Best Brunch In Lyon: The Definitive Guide

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Brunch in Lyon

Lyon, France is one of the most lovely places in the entire country. This historic city is home to some of the most beautiful places in the world. There are incredible museums, fantastic shopping locations, and unique and memorable hotels to stay in here. Another really notable and remarkable thing that can be said about this city is that the food is terrific. Brunch in Lyon is always amazing, and there are so many locations that you can head to for good food.

The first thing that you need to do when you are getting ready to enjoy the city of Lyon is to make sure that your luggage is stored safely. Once you have your bags in secure storage in Lyon, you can head out for fun adventures and a delicious brunch without any worries! Brunch is one of the best ways to start your day, and you will have lots of great options for this meal in the beautiful city of Lyon. If you have stored your bags safely and securely, it's time to talk about the best brunch in Lyon and where to get it.

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Continental breakfast in Lyon

Best Brunch in Lyon

Comptoir des Fées

The delightful and creative brunch at Comptoir des Fées in Lyon is absolutely delicious. There are sweet and savory items on the menu here, and you can get hot drinks, orange juice, and fresh fruit to go with your coffee or cappuccino. This location is not that far from Place Bellecour, which makes it a great place to start your morning that will end with some of the best shopping in town.

Make sure that you keep this hidden gem on your list if you want to enjoy one of the most unique brunch restaurants in the city. You will find the atmosphere here to be just perfect for a weekend brunch, but you can stop by any morning to enjoy the delicious fare at Comptoir des Fées.

Le Grand Café des Négociants

This lovely spot is right at the heart of Lyon and offers you access to a lovely building built in 1864. The decor is so quintessentially French, and the food is delicious. You will get a great brunch here, and the fresh bread, seasonal produce, and delicious pastries on the menu are to die for.

During coffee hours, there are newspapers provided at every table as well. You might need to speak French to enjoy the stories, but the contribution of this little touch to the atmosphere is extraordinary. Le Grand Café des Négociants offers you access to a touch of history and a complete menu of surprisingly affordable French cuisine. This is one of the brunch spots that should be on your must-visit list while you are in Lyon.

Le Comptoir JOA

If the zoo is on your list, this is a great brunch option for you and your group to enjoy. Located just outside the Parc de la Tête d'Or, you will find that this spot has something for everyone. Enjoy crepes, fresh bread and pastries, and delicious coffee here.

You can eat right on the sidewalk when the weather allows, making this a classically French experience. Having brunch here is a special treat, and you will be in one of the best parts of the city to spend a whole day enjoying the sights and sounds. This is one of the best Sunday morning locations to enjoy brunch in Lyon.

La Cuisinerie

Pop in here for a quick bite at brunch time or lunchtime, and you will not be disappointed. This spot in Vieux Lyon offers everything from pasta dishes to ice cream, breakfast, and coffee. The location is small and cozy, and the service is excellent.

The vintage vibe of this spot is exceptional and you will love that Vieux Lyon is just a few steps away after you are done eating, which is one of the best places to stay. This is a great place for a quick meal that will not disappoint.


Located in the heart of the old city, this yummy brunch location offers you access to food that is sold at great prices. You will be able to get delicious pancakes and crepes here, and you should make sure to try out the offerings of their coffee shop. You can eat light or have a heavy meal here and enjoy sidewalk seating with a view.

This location is very popular with locals as well as tourists, so be prepared to wait a bit for a table. The wait will be worth it, however, as this is one of the best brunch spots in the entire city.

Café Mademoiselle

Located in the heart of the presqu’île, this great little spot will give you access to a bunch that you won't soon forget. The menu states that the "basic to the serious" are cared for here, and you will find that this is one of the best brunch spots in the city.

Come here for a homey setting, comfortable seating, and a lovely glass of champagne with your breakfast. This is a special restaurant and one of the best places in this part of the city to start your day.

Brunch restaurant in Lyon


If you love a buffet, this is the restaurant for you. Brunch and regular breakfast are served here, and you will be able to enjoy everything from desserts to sandwiches to eggs and bacon when you stop in. This is an all-you-can-eat buffet, and it is very popular due to its extensive menu.

Consider making reservations here to ensure that you get a seat. This is particularly true on a Sunday. If you have been looking for amazing pancakes, a meat and cheese platter, or a unique breakfast item, they have it here at this breakfast spot.


Described by locals as a quasi food court, this location is another good choice for access to a wide array of different foods all in one place. You can get a poke bowl, some crepes, or even beef tartare here. This spot is new on the food scene in Lyon, having only been open since 2018. That being said, it is very popular with the locals, and you can get everything that is on the menu at a great price.

If you love bacon and eggs or want access to an open kitchen-style dining experience, you need to head here for brunch or for lunch. There is no shortage of good food to try, and the prices are so reasonable you might come back again and again.

Best brunch in Lyon

Les Desjeuneur

Another Croix Rousse restaurant, this location caters to American breakfast options but also gives you access to hot apple cider and a full bar. This is a local favorite for starting the day off with a drink and some hearty traditional breakfast items.

This spot also serves a full lunch menu, so you can start your day with some pancakes and eggs and then move on to other menu items if you are comfortable and want to hang out for a bit. Les Desjeuner is a laid-back dining location that is unique. You will not find many other restaurants like this one in the rest of Lyon.


This spot is memorable not just for the excellent food but also for the Scandanavian decor. This cozy coffee shop lets you dine in, or you can order takeout as well. Pick from a long list of delicious coffees here, or opt for light breakfast fare.

The quiche is a must-try item on the menu at this spot, and their pastries and fresh bakery items are equally excellent. This is more of a grab-and-go spot, but it's ideal for a quick stop before you head out to have fun on a day that you woke up a bit late.

Café Anne

Not far from Vieux Lyon, this little brunch spot offers up scrumptious coffees and delicious drink options. The menu changes frequently, so you will not get bored with the brunch foods that are on offer.

Enjoy fresh brioche, cheese fondant sandwiches, or eggs and ham. This is an excellent choice for a Sunday brunch, but you can head here any day of the week at brunch time for a delicious meal. This is a little gem that is tucked away near the oldest part of Lyon and it is well worth your time to visit.

27 Madeleine

Popular with the younger crowd, this hip location is well-known for its Sunday brunch that includes lots of champagne and delicious large portions of food. If you want to get your day started out with a drink and some lovely breakfast fare, this is the place for you.

This spot has a lovely outdoor seating patio that is warmed by the sun in the summer months. You can sit out here and have a satisfying Sunday morning meal complete with your favorite drink, a mimosa, or a delicious large Sunday breakfast. This is also a great place to bring a large group due to the outdoor seating and the space that it affords.

Les Mauvaises Herbes

For vegetarians looking for the best brunch in Lyon, this is the right place for you to visit. Each meal comes with a sweet dish, a savory dish, and an included drink. You can choose coffee or tea or select from their fresh-pressed juices to accompany your meal.

This spot also offers gluten-free menu options. Even the desserts on offer here are vegan and gluten-friendly, which makes this a great choice for those with dietary restrictions or preferences that are hard to satisfy elsewhere in the city.

Pancake breakfast in Lyon

Lyon is a Great Place for Brunch

You might have woken up a bit late on one of your days in Lyon, or maybe you have been planning to start out with a brunch. Either way, you can find ample opportunity for fantastic food at this hour of the day in Lyon. Lyon is a wonderful city to visit if food is important to you and you will be able to find nearly every kind of cuisine and dining experience you could ask for in this city.

There is always something to do and someplace to sit down and eat in this city. No matter what you are in the mood for, Lyon has the food you are looking for at any time of the day. Make sure that you have your luggage secured in a storage location, and then head out to enjoy Lyon. Being able to eat, drink, and see the sites is easy when you have your hands free and the peace of mind to have lots of fun.

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