14 Unmissable Things To Do In Lyon At Night

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If you have decided to visit Lyon for your next vacation, you are probably already aware that there are many things to do in this city. From delicious street food to amazing places to stay, Lyon offers experiences that you cannot enjoy anywhere else in the world. Many people also come to this famous city to enjoy the fantastic nightlife. There are so many things to do in Lyon at night that you might want to start planning this part of your trip right away!

One of the first things that you should do when you arrive in Lyon is make sure that your luggage is safe. Storing your bags in secure luggage storage in Lyon is easy and frees up your hands to allow you to shop, eat, drink, and have fun without worrying about your personal possessions.

From culinary delights to dancing and bars, there are many things to do in Lyon at night when the sun goes down.

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Lyon bridge at night

Head to a Bar

There are so many really lovely places to sit down for a drink in this city. Sitting along the cobbled streets, in the shadow of historic buildings just a stone's throw away from famous market squares, is part of what the nightlife in Lyon is all about. Check out The Monkey Club for a fun and funky atmosphere with creative cocktails, or make the trip over to the slightly swanky Les Valseuses Lyon.

No matter which kind of environment you are looking for to mix, mingle and enjoy the city, you will find it in Lyon. There are quiet little speakeasies here as well as big dance clubs and fun evening party sites to choose from.

Place Bellecour

This is the square right in the heart of the Vieux Lyon, and it is an amazing sight in the evening. This is the largest pedestrian square in the city, and it offers you easy access to things that will delight history buffs and those looking for nightlife activities. All of the statues and most of the buildings in the square will be lit up later in the day, and you can really take in the scene with this romantic mood lighting in place. This is a part of the city that has stood the test of time and there is a ton of history to enjoy here. You can just feel the memories and emotions of this place pulsing beneath your feet.

Place Bellecour is the central hub of the shopping streets that make the heart of the city tourist-friendly and special. You can come here to shop for wares from local artists, to sit down at a street cafe, or to check out the markets that are housed in the Vieux Lyon. This is a lovely place to finish out your evening or the perfect starting point for an evening out on the town.

The Lyon Opera House

The opera house in Lyon is one of the oldest buildings in Lyon, and this is one of the best things to do in Lyon at night. There are many lovely shows to see here, and you will love that the facade of the building is lit up at night. This is one of the most beautiful places in the city, and you will be able to really appreciate the Place des Terreaux in a unique way in the evening.

This venue will require that you plan in advance to see a show, but you will be glad that you took the time to come here in the evening when the atmosphere is so special.

Things to do in Lyon at night

Fountain Bartholdi

This feature of the city was made by the same artist as the creator of the Statue of Liberty. This fountain stands in the hear of the Place des Terreaux and the sense of movement and energy that it contains are truly remarkable. If you love taking pictures to commemorate your trip, this is one of the best places to do this. Vieux Lyon is full of opportunities to take pictures of art and commemorative pieces like this made by local artists.

Many of the features in the city like this survived the world war, and they are considered treasures. There is just as much art on the streets of Lyon as there is inside the walls of its museums. The evening is one of the best times to visit these beautiful landmarks.

Witchcraft and Occultism Walking Tour

If you love mystery and you love history, this is the right event for your needs. You will meet your tour guide outside the Mairie de la Croix-Rousse, and you will wander through old Lyon, learning about witchcraft and general occult history related to this ancient city. This is a tour that makes for a really fun night, and there are no significant scares or things that timid people will dislike.

This is a different experience than visiting Lyon's trendiest bars but just as much fun. Lyon's history is rich and varied, and this tour celebrates all of it. The city hall is also charming at night, and you will be in the mood for your tour as soon as you walk through this part of the city at night.

Théâtre des Célestins

This building was added to Lyon in the late 1700s, but the building that stands today is the second theater to occupy this space. The original burned down in 1871. Acclaimed national orchestra performances take place here as well as stage plays and operas. This is a special place that is beautiful at any time of the day.

Most of the best things to do in Lyon at night involve the arts, and this special spot will satisfy your need to enjoy culture and beauty all in one place.

Evening storms in Lyon

Le Sirius

This is one of the best things to do in Lyon at night, and this site is home to one of Lyon's trendiest bars. Le Sirius is a barge that is moored on the Rhone, and you will get access to fun live music and really good food and drinks here. They often have live music or DJs that are playing here, and the attached terrace makes a great place to mingle and enjoy the ambiance. This spot is perfect for people who love a night out on the town but want to do something special.

This is also one of the places that offers free things like no cover charge and free entry. This is an affordable way to access an affordable evening in Lyon.

Casino Le Lyon Vert

If you love a little gambling, this spot near one of Lyon's five-star resorts is a great choice. You can head here when night falls to play poker, blackjack, and roulette. There are also good food options in this area, or you might want to splurge and stay at the resort for the night. This is one of the best things to do in Lyon at night for people who love a casino atmosphere.

The Casino is one of the special venues in the city that is not offered in many other places, and you will not regret heading here for one of your evenings in town.

Le Sucre

For an evening of dancing that you won't forget, head to this converted warehouse! If you are looking for things to do in Lyon at night that include dancing, this is the right choice to make. This spot is near the Confluence, and music lovers will have so much fun here. The venue can hold as many as 800 people, and you can start your evening with a delicious meal in the nearby Confluence area before you head out for a night on the town.

This spot usually plays electronic and techno music, but there are nights that other musical themes will be offered as well.

Sunset in Lyon

Jardin Chromatique

This evening event highlights statuary and contemporary art in a way that other parts of the city cannot. During the day, this is the Parc de Gerland, but at night it transforms into the colorful and memorable Chromatique. The lights that are added to the statues, displays, and planters in the evening make each spot totally different and special. You can check out this area during the daytime and then enjoy the changes that lighting makes in the contemporary art that is displayed here.

Parc de la Tête d'Or

This is one of the largest and prettiest parks in France. Parc de la Tête d'Or is 15 hectares in size, and it is open all day and night. This is one of the best free things to do in Lyon at night, and nature lovers can come here to take in the beauty and peace of the park as the lights come on in the city.

There is also a zoological garden here dedicated to Africa's biome and walking paths to enjoy. Public transport can take you here, or if you are in the area, you can easily walk to this park. There are also rose gardens here to enjoy and an orangery.

The Gallo Roman Theatre

During most of the warmer parts of the year, the Gallo Roman Museum area and the Gallo Roman Theatre hosts performances. Les Nuits Sonores Festival is held here, and there are also various cinema events and festivals that are held in this ancient theatre site.

You can start out at the Gallo Roman Museum and then head over to the theatre to enjoy the performances that are on the schedule for the day. Most of these festivals encompass three magical nights but some of them will run for longer than this. You should always make sure to look at the festivals that are going on in the city during the time of your visit.

Festival of Light tour Lyon

Théâtre Comédie Odéon 

If you love French comical theater, this is a great venue to visit. This is a family-friendly evening experience in Lyon, and you can head here for a variety of performing arts events. The opening performances are usually always followed up by a comedic presentation. Performance theatre is a big part of the culture in this city, and you would be missing out if you did not enjoy one of these thespian entertainment options when you are in town.

Take A Street Art Tour

There are many really interesting and special art tours that are offered here in Lyon. Like any great major city, there is beautiful architecture as well as paintings and statues to see here. From the ancient theatre site to the many statues and buildings that survived the Second World War, the art that is on display in this city is second to none.

Walking tours of all kinds are offered in various districts of the city, and you do not have to wait for one of the famed summer festival times to get to see all of the art in the city after night falls. Make sure that you consider checking out the cherished community assets of Lyon both during the daylight hours and at night so that you can really appreciate the history and personality of this place. Most of the outdoor public spaces in this city have art of various kinds on display that are beautiful and moving at any time of the day.

Pedestrian bridge in Lyon at night


When you think of visiting Lyon, you probably have thought of checking out buildings like the Palais de Justice and the fine arts that are offered at museums. There is so much more than this on offer in this gorgeous city, and you can pick from light-hearted musical comedies, hilarious comedy clubs, delicious food, and fun dance venues for your next trip here.

Make sure that you store your bags securely before you start your evening. Having the peace of mind that your bags will not be bothered or lost while you are having fun can make your night in Lyon so much better. There are so many reasons to come to Lyon, and the nightlife is one of the best arguments to visit this city as soon as possible.

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