Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Lyon

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Shop in Lyon

Lyon is a lovely city that offers some of the best shopping anywhere in the world. You can shop at malls, shopping centres, street markets, and more when you are in Lyon. Shopping in Lyon is really enjoyable, and you can always take breaks to enjoy food and drinks while you shop.

The first thing that you need to do when you arrive in Lyon is to put your luggage into secure storage. You will want to have your hands free to enjoy your shopping time, and you will not want to have to worry about your bags being stolen or damaged. Once your bags are safe and secure, you are free to get started shopping in Lyon!

If you are ready to learn some more about what makes this one of the most amazing places in France to shop, you need to read on!

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Shopping Center in Lyon

Rue De La République

This is one of the main shopping centers in the city. This street is lined with shops of all kinds, and you can step into concept stores as well as traditional and designer brands here. You could easily go on a shopping spree here, but you might also want just to wander and look at the sights.

The Rue De La République is also a Worl Heritage Site under the UNESCO umbrella. There are many old, and beautiful buildings along this street and this part of Lyon is worth a visit even if you do not want to go shopping. There are street cafes here as well, and this is an area that can be great for a bite to eat as well as a visit to designer boutiques.

Marché De La Création

This is a really unique place to go to buy art. You will be able to wander the art galleries here and also buy local art that was specially made to sell here. This is a cultural location as well, and you will see a side of Lyon here that you cannot experience anywhere else in the city.

This is one of the unique shopping centers in the city, and you will enjoy a really special art buying experience here. A lot of the art that is for sale is made around a plastics theme, but there are other really special pieces that are sold here as well. You can find something uniquely memorable here that will tell a story about Lyon when you take it home with you!

Vieux Lyon

This is Old Town and Vieux Lyon is a great place to head for boutiques, market stalls, antique dealers, and more. You will love the cobbled streets, charming facades on the buildings, and the artistry of this area of the city.

Vieux Lyon is one of the best shopping centers in the city and you will be able to enjoy designer brand shopping like Louis Vuitton alongside local Lyon shop options. If you have been worried about getting around the city, this is a really great jumping-off point for shopping of all kinds.

Confluence Shopping Center

This shopping center is poised alongside the confluence of the Rhone and Saone rivers. This is the geographical feature that gives the shopping center its name. This is a regular mall location that offers anchor stores that you can enjoy in many other places, and you will be able to shop for mid-range and high-end clothing, home goods, and more here.

While this is not a location that is right in the heart of the historic center of the city, you can enjoy a different shopping experience here that is just as nice.

Corner Store in Lyon

Place Bellecour

Place Bellecour is the heart of the four shopping streets that offer most of the shopping in town. Old Lyon intersects with this square, and the Lyon Cathedral looks down over it. This is one of the oldest and most impressive places in Lyon, France, and you will want to visit the square if you are in the area of Vieux Lyon or shopping along the Rue De La République.

While there is no shopping directly in the Place Bellecour square other than some local shop stalls from time to time, this square is the connective tissue at the heart of all of the best shopping in Lyon, France.

De La Croix Rousse

Originally the shop where silk shops were located, this spot is linked with a neighborhood by the same name and is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Lyon, France. Most of the neighborhood is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the winding streets look over canals.

Come here for access to local food markets, cute boutique shops, and an atmosphere that you cannot enjoy anywhere else in the city. The De La Croix Rousse area is full of charm and shopping here is an exceptional experience.

Rue Auguste Comte

If you love flea markets, bargain stores, and antiques, this is the right part of Lyon, France, for your needs. This is the right spot for bargain hunting, finding something quirky and zany to take home, or buying vintage clothes for a great price.

There are also lots of events that happen in the street or in shops in this area. You might be treated to an impromptu concert while you are shopping, or you might wander by a local event that you had no idea was going on.

Ferme de l'Abbé Rozier

If you love organic produce and you want to buy responsibly made and sourced items, you need to shop here. This is a farm that is perched at the gates of the old city, and you will find that there are few food markets in the city that are this special. Many of the best chefs in the city shop here because the produce and food that is sold here are that good.

If you are in Old Lyon and want to visit an extraordinary market, this is the place that you need to visit. France is one of the places that still offers lots of options for street market shopping, and the festive and intimate atmosphere of these places is part of what makes them so unique.

Quai Saint Antoine

This is a lane along the Saone that is lined with shops of various kinds. There are old-fashioned butcher shops along this street as well as stores where silk is still handcrafted. Shops like Soierie Saint-Georges are some of the most unique in Lyon, France, because there are few places on earth where things are still made by hand like this.

There are so many small boutiques along this street that you will want to check out, and you might want to stop by here on a Sunday morning and just take in the first activities of the day in one of the oldest parts of the city.

Rue Auguste Comte

This is a delightful shopping location that offers access to 150 shops of various kinds. There are galleries, art shops, clothing stores, restaurants, and more here to enjoy. Your taste buds and your eyes will both be satisfied when you visit this shopping street.

In October, there is an event called the "Red Carpet" event, and there are other local activities that you can choose to make time for if you want to do something special when you are in town. If you time your visit correctly, you can find lots to do here besides just window shopping and snacking on delicious local fare.

Street shopping in Lyon

Les Halles de Lyon-Paul Bocuse Market

This location is a food market that also sells food-based gifts. There are sit-down restaurants all around the market. You can sit down for a drink here as well or take some grab-and-go food with you as you wander. There are about 48 stalls in this market, and you can find anything from cheese to wine here to buy.

If you love a street market and you don't mind a busy and crowded space, this is a perfect place for you to visit. Despite the hustle and bustle, there is so much to love about this spot, and you will have a very authentically French experience here.

Lyon Evening Market

The Lyon market is right outside the Perrache Train Station, and it is made to help people on their way home to be able to stop and have a meal, enjoy a drink, and shop for small items. The train station is a bustling place, but this market has an entertaining and festive air to it.

You might not be commuting home from work, but you can still get caught up in the social and busy atmosphere as you try out delicious food and drink. This is a charmingly special event that is not offered elsewhere in Lyon, and it really highlights the social and comfortable nature of the bonds between people in Lyon. This is a city that is friendly and caring and you will see this loud and clear at the evening market.

Saint-Antoine Célestins Market

This is a huge food market, and you will hardly know what to try first when you visit this memorable local food venue. The small stalls here are almost all family-owned, and you can try classic and delicious French cuisine here. Bread, pastries, wine, desserts, and more are offered here, and you will be able to have the most delicious meal of your life when you visit the stalls here in the Célestins Marke.

This food market is also near museums, art galleries, and other really enjoyable shopping. You can plan to visit this spot for your lunch or your dinner when you are done shopping, or you might want to start your day out here and then move on to finding gifts for everyone at home.

Village Des Créateurs

The Village Des Créateurs is dedicated to the development of brands of all kinds. Clothing, jewelry, and other products are designed here. Some of the makers that are supported in this cooperative also make textiles. The Les Ateliers-Boutiques are boutique stores in this area that are open by appointment during the week and all day on the weekends.

There are also pop-up stores in this area that open up once in a while to offer up new products and things like clothing and home goods. This is a really unique shopping experience that has not been done anywhere else in France. You should consider taking the time to enjoy this very special cooperative.

Le Part Dieu

This is a huge shopping location that offers access to 200 stores along the Rhone River. This is like a shopping mall multiplied many times over, and there is something for everyone here. You will find it easy to track down gifts, clothes, boutique items, designer brands, and more here.

When you visit Lyon, France this needs to be one of your planned shopping destinations. There are also bars and restaurants scattered among the shops here so you will not go hungry. If you feel ready to sit down and take a break, there are ample opportunities to do just that as you mingle with locals, shop, and admire this lovely area.

Best places to shop in Lyon

Lyon Offers Special Shopping Experiences and More!

There is so much to love about shopping in Lyon. This is a city that has not forgotten its history. You will be able to attend street market events, shop along the city's canals, or visit picturesque village areas that are protected UNESCO World Heritage sites when you visit. Lyon, France, will steal your heart, and part of what makes this city so engaging is the excellent and memorable shopping that you can enjoy while you visit.

If you are eager to get right to shopping for gifts, clothing, and antiques, you need to be sure that your luggage is safe and secure. Once you have your bags stowed safely, and you can be free of worrying about them, you can have a delightful experience in this amazing city! Lyon leaves a mark on people's hearts for good, and you will see why once you experience all that this historic and beautiful city has to offer.

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