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Rob Carty

Jasmine Tong

Ashley Becerra

Cody Candee

Cody Candee

Amazing location

Cody Candee


Proche de notre location, Pratique et rapide

Adam Hartmann

I want to know the location before booking

Mary Lou Acuna

Amanda was super helpful and professional. She helped keep me at ease with the process and gave me directions on how to navigate my way back to the airport when done.

Amelia Dowling

Very easy to check in and drop off bags. Staff were very helpful and location very easy to find. Pick up was also very easy! Would definitely use again and recommend to anyone.

Sergio Pompa

Ivanna Acuna

Paul Hager

Sangita Santhanam

Sangita Santhanam

Mariola Schmid

Super pleased with my experience. Everything was clean, secure, and the staff was friendly and helpful.

Maria Cir

Meredith Whitten

Pedro Bucarano

Darryl Peek

Ashley Vogt Clark

Super helpful, friendly and no wait!

Joanna Adams

Very helpful!

Emilee Austin

Meghan Mills

Ivanna Acuna

Cody Candee

Peter Richards

Tim Hugh-Garland

Courteous service, helpful staff. Easy to find. A good experience.

Clara Cuadra

Eson See

The place is conveniently located near a subway station in a region where no other Bounce location is available. The sign of the shop does not write the same name so it can be a bit confusing.

Tim Hugh-Garland

Courteous service, helpful staff. Easy to find. A good experience.

Moises Cuenca

Sue Ames

Great concept. Are you in foreign countries.

yuyan gao

susan susan

Chiara Ceschini

Marco Ancheita

Thomas Lu

Karina Jonas

Alexander Holcomb

Ann Mello

Simon Spadaro-Bliss

Anjali Prakash

Karina Jonas

Alex Allen

Kameron Raisi

Never heard of this before but extremely helpful and cheaper than other options. Will definitely use again if the need arises.

Christine Castellano

Friendly and convenient.

Derin Korman

They were great, took no time and sealed my bag with a zip tie that they removed when I came back.

Peter Richards

Vervil Vergara

Stephen Brown

Rapid check-in and out.

Kai Alexandre

Manuel Duvignau

Victoria Butler

Vanshika Nigam


Rudy Koester

Great location for going to a Cubs game! Was easy and worry free! Thanks!

Harold Navarre

Michael Bartha

Oystein Fledsberg

Katarzyna Stack

Walt French

Did just what we wanted. The photo / receipt process was a bit different in-store than I had read online but no biggie.

Jasmine Tong

Ronan McCabe

Steven Bandi

Slightly Sketchy

Harold Navarre

Marcantonio Mei

Martijn Wokke

Deepika Basavaiah

Laurie Wig

What a great idea to drop luggage at a business. This one has the PERFECT location near the bean and the theatre district. We had never done this before so it felt a little strange to interrupt the salon work, but everything worked great. You take a picture of your bag, and can "lock" it with the tag, too. Payment online was easy.

Bill Lam

easy, convenient and friendly service

Tatyana Klein

Jefferson Badger

Patricia Aswani

Staff helpful, safe. Would definitely use location again

Cody Candee

Ingo Jester

friendly staff, good location near Penn station

Echo Lau

Excellent service, fast, reliable and hassle-free.

Rob Cassie

Vedran Vukas-Dzaic

Kai Alexandre

Alesia Garcia

I was so relieved to find this storage service. It made our day at The Ferry Building in San Francisco so much more enjoyable. The location was very convenient and the front desk personnel at Hotel Griffon were courteous and prompt. I'll definitely use Bounce again and recommended the service to family and friends.

Peter Richards

Peter Richards

Peter Richards

Peter Richards

Peter Richards

Peter Richards

Peter Richards

Peter Richards

Brenda Gauthey

Very easy to use..very helpful staff.

Guillermo Del Rio

Wilaine Loo

Very efficient and very convenient! Tags were applied so that the suit case was locked,

Clement Rouquier


Vendulka Hýblová

Marcantonio Mei

Matt Safranek

Joseph Mc Nair

Exceptional service Everytime

Debra Enoka

The service we received from the Hotel Griffon staff was just amazing! Professional and friendly but more importantly, sincere.

Natasha Arnall

Convenient, friendly store owner, and there was a camera on the items so that was nice.

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