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Where can I store my luggage in Paris?

Paris counts as one of the world’s greatest and most famous capital cities. It has existed since the time of the Celts. Over the centuries, French leaders, artists, and intellectuals have called the City of Light home. Paris has survived the French Revolution, two World Wars, and other important world events.

Today, it’s a center for diplomacy, finance, fashion, the arts, gastronomy, and commerce. As such, Paris draws millions of visitors each year. They come to see grand landmarks like its famous tower, as well as works of art, like the Mona Lisa, to take walking tours and to try famous French dishes that include exotic-sounding cheeses, crusty bread, and French onion soup.

Bounce is proud to offer bag drop points around the City of Light. We partner with numerous businesses in the city to provide you with the best options for luggage storage in Paris, hands down.

  • Luggage Storage Near Louvre Museum

  • Luggage Storage Near Eiffel Tower

  • Luggage Storage Near Charles De Gaulle Airport

  • Luggage Storage Near Notre Dame

  • Luggage Storage Near Montmartre

  • Luggage Storage Near AccorHotels Arena

  • Luggage Storage Near Moulin Rouge

  • Luggage Storage Near Champs Élysées

How much does luggage storage cost in Paris?

Luggage storage in Paris costs only €5 per 24 hours on the Bounce platform for each bag or piece of luggage.

Where is the nearest bag storage in Paris?

The Bounce platform offers dozens of bag and luggage storage locations throughout Paris. With 24/7 customer support and up to $10,000 BounceShield™ Protection for every booking, luggage storage in Paris has never been easier.

Luggage Storage Near Louvre Museum

There are plenty of amazing museums to visit while you're in Paris. With nearly 400,000 objects and works of art, plus 652,000 square feet, the Louvre Museum holds the distinction of being the world’s largest museum. Fifteen thousand people visit its halls each day. They make their way through numerous exhibits to see some of the world’s most famous pieces of art, including maybe the most famous painting in history: the “Mona Lisa.” However, as famous as she is, the “Mona Lisa” isn’t the only attraction. “The Winged Victory of Samothrace,” “the Venus de Milo” and “Liberty Leading the People” are among the Louvre’s more famous works of art.

Additionally, because it’s such a staple in world culture, the Louvre has also become the backdrop for many movies and TV shows. “The Da Vinci Code,” “Wonder Woman” and “The Bourne Identity” have all filmed at this famous art hub. In all, more than 500 music videos, films, and other projects are filmed at, in, or around the Louvre. Additionally, it’s a prime research destination for historians, writers, archeologists, and artists: Presidential portrait painter Kehinde Wiley did extensive research at the Louvre for a series of paintings he completed recently.

All in all, the Louvre counts as the place to see when you’re in Paris; there is no other experience in the art world quite like it. The sheer size of the Louvre Museum makes carrying heavy bags around nearly impossible. Fortunately, Bounce has partners in The City of Light, so you can store your luggage in Paris near the world’s most famous museum.

Luggage Storage Near the Eiffel Tower

This Paris landmark is so famous, you need only to see a silhouette of it on a postcard to know immediately what it is. Like the Space Needle in Seattle, this grand edifice was created for the World’s Fair, which took place in Paris in 1889. It got its name from Gustave Eiffel, the engineer whose company was responsible for designing and building this 1,063-foot-tall tower. The Eiffel Tower represented a number of firsts in its day, including being the tallest manmade structure when it was first constructed.

The Eiffel Tower is one of Paris’s most-visited sites, as well as one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world, making it the perfect activity to do with kids or on a romantic weekend away. Restaurants and observation decks provide visitors with world-class views of the city, and there are fantastic street food options just minutes away on the Rue Clair for anyone who wants to grab a quick bite to eat before or after. Finally, the Eiffel Tower holds the distinction of being France’s tallest free-standing structure.

There’s no better reason for looking into luggage storage in Paris than when you’re planning on a trip to this beauty. There are no left luggage options hosted by the Eiffel Tower itself but, luckily, our Paris partners have plenty of options for bag storage in Paris near the Eiffel Tower. Log onto the app to find the one that’s right for you.

Luggage Storage Near Charles De Gaulle Airport

The Roissy Airport, better known as the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, is France’s largest international airport. It also holds the distinction of being the second-busiest European airport. It takes its name from Charles de Gaulle, the French Fifth Republic founder, and from the Roissy-en-France, the area in which its located. It sits about 23 kilometers away from Paris proper and is Air France’s principal hub. It’s also a stopping point for many other carriers, including Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Air China, and WestJet.

It’s likely that your travels into France and the City of Light will commence at this particular airport. Paris is best seen when you’re not weighed down by heavy bags. Search our website or in the Bounce app to find luggage storage near the Charles de Gaulle Airport.

If you're visiting Paris on a layover, don't forget to check out our layover guide to the city to find activities tailored to the length of your trip!

Gare de Lyon Luggage Storage

One of the major Parisian train stations, the Gare de Lyon is located on the bank of the river Seine on the east side of the city. From here, you can take a train to a number of other popular French cities, such as Nice, Lyon, Marseille, and Montpellier. Automatic luggage lockers are available at the Gare de Lyon station between 6:15 am and 10 pm every day, with prices starting at €5.50 for a small locker.

Gare du Nord Luggage Storage

The Gare du Nord is another of Paris' most popular train stations and operates international as well as national journeys. If you're taking the Eurostar from London St. Pancras, you'll be arriving in Paris via the Gare du Nord station, and if you're wondering how to get around Paris from this particular station, it's easy to both hop on the Metro and take a short walk into the city center. The same left luggage locker policy applies to the Gare du Nord as it does to the Gare de Lyon and, for both stations, Bounce luggage storage facilities can be found nearby.

Luggage Storage Near Notre Dame

Our Lady of Paris, the Notre Dame Cathedral, is Paris’s 800-year-old Grand Dame and counts among the city’s most-visited sites. Over the centuries, Paris’s Grand Dame has shown remarkable resilience, seen most recently when the roof of the lady burned in a fire on April 15, 2019. Before the fire, about 12 million people came to see Notre Dame, and despite the fire closing this French Gothic landmark to the public, there is still much to see in the general vicinity.

Paris counts as one of the world’s supremely walkable cities, and this is made abundantly clear when you’re visiting the Notre Dame area. Within walking distance from the cathedral is Shakespeare and Company, one of the city’s best bookstores, as well as plenty of restaurants and cafés, ideal for anyone looking for a great brunch or dinner. There are also excellent views of Notre Dame from Ile Saint Louis (and possibly even better ice cream). Ile Saint Louis is an island on the Seine, just across from Notre Dame. It’s an excellent place for urban sketchers and for those who love a good walkabout to visit. Finally, with the Louvre only about 10 minutes away from the Grand Lady, this area of Paris offers a good jumping-off point for other equally cool destinations.

Paris’s Lady deserves your undivided attention. As such, you’ll want to find a place to stow your bags before you start sightseeing around Notre Dame Cathedral. Fortunately, many of Bounce’s partners are located near her. Just check your Bounce app to discover what options there are for left luggage storage in Paris near the cathedral. Once you find a drop point, one of our partners will take care of any concerns you may have about bag storage in Paris, allowing you to visit the cathedral with free hands and a free spirit.

Luggage Storage Near Montmarte

Montmartre counts as one of Paris’s most popular neighborhoods, if you're looking for somewhere to stay in Paris. Its cobblestone streets, stunning flora, coffeehouses, art attractions, and quaint way of life make it a popular stop for walking tour fans and people looking for free things to do in Paris. It’s a place where artists, like Picasso and Van Gogh lived and worked. Their spirit lives on in the artists who take up their easels in Montmartre’s streets today.

And given the French reputation for gastronomy, it’s no wonder that walking tours through Montmartre are on many a foodie’s bucket lists. Some food tours begin at another famous landmark near Montmartre, the Moulin Rouge and take you all over Montmartre in search of baguettes, brie, and French wine.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you to take a trek to Sacré-Cœur Basilica. Many consider this Parisian landmark a masterpiece. Given that it’s home to the City of Light’s biggest mosaic, it’s easy to see why. It’s an excellent place to tour, to take a picnic or to relax and enjoy views of the neighborhood.

A good tour of Montmarte begins with you stowing your bags someplace. Our offerings for luggage storage in Paris include drops in this famous district. The businesses that partner with Bounce are businesses, like Parisian delis, restaurants, and hotels. This makes bag storage in Paris in and near Montmartre very convenient; there are plenty of these kinds of establishments all over the neighborhood, making finding the perfect drop point a breeze.

Luggage Storage Near AccorHotels Arena

When you’re in Paris to see a concert, a sporting event or theatrical production, there’s one place to see it: AccorHotels Arena. Artists like Sting, David Guetta, Lana del Rey, and the Jonas Brothers have played here.

However, those artists only represent a fraction of what goes at the AccorHotels Arena. Recent theatrical productions include “The Greatest Showman” and “Corteo” by Cirque du Soleil - perfect if you're looking for things to do at night in Paris. As for sporting events and sporting entertainment, the Harlem Globetrotters, the Rolex Paris Masters, and the League of Legends World Championship count among the events that sports fans won’t want to miss.

Aside from all of this, it’s possible to come to the AccorHotels Arena to play. During the winter holiday season, come to the arena when you want to get your skate on. There is daily ice skating at the arena, as well as other ice skating-themed events. Finally, when it’s all said and done and hunger has grabbed you, you’ll get your nosh on at onsite restaurants and theme bars. In Paris, even fast food is gourmet.

Get rid of your bags before you get your skate on, or before the lights go down on the Cirque du Soleil show. Bounce has plenty of options for luggage storage in Paris near the arena, so go unencumbered.

Luggage Storage Near Moulin Rouge

This Paris cabaret has been capturing the imagination since artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec memorialized its halls in the late 1800s. Since then, artists like Elton John and Liza Minnelli have played here, and a movie of the same name came to the silver screen in the early 2000s. Its decor is scrumptiously Parisian, as is its food. French Chef David le Quellec creates dishes that smell and taste divine and that are served with Champagne, which is the official drink of Moulin Rouge.

A night out at the Moulin Rouge requires tickets, the correct clothing and bag-free hands. Although it’s a cabaret, more formality is expected. As such, you’ll feel more comfortable if you locate luggage storage in Paris near the cabaret before you hit the theater. Check our app to find drop points near the Moulin Rouge.

Luggage Storage Near Champs Élysées

Paris’s most-famous street counts as one of the city’s visual wonders. Its light-filled streets provide a home for luxury boutiques, restaurants and arthouses. However, the Champs Élysées is also one of the spots for the Tour de France, Bastille Day celebrations and thousands of Christmas lights during the holiday season.

Visit the Champs Élysées when you want to pick up a Louis Vuitton bag, to have lunch at a street-side cafe or to walk under the protection of the city’s lights after twilight. It’s a magical experience from one end to the other. You won’t want to miss walking along this two-kilometer street of magic.

The only kind of bag you should be carrying down the Champs Élysées is the Louis Vuitton handbag you bought on this famous street. Before you visit Paris’s most famous street, be sure to look into luggage storage in Paris near the Champs Élysées.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How much does it cost to store luggage in Paris?

    The price for luggage storage in Paris is just €5/bag for the entire day.

  • Where can I store luggage in Paris?

    There are multiple locations all around Paris which can be booked through the Bounce platform including near Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles), Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel), Place du Trocadéro and many other areas.

  • Is it safe to store your bags in Paris?

    Yes. Every bag is tagged with a security seal and comes with the $10,000 Bounce Guarantee. Every location is required to uphold tight security precautions. You may be asked to show ID and you will be required to use a credit card to book through Bounce in advance. With hundreds of thousands of bags stored, you can count on Bounce to handle your baggage in Paris.

  • Are there storage lockers in Paris?

    Yes. There are storage lockers and many other luggage drop off points in Paris. Bounce has multiple locations throughout Paris where you can conveniently store your luggage with full security and the $10,000 Bounce Guarantee.

  • Where are the best places to stay and eat while in Paris?

    The most popular restaurants to visit are Carette, La Cour de Rome, and Café Marly. Additionally, the highest ranked hotels within Paris are Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile, Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière, and Pershing Hall.

  • Where are the best parks and nature attractions in Paris?

    Paris offers several scenic parks including Bois de Boulogne, Parc Rives de Seine, and Parc de la Villette.

  • Where can I find tourist information and guideposts in Paris?

    You can find local tourist information at Paris Tourist Office (Office de Tourisme de Paris), Ballon de Paris, and Fat Tire Bike Tours.

  • What public transportation exists within Paris?

    When flying to Paris, you're likely to pass through Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) (Aéroport Paris-Charles de Gaulle) or Aeroport de Paris Aeroport d'Orly. You're likely to pass through Gare Routière de Bercy-Seine, Terminal Jules Verne, or Noctilien République if arriving by bus and Paris Nord Railway Station (Gare SNCF de Paris Nord), Paris Lyon Railway Station (Gare SNCF de Paris Lyon), or Paris Saint-Lazare Railway Station (Gare SNCF de Paris Saint-Lazare) if arriving by train. Popular metro stations like Métro Gare du Nord, Métro Bir-Hakeim — Tour Eiffel, or Métro Stalingrad can be used for transit within Paris.

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