Lisbon Design Week 2023

Lisbon Design Week 2023

Discover the pinnacle of Portuguese design brilliance at Lisbon Design Week 2023

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Discover the pinnacle of Portuguese design brilliance at Lisbon Design Week 2023, where imagination and innovation converge in a captivating showcase. Transforming the streets of Portugal's capital, this inaugural event unveils extraordinary exhibitions, installations, and workshops that push artistic boundaries. Lisbon Design Week 2023 is an unmissable opportunity to witness the evolution of design that's shaping Lisbon and the rest of Europe with its beauty, ingenuity, and limitless possibilities.

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All you need to know

  • When is Lisbon Design Week 2023 taking place?

    Lisbon Design Week 2023 is taking place from 24 May until the 28 May.

  • Where will Lisbon Design Week 2023 be held?

    In 2023, Lisbon Design Week will be held in venues across several different Lisbon neighborhoods, from Chiado to Príncipe Real. Venues include Cecile*M, Made In Situ, and Lisbon by Design.

  • How can I attend Lisbon Design Week 2023

    It's really easy to attend Lisbon Design Week. All you need to do is visit the Design Week program, and explore the venues and events going on during your chosen day. You'll find everything you need there; opening hours, address, and venue website.

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