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Strasbourg Station Luggage Storage Guide 2022

Posted Dec 7, 2022

Are you wondering, "Where can I store my luggage near Strasbourg Station?" Perhaps you just arrived in Strasbourg and need a place to store your bags near Strasbourg Station before you check into your hotel or AirBnB -- or maybe with you for the rest of the day. with you for the rest of the day.

Perhaps, you're planning on shopping at Arena, Rée Carré, or H&M and need a place to store your bags. Or, you're planning on planning on at Hafen Kehl, Wasselone, or Centre Ville de Bischwiller .

Don't worry, there are plenty of options for luggage storage near Strasbourg Station!

Luggage storage nearby Strasbourg Station with Bounce

Bounce is one of the largest luggage storage networks in Strasbourg with multiple locations near Strasbourg Station.

Featured in , Bounce is present in more than 100 cities. We partner with local hotels and shops to open up space for you to drop off your bags in essentially any major neighborhood.

Our team vets each location and provides all the security measures including insurance, security seals, and well-trained staff.

Bounce is the #1-rated bag storage network with thousands of 5-star reviews. Many of our shops are open for luggage storage 24/7 but this varies by location… we strategically open new spots so you can find the closest location to temporarily store your bags. Our prices in the Strasbourg Station area start at just €5 per 24h/bag.

Book through our or mobile app (required) so that we can cover you with insurance, space availability, and our 24/7 customer support. We love to travel as much as you so we make it as easy as possible! There are no size limits for suitcases or backpacks stored with Bounce. For less than a cup of coffee per bag, you can enjoy your entire day without dragging your bags with you!

Here are some ideas for making the most of your time in the Strasbourg Station area now that you are free from your baggage. Some notable places to relax before a flight are Fort Kleber, Fantasy, and Bistro Q. You can also go for a hike around Réserve Naturelle de l'Île-Du-Rohrschollen, Forêt de Gries, and Boulevard de l'Orangerie. And if you’re looking for a night on the town, check out Le Meteor, Aux 12 Apotres, and L'Etabli.

Why is Bounce the best luggage storage provider in the Strasbourg Station area?

Multiple locations near Strasbourg Station

$10,000 Bounce Guarantee on each booking to protect your belongings

Vetted store locations to ensure trust and safety

2 minute booking process online or via mobile app, then just walk in and check your bags in

Thousands of 5 star reviews, hundreds of thousands of bags stored

How do I store luggage near Strasbourg Station with Bounce?

You can find the closest luggage storage location to Strasbourg Station really easily. . Find the shop that meets your preferences in terms of location & hours. Once you’ve chosen a location, you can book in under 2 minutes.

Space does fill up so booking before you go there is required, but you can show up right away. With your booking confirmation in hand, we’ll give you the exact details and directions to the shop. Once there, all you have to do is show your booking confirmation and we’ll tag and check in your bags.

You’re now free to enjoy Strasbourg Station and Strasbourg without your things!

See all luggage storage spots in Strasbourg!

Find things to do and guides in Strasbourg!

About Strasbourg Station

Strasbourg Station (commonly referred to as Strasbourg-Ville) is a train station located in Strasbourg, France. It's Strasbourg's main train station, serving over 20 million passengers each year. The station connects Strasbourg with major cities across Europe, including Paris, Munich, and Brussels.

Strasbourg Station first opened in the 1840s. The original building is a Monument Historique due to its lavish design and historical significance. In 2006, the original facade was covered by a huge glass canopy to protect the building and add more amenities to the station. 

One of the most innovative and stylish train stations in France, Strasbourg-Ville is one of the busiest stations in the country and the perfect place to start discovering Strasbourg's fascinating monuments and museums. 

Things to do in and around Strasbourg Station

Perched on the French border with Germany, Strasbourg is a cosmopolitan city with tons of ancient landmarks and fun activities dotted across the city. If you've just arrived at Strasbourg Station or you're just looking for something to do until your next train, check out some of these great attractions near Strasbourg Station. 

  • Grab a quick bite to eat at one of the restaurants near Strasbourg Station. Within a five minute walk of the station, you'll find everything from Indian eateries to fast food favorites. 

  • Go on a shopping spree at Place des Halles. one of Strasbourg's biggest shopping malls, Place des Halles contains around 120 shops and restaurants. 

  • Take a stroll through Place Kléber. Strasbourg's main square, Place Kléber features a statue of revolutionary Jean-Baptiste Kléber and is home to many cafes and shops. 

  • Escape the city with a visit to Parc de l'Orangerie. Strasbourg's oldest park is great for kids, with a miniature zoo and play park to enjoy. 

  • Learn about Strasbourg's history at the Alsatian Museum. This museum contains thousands of local artifacts housed within picturesque buildings along the Ill River. 

Transit options at Strasbourg Station

  • Local bus service (CTS)

  • Local tram service (CTS)

  • Taxi ranks (Taxi Strasbourg)

Luggage storage near Strasbourg Station

The seat of the European Parliament, Strasbourg is a city with a unique mixture of French and German heritage and dozens of perfectly preserved historic monuments. Many of Strasbourg's best attractions don't allow large bags, so you'll want to find somewhere to drop off your stuff before taking a tour of the city. Bounce offers the best luggage storage services near Strasbourg Station, where you can quickly stow your belongings before heading into the city. These facilities are easy to find via the Bounce app and can be booked in minutes. You also cancel for free if needed, giving you plenty of flexibility during your trip to Strasbourg. 

Attractions and activities near Strasbourg Station

  • Palais Rohan: One of Strasbourg's most famous landmarks, Palais Rohan is a must-see. This grand palace was constructed in the early 18th century to serve as home to Prince-Bishops of the House of Rohan, namely Cardinal Armand-Gaston de Rohan-Soubise. Since its construction, the palace has been visited by several of France's most famous figures, including Napoleon, Marie Antoinette, and Louis XV. While no longer a royal residence, the palace now serves as home to three of Strasbourg's most famous museums: the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Archaeological Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts.
    The Museum of Decorative Arts and the Archeological Museum contain items from the local area, while the Museum of Fine Arts features works by local and international artists. You'll find paintings by some world-famous artists on display within the Museum of Fine Arts, including Raphael, El Greco, and Edgar Degas. One of the best artifacts from The Museum of Decorative Arts is the remains of Strasbourg Cathedral's first astronomical clock, thought to be the oldest in existence. You won't be able to bring any large bags into Palais Rohan, so swing by a Strasbourg Station luggage storage service first.

  • Strasbourg Cathedral: Dominating Strasbourg's skyline is the remarkable Strasbourg Cathedral. This towering Gothic cathedral took around 400 years to build, with construction beginning in the early 11th century. The cathedral's spire stands at 466 feet tall, which made Strasbourg Cathedral the tallest building in the world for over 200 years until the late 19th century. When you step inside the museum, you'll be greeted by lavish religious iconography and vibrant stained glass windows. One of the most interesting sights from inside Strasbourg Cathedral is the astronomical clock. The clock dates back to the mid 19th century and is one of the largest of its kind. The clock accurately tracks the lunar and solar cycles, as well as the month of the year and the time. Bags aren't allowed in Strasbourg Cathedral, so book in at a luggage storage service near Strasbourg Station.

  • Barrage Vauban: The dam-like Barrage Vauban is one of Strasbourg's most unusual historic sights. Spanning the Ill River, the Barrage Vaughan acts as a dam, a bridge, and a defensive structure. During battles, the dam would raise the river's water level and flood the surrounding land, making it difficult for enemies to proceed. The Barrage Vauban was built in the late 17th century and was utilized during the Franco-Prussian War. Today visitors can take a tour of the interior, with local sculptures on display throughout the building, including statues from Palais Rohan and Strasbourg Cathedral. After perusing the interior, head to the roof, which has an observation deck. From atop the Barrage Vauban, you'll have panoramic views of the Ill River and Strasbourg. 


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Frequently asked questions

  • How much does it cost to store luggage near Strasbourg Station?

    The price for luggage storage near Strasbourg Station is just €5/bag for the entire day.

  • Where can I store luggage near Strasbourg Station?

    There are multiple locations in the Strasbourg Station area which can be booked through the Bounce platform including near Gare SNCF de Haguenau, Gare SNCF de Gresswiller, and Gare SNCF de Goxwiller and all over Strasbourg.

  • Is it safe to store your bags near Strasbourg Station?

    Yes. Every bag is tagged with a security seal and comes with the $10,000 Bounce Guarantee. Every location is required to uphold tight security precautions. You may be asked to show ID and you will be required to use a credit card to book through Bounce in advance. With hundreds of thousands of bags stored, you can count on Bounce to handle your baggage near Strasbourg Station.

  • Are there storage lockers near Strasbourg Station?

    Yes, there are storage lockers and many other luggage drop off points in the Strasbourg Station area. Bounce has multiple luggage storage locations nearby Strasbourg Station and in the broader Strasbourg area where you can conveniently store your luggage with full security and the $10,000 safekeeping guarantee.

  • Where are the best hotel accommodations near Strasbourg Station?

    The top-ranked middle to high-range hotels near Strasbourg Station are Hilton Strasbourg, Quality Residence Js Bach Hôtel Strasbourg, and K Hôtel. When traveling on a budget, the best hostels near Strasbourg Station are Ciarus, Auberge de Jeunesse du Parc du Rhin, and DJH Jugendherberge Kehl.

  • Where are the best restaurants near Strasbourg Station?

    The most popular restaurants to visit when near Strasbourg Station are Au Lion, Fischerstub, and La Corde à Linge.

  • Where are the best parks and nature attractions near Strasbourg Station?

    Check out the nearby Parc de l'Orangerie, Square de la Peupleraie, and Parc du Heyritz.

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