyon, France


If you love visiting new cities and are worried about missing out on what Lyon has to offer while you are in the city for work, don't fear! You will be close to the heart of the city at these coffee shops, and you can easily head out from your great coffee and productive work day to make the most of the city. There is so much culture here to take part in and so many amazing things to see and do that you should not limit yourself to just working in Lyon.

If you love to sip on coffee and get your day started in peace, there are many locations in the city that will offer you the quiet and the space to do just that. You can easily spend your whole workday at most of these locations, and the lovely staff will not pester you if you indicate that you don't need anything. This is one of the nicest cities to head to as a remote worker, and these coffee shops will not disappoint.

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