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Great option in the DC area. It's a quick walk to the metro station, so very convenient to get around.

Lia GaleUżyto Bounce w Waszyngton D.C.4 days ago
Photo of Washington D.C.

8000 miejsc sprawdzonych pod kątem bezpieczeństwa Twojego bagażu

Kelly Miller
Użyto Bounce w Waszyngton D.C.4 days ago

The store was very easy to find, the process was very easy, and it was super convenient for our tour of the White House where no bags are allowed.

Stacy Ambrozich
Użyto Bounce w Waszyngton D.C.5 days ago

Lee was great when I was stuck in traffic, she waited the extra 8 min it took to get there

Gilbert Yoh
Użyto Bounce w Waszyngton D.C.10 days ago

The staff was friendly and the hours are great. Highly recommended!

Kayla Webber
Użyto Bounce w Waszyngton D.C.12 days ago

Best customer service ever! I wish I lived here so I could visit them more often. Haha! Super friendly staff! Our bags were kept safe!

Lisa Klostermann
Użyto Bounce w Waszyngton D.C.13 days ago

Easy bag storage near Union Station. Kind of expensive for just a few hours, but a great deal if you don't want to carry your bags around the city.

Konstantin Demchenko
Użyto Bounce w Waszyngton D.C.21 days ago

Everything was quick and efficient, no problem at all leaving and getting back our suitcases.

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