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SIGEP 2024

SIGEP 2024 in Rimini.

Jan 20, 2024 → Jan 24, 2024

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Your Ultimate Guide to The SIGEP 2024

Welcome to the ultimate guide and complete overview for SIGEP 2024, the world's leading artisan gelato, pastry, and bakery trade show. This event is a must-visit for all food enthusiasts, pastry chefs, pastry industry experts, and coffee world lovers. Imagine being in the midst of the beautiful Rimini, Italy, with sweet aromas of your favorite foods tickling your nose, while you chat away with other dessert enthusiasts like yourself. If that sounds tempting, wait until you find out more about this mouth-watering fair.

SIGEP 2024 - The Dolce World Expo

SIGEP, a stellar event in the culinary calendar, not only brings together the finest from the artisan gelato, pastry, and bakery worlds, but it also serves as a grand showcase for coffee, chocolate, and artisan confectionery. This makes it a must-visit destination for those who are sweet-toothed and passionate about the art of sweet and savory delicacies.

Organized by the Italian Exhibition Group, it's one of the most famous international trade fairs since 1980. The event, taking place from January 20th to 24th, 2024, is a unique platform for industry professionals and food lovers to explore the latest trends, new market developments, innovations, and flavors. These interactive sessions provide a hands-on experience, making SIGEP not just an exhibition but an immersive educational journey.

Savor the Flavor

The event is held at the Rimini Expo Centre, a state-of-the-art venue that perfectly complements the grandeur of SIGEP. The atmosphere is electric, filled with the aroma of freshly baked goods, the sound of passionate discussions, and the excitement of new discoveries among the exhibitors and participants.

The exhibition offers several sections which include raw materials, machinery, bakery, coffee, chocolate, packaging, services, etc.

Epicenter of Taste

Rimini, a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, adds to the charm of SIGEP. The city's cuisine is a delightful mix of traditional Italian flavors and innovative culinary creations, making it a gastronomic paradise. While there are no specific outfits or costumes for the event, comfortable clothing and footwear are recommended due to the extensive area of the trade show.

Uniting for a Cause: Green Core

SIGEP 2024, hosted by the Italian Exhibition Group, isn't just throwing a fiesta of flavors, but is also leading a green revolution! The group has a set goal to protect the environment, reduce waste, and optimise resources. With their commitment to protecting our beautiful planet, they set an exceptional example for everyone else. Truly, SIGEP is a sparkling gem among eco-conscious events!

Unleash Your Inner Chef

Apart from the main event, there are numerous activities to indulge in. You can participate in workshops, watch live cooking shows and food shows, or even try your hand at baking. The city of Rimini also offers a bunch of attractions, from historical monuments to beautiful honey-colored beaches.

Travel Tip: Make sure to plan your visit to the trade show in advance to avoid missing out on any exciting events or demonstrations.

Bag Policy At SIGEP 2024

This event does not have a strict bag policy. However, it is not a place for carrying around large bags. At Bounce, we understand the importance of convenience and safety when it comes to storing your belongings. That’s why we offer different options close to the event, like the Rimini station, that you can book for 5€ per 24 hours. This way, you can focus on enjoying your time at SIGEP, while knowing your luggage is stored safely.

The Bounce Effect: Hassle-Free Luggage Storage

Traveling light is the best way to explore SIGEP 2024 and the city of Rimini. This is where Bounce comes in. As the largest luggage storage platform, Bounce offers short-term luggage storage facilities in over 2,000 cities worldwide, including Rimini. With Bounce, you can conveniently drop off your bag for a few hours or a few days at a low, affordable daily rate.

Bounce partners with local businesses like souvenir shops, hotels, restaurants, and cafes to create secure storage areas. There is a $10,000 in BounceShield™ Protection per booking. With no size limit on bags and no extra charge for larger bags, Bounce ensures that you can roam around the city and enjoy the trade fair without having to worry about your belongings.

Travel Tip: Download the Bounce luggage storage app for a hassle-free experience. Remember, we keep your stuff safe, you get your day back.

Discover Rimini: Where History Meets Culinary Innovation

Rimini is not just about the trade show. The city is a traveler's paradise, offering a treasure trove of attractions. Famous for its 10-mile stretch of sand, this is a city that’s home to Roman and Renaissance history.

Visit the Arch of Augustus, the oldest Roman arch that still stands. Explore the Tiberius Bridge, a five-arched marvel of Roman engineering. Stroll along the Marina Centro, Rimini's upscale seaside area, or relax on the beautiful beaches of Rimini.

The city also boasts a vibrant nightlife with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants. For art lovers, the city offers numerous galleries and museums. And don't forget to try the local cuisine, especially the famous Piadina, a flatbread sandwich that is a culinary symbol of the region.

For a delightful escape from the hustle, travelers can explore the picturesque villages and scenic landscapes surrounding Rimini, beautifully contrasting with the city's vibrant energy. These areas offer a look into the time-honored traditions and beauty of the Italian countryside.

If you're searching for souvenirs that portray Rimini's artistic heritage, look no further. You'll find many exquisite handicraft products, each showing off artisanal expertise. Among these, the art ceramics stand out for their exceptional quality and beauty. These ceramics often feature intricate patterns and vibrant colors. Another typical handicraft product is hand-printed cloth. These fabrics are made using age-old techniques where patterns are meticulously stamped onto the cloth by hand, resulting in unique designs. They often feature motifs that are symbolic of the region's history.

See You in Rimini?

SIGEP 2024 promises to be an unforgettable experience, filled with delicious flavors, innovative ideas, and exciting discoveries. With Bounce by your side, you can explore the event and the city of Rimini without any worries. So pack your bags, (leave them at Bounce), and get ready for an amazing journey. See you in Rimini!

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All you need to know

  • What kind of fair is the SIGEP?

    The SIGEP is an exhibition for Bakery Products, food and beverage, food processing and packaging machinery, Confectionery, and Coffee.

  • How many people attend the SIGEP 2024?

    The exhibition is expected to gather about 180,000 trade visitors and more than 1000 exhibiting companies from different sectors.

  • Where does the SIGEP taking place?

    The 2024 Sigep fair takes place on January 20-24, 2024 at the Rimini Expo Centre, Italy.

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