Where To Find The Best Street Food In Lyon

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Fresh baguettes in Lyon

Lyon, France is a lovely and historic city that you might have chosen to visit for a whole host of reasons. There is so much to do and see here in this historic place, and the culture and beauty of this city are legendary. One of the most often overlooked features of this city is that the street food in Lyon is absolutely delicious! This is a place that offers you everything from amazing nightlife to charming boutique shops alongside museums and access to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The first thing to do when you arrive in Lyon is to make sure that your luggage is stored safely. Once you have your bags placed in secure luggage storage in Lyon, you are able to head out to have fun without any worries. There is no reason to drag your bags with you as you experience the city.

If you are not sure where you want to stay while you are in the city, there are many great choices for hotels here that are near all the action. Make sure that you are prepared to do some walking and get ready to plan where you want to try your first street food treats!

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Street food in Lyon

The Best Street Food Vendors in Lyon

There is a lot of natural beauty in the area of Lyon as well as amazing things to do inside the city. From the best hikes and camping to fishing and boating, there are these activities to try out here in Lyon but you can also visit nearly any part of the city for access to amazing restaurants and great food.

Street food is one of the most enjoyable offerings that you can choose to eat while you are in the city, and most of the restaurants that you can sit down at will offer you street-side seating as well as indoor dining. You can also typically pick up a nice to-go meal that you can walk and snack on.

La Mere Jean

This is a beautiful little sidewalk cafe that is right near the Place Bellecour. This is an excellent choice of Lyon restaurants if you are planning to do some shopping and to enjoy the older part of the city. This is a quintessentially French spot that offers you delicious breakfast and brunch options along with strong and flavorful coffee.

Sit on the cobbled street here and plan out your day of enjoying boutique and designer shopping in the oldest part of the city. You are poised right at the edge of the Vieux Lyon here, which makes this a prime spot for the start of your day.

Crêperie du Major

There is nothing more French than a good crepe, and you can head to this little spot to pick up some crepes to go or to sit down and enjoy a little break from sightseeing. This spot offers delicious galettes and crepes that are quite large and very flavorful.

This location is by a lot of things that you might want to see like art museums and the amphitheater. This is a great choice for a quick meal any time of the day, and getting some authentic crepes is just part of enjoying street food in Lyon.

Coffee and pastries in Lyon


This is a tiny little boutique restaurant that is tucked away on the Rue Longue. You can come here for vegetarian cuisine, Mediterranean fare, and a delightful and fun atmosphere. Choose to sit down and eat or order to go and head back out to see the sights.

The hours and days that this location is open can vary, so you might want to check ahead before you head over to try out their food. You might need to add this to your list of things to do the next day so that you can catch them when they are open.

Crèmerie Lyonnaise

While technically one of the many cheese shops in the city, this lovely little spot also offers cheese and wine tastings on many days of the week. You can drop by here to try out a Fromage blanc, some aged and delightfully flavorful cheese varieties, and a glass of wine. The owner is on-site most days, and he will be happy to share his passion for cheese and cheesemaking with you.

There are cheeses here to try that are not from France as well, and the owner prides himself on offering the best variety of cheese that you can find anywhere. Try your cheese with some Rosette de Lyon or fresh and crunchy croutons. This is one of the local delights that you should not miss out on, and taking a break for some yummy cheese, and a glass of white wine is never a bad idea!

Cafe Francis

For a truly French dining experience, you need to head to this sidewalk cafe. This location is not far from Place Bellecour, and you will be able to sit right out on the street at a little wooden table. Order French favorites here, or you can pick from European cuisine of various kinds.

This is a restaurant that will delight your taste buds and offer you that truly French cafe feeling that you have probably been looking for. While not haute cuisine, the menu here is varied, and the food is quite good. Enjoy a glass of white wine, or order a cappuccino to start your day off with a pick-me-up.

Best street food in Lyon

Where To Find The Best Lyon Street Food Spots

Les Halles De Lyon

This is a small and quaint market that offers access to 50 stalls that sell different kinds of cuisines. You will love Les Halles for how cosmopolitan it feels while still offering you the kind of street food experience you have been looking for. This is a great place to shop as well, and you might find the right gifts and memorabilia here as well as the best street food.

Les Halles is a really popular place to head for some of the best restaurants in the city, and it is a nice treat to be able to simply pick up some food and walk with it. You can satisfy a sweet tooth here and also pick up some savory treats that will work for lunch. There is no fast food here, and all of your dining options are special in some way.

Marché Saint Antoine

So much of the hustle and bustle of this city is taken out into the streets. This is one of the reasons that Lyon is a great place to just wander and see the sights. This part of the city is home to one of the oldest markets in France. You can buy everything from cured meats like Rosette de Lyon to clothing and flowers here at this spot. There are many small tables to sit down at along the route of the market, and you will love that there are so many of the best food options in the city here alongside people selling flowers and handmade goods.

This spot is right near the river and not far from some of the best sightseeing in the city as well. Pick up a chocolate ganache, or head to a little sidewalk cafe nearby and get a strong cup of coffee. You can find everything from baked goods to desserts here when you visit.

Rue Mercière

This street is in the heart of the oldest part of the city, and it is home to many of the fine dining restaurants that make their home in Lyon. You might not think of these as street food spots, but since the dining experience at many of these spots offers sidewalk seating, you can simply sit down and have a meal right on the street if you wish. These restaurants offer some of the best food in Lyon, and you can choose from Lyonnais Bouchon, Charolais beef, steaks and fish, and many other delicious offerings.

This is a great area of the city to stop in at when you are ready for dinner. The restaurants here are busy, but you will have lots of choices if you stop in and can't get a table. Lyon is one of the best places for fine dining, and heading to this part of the city will give you access to some of the best meals that you will have ever eaten.

Rue Saint Paul

This part of the city is dotted with charming little streetside restaurant options and you will be able to pop into these little gems for delicious menu offerings of classic French dishes. You can enjoy a glass of wine, watch the activity of the street outside and eat right in the heart of Lyon. Visitors to the city should not miss out on this experience as there are few other places in the world that will afford you this kind of dining experience.

This spot is right by most of the art museums that you might want to visit and you will have easy access to lots of little bars and spots to enjoy a quiet drink as well. This area is well-known for its restaurant owners who have trained under such greats as Paul Bocuse, and you will find that there is no better place to sit down to eat in the whole city.

Artichokes in Lyon market

Street Food Festivals In Lyon

Lyon Street Food Festival

The Lyon Street Food Festival takes place near the end of June and it is a huge event. There are over 100 chefs who attend this party and offer up their creations for everyone to enjoy. This is one of the largest city food festivals anywhere, and you can try everything from baked goods to wines and beers during this event. The festival atmosphere of this event is really fun, and there is even live music and other kinds of entertainment that take place during the food festival itself.

Thousands of people attend this event and there is something here for everyone. If you want to try a wide range of food and you want to enjoy all kinds of fun festival activities at the same time, this is the right event for you to attend!

Lyon Beer Festival

This event takes place in April and it is one of the best beer-tasting opportunities in France. You can also enjoy the offerings from many local restaurants here and most of the beers and food are shared right outside on the street. You can sit down to eat outdoors during the event if you wish or you can pick a small table and snack while you decide what to try next.

Many people do not head to Lyon with this idea of going to a beer festival, but this is one of the best events in France for good food and access to enjoyable beer. This event takes place near La Confluence, which makes this a slightly different location for a Lyon street food festival. You will love being able to try beers from all over the world here and you will find that there is every kind of food to eat as well. Local Chef-inspired dishes are on offer everywhere and visitors to the area will get to enjoy what the food scene in Lyon is all about.

Market in Lyon

Delicious Street Food is Everywhere in Lyon

If you love streetside dining, this is the city for you to visit. Lyon offers so much culture as well as giving you access to delicious restaurants and small boutique dining opportunities. This is a city that has so much to offer that you might not get to try out everything on your list when you visit.

Make sure that you put your luggage into safe storage when you arrive in town and then start looking for your first authentic Lyon meal. There is no shortage of delightful dining options here in this gorgeous city and you will never go hungry while you are spending time in Lyon.

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