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Rotterdam Marathon 2024

About 950,000 people will attend Rotterdam Marathon 2024 in Rotterdam.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Rotterdam Marathon 2024

Rotterdam, the jewel of the Netherlands, situated in the Province of South Holland, welcomes you with open arms to its most prestigious sporting event - the NN Rotterdam Marathon. With approximately 25,000 participants each year, this marathon is a must-attend event for any avid runner or enthusiast of the sport. So, if you're up for a challenge and an unforgettable experience, mark your calendars and join in on the excitement of the Rotterdam Marathon!

Welcome to the Rotterdam Marathon 2024!

Get ready to immerse yourself in a unique blend of athleticism, culture, and history. The Rotterdam Marathon, also known as the NN Marathon Rotterdam, is a world-renowned event that attracts thousands of participants and spectators from all over the globe. It's one of the most exciting large-city marathons. This year, the marathon weekend takes place from April 13th to April 14th, 2024, in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Events and Schedules

The Rotterdam Marathon offers a variety of races to cater to runners of all levels. From the classic 42.195 km marathon to shorter distances like the 10.55 km and 4.2 km races, there's something for everyone. The marathon starts a bit later than others, with the race day beginning at 10 am.

Additionally, there's a business team relay for corporate teams to participate in, as well as races specifically designed for the little ones with distances of 1 km and 2.5 km. Make sure to check the official schedule for specific race times and starting locations, as there are multiple start waves determined by the expected completion time.

The Event and the City

Rotterdam, the second-largest city in the Netherlands, is known for its modern architecture, diverse culture, and lively atmosphere. The city's landscape offers a perfect backdrop for the marathon, with its wide, flat streets and scenic views.

Highlights of the Course

The Rotterdam Marathon course is renowned for its smooth, very flat course, making it ideal for achieving personal bests and even setting world records.

Along the route, runners will pass by iconic landmarks such as the Erasmus Bridge, the Feyenoord Stadium, and the towering Euromast, offering breathtaking views of the city skyline. Be sure to soak in the sights and sounds as you make your way through this historically rich naval city.

Atmosphere and Dress Code

The marathon is not just about the race; it's a celebration of the city and its people. The event is filled with music, with live bands and DJs playing along the course to motivate the runners and entertain the spectators. 

Expect an electrifying atmosphere at the Rotterdam Marathon, characterized by a blend of friendliness and professionalism. Whether you're a seasoned runner or a first-time marathoner, you'll feel right at home amidst the camaraderie of fellow participants and enthusiastic spectators. As for the dress code, comfort is key.

Pick out moisture-wicking fabrics to stay dry and layer up to adapt to the probable rain and cool temperatures, averaging around 9°C.


The city's culinary scene is as diverse as its population. From traditional Dutch cuisine to international delicacies, there's something for everyone. Don't forget to try the local favorite, Stroopwafel, a delicious caramel-filled waffle cookie. 

Food and Refreshments at the Race

Fuel up before and during the race with an array of food and refreshment options available along the entire course. From water and gel packs and electrolyte drinks to fresh fruit and snacks, there's no shortage of sustenance to keep you going.

After crossing the finish line, indulge in post-race treats and celebrate your achievement with fellow runners at the event's food stalls and vendors.


As for outfits, while most participants will be in their running gear, spectators often dress up in costumes to support their favorite runners. It adds a fun, festive element to this well-organized event.

Atmosphere and Activities

The atmosphere at the city run Rotterdam is electric. The city comes alive with spectators packed throughout the course, unbelievable crowd support, music, and a sense of camaraderie. Apart from the marathon, there's also the City Run, a shorter race that's perfect for families and less experienced runners.

Bag Policy at NN Marathon Rotterdam

When packing for the marathon, keep in mind the event's bag policy to ensure a hassle-free experience. Most races have designated bag drop-off points where you can securely store your belongings during the race. Be sure to label your bags with your bib number and avoid bringing any unnecessary items to streamline the check-in process.

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Things to Do in Rotterdam

Explore the City

While in Rotterdam, make sure to explore the city's architectural wonders, such as the Cube Houses and the Erasmus Bridge. Visit the bustling Markthal, a market hall filled with food stalls, restaurants, and shops

Don't miss the chance to learn about the city's history at the Museum of Rotterdam or enjoy the natural beauty of the Rotterdam Zoo. And if you're a fan of art, the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is a must-visit.

See You in Rotterdam!

The Rotterdam Marathon 2024 is more than just a race; it's an experience that combines sport, culture, and the unique spirit of Rotterdam. Whether you're a runner, a supporter, or just a visitor, there's something for everyone. So, pack your bags (and remember to use Bounce for your luggage storage needs), and see you in Rotterdam!

Remember, as the Kelvin Kiptum Foundation, one of the marathon's supporters, says, "It's not just about running; it's about the journey." So, make the most of your journey to Rotterdam Marathon 2024!

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All you need to know

  • How many people run the Rotterdam Marathon?

    The Rotterdam Marathon had 16,837 finishers in 2023. The number of participants varies each year, with previous years recording 11,722 finishers in 2022 and 14,554 finishers in 2019.

  • Is there a half marathon in Rotterdam?

    Yes, there is a half-marathon event in Rotterdam. It is part of the Rotterdam Marathon race day, offering participants the option to run a shorter distance than the full marathon. This provides an opportunity for a wider range of runners to participate in the event, catering to those who prefer or are better suited to the half marathon distance.

  • Where is the Rotterdam Marathon?

    The Rotterdam Marathon, officially known as the NN Marathon Rotterdam, takes place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The race typically starts and finishes on the Coolsingel, a major street in the city center of Rotterdam. The course takes runners across various iconic landmarks and neighborhoods of Rotterdam, including crossing the Erasmus Bridge, running along the Maas River, and through parts of the city's historic and modern areas, providing a scenic route through the heart of the second-largest city in the Netherlands.

  • Where does the Rotterdam Marathon start?

    The Rotterdam Marathon traditionally starts on the Coolsingel, one of the main streets in the center of Rotterdam, Netherlands. This location is in the heart of the city and is well-known for being the hub of the marathon's activities, including both the start and finish lines. It is a significant area for the event, providing a vibrant and energetic atmosphere for both runners and spectators. The exact starting point can vary slightly from year to year due to organizational and logistical considerations, but the Coolsingel remains the central location for the race's beginning.

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