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Very nice and professional. Gave us a receipt and everything.

Bas WeerdmeesterUsed Bounce in Paris2 days ago
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Mario Alberto Villegas
Used Bounce in Paris2 days ago

Everything was great. I could buy some groseries over there

Kyungha Ku
Used Bounce in Paris4 days ago

The store is a small mobile shop, has a spacious safe storage space, and the shop is very easy to reach from Les Halles. I arrived a little later than I booked for. The owner was expecting for me to come and he was very polite. Thank you!

Kim Eun Hye
Used Bounce in Paris7 days ago

👍🏻The owner of the shop was very polite and good! I kept my bag for around 6 hours and it was very helpful for me to look around Paris without my luggage and bag! The homemade icecream was perfect as well! I would recommend you to visit there!👍🏻

Julia Gagol
Used Bounce in Paris12 days ago

It was fast and easy with speaking English The bags were tagged with numbers so they knew which ones were ours

Laura Pineau
Used Bounce in Paris14 days ago

Great experience! The owner knew what to do and seemed really trustworthy!

Janice Terrell
Used Bounce in Paris19 days ago

Awesome! This is the best place to leave luggage. They take time to check in and out your luggage. All of my luggage was tagged and photos taken. They were professional. My luggage was safely stored. Drop off and pick up of luggage was quick and easy. I will use this luggage storage again. Thanks.

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