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St. Patrick's Day Savannah 2024

St. Patrick's Day Savannah 2024 in Savannah.

Mar 16, 2024 → Mar 16, 2024

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Your Ultimate Guide to St. Patrick's Day Savannah 2024

St Patrick's Day in Savannah, Georgia is not just a day, it is an experience. Savannah's St. Patrick's Day is a vibrant celebration of Irish culture, filled with traditions, parades, and plenty of green. It is a celebration that transforms this charming southern city into a vibrant sea of green, filled with the sounds of traditional Irish music, the aroma of delicious local cuisine, and the palpable excitement of the St. Patrick's Day Parade. As the city gears up for the 200th anniversary of its Savannah St. Patrick's Day Parade, preparations are in full swing, transforming Savannah into a vibrant tapestry of green.

The Parade of the Century

Saturday, March 16th, 2024, Starting @ 10:15 AM - Mark your calendars for a historic parade kicking off from the intersection of Gwinnett and Abercorn. Following the Celebration of Mass at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the parade will showcase the rich tapestry of Irish heritage through marching bands, traditional dancers, and elaborate floats.

As one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in America, attendees come from all corners of the globe to witness this spectacle. For the best views, some fans even plan ahead and camp out along the parade route, so consider arriving early to secure a prime spot.

Dress Code: Go Green or Go Home

Embrace the spirit by donning your best green attire. From emerald hats to shamrock accessories, don't forget to dress in your best St. Patrick's Day outfits. The more green, the better! And if you're feeling adventurous, try a traditional Irish costume. This day is all about celebration, so feel free to get creative with your outfits!

Atmosphere and Activities

While the official festival is no longer permitted, Savannah's social and nightlife districts will be buzzing with energy. The city’s decision to focus on the parade's family-friendly roots means a more authentic experience. Explore the local establishments, enjoy the spontaneous gatherings, and immerse yourself in the communal joy that defines St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah.

This parade is an explosion of color and music, featuring marching bands, dancers, and floats, all decked out in green. 

After the parade, head to Forsyth Park for a day filled with live music, dancing, and fun activities for all ages. The atmosphere in the park is electric, with people enjoying the festivities late into the night. 

Culinary Delights in Food Trucks

Yes, there will be food trucks! Scattered around the celebration area, these mobile eateries offer many mouth-watering options. Whether you crave traditional Irish fare or something more eclectic, you'll find plenty to satisfy your appetite.

Savannah's culinary scene also shines during this event. Indulge in traditional Irish fare at the parade, or go enjoy Savannah's famous southern cuisine in the city. Either way, your taste buds are in for a treat. 

Activities Outside the Event

As for other activities in and around Savannah, consider exploring the city's historic district, taking a riverboat cruise, or visiting one of the many museums or art galleries. 

Tips for Fellow Travelers

Plan your day well in advance and arrive early to secure a good spot for the parade. Also, keep in mind that many streets will be closed for the event, and parking spaces will be limited, so plan your transportation accordingly. 

Bag Policy: Keep It Light

To ensure a smooth experience for everyone, attendees are advised to bring only essential items. While specific bag policies are not detailed, it's wise to pack light for ease of movement and security reasons. Small backpacks or crossbody bags are ideal for carrying your day's necessities.

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Things to Do in Savannah

Apart from the St. Patrick's Day festivities, Savannah has a lot to offer. Take a stroll down the charming streets of the historic district or explore the shops and restaurants on Bay Street. 

Discover the Charm of Savannah

Savannah is a city brimming with charm and history. After the St. Patrick's Day festivities, consider exploring some of its iconic attractions, including staying at or visiting a historic hotel that offers a glimpse into Savannah's rich past.

Historic Squares and Parks

Stroll through Savannah’s picturesque squares, each with its own story and unique beauty. Forsyth Park, with its iconic fountain, is a must-see, especially when it's dyed green for the occasion.

River Street Revelries

River Street is a bustling waterfront promenade known for its historic buildings, cobblestone streets, and lively atmosphere. Enjoy the eclectic mix of shops, galleries, restaurants, and pubs, many of which offer special events and menus for St. Patrick’s Day.

Don't miss out on a riverboat cruise on the Savannah River, or a visit to the Telfair Museums. And if you're a fan of literature, make sure to check out the Flannery O'Connor Childhood Home

See You in Savannah?

We hope this guide helps you make the most of your St. Patrick's Day Savannah 2024 experience. Remember, with Bounce, your luggage is in safe hands, giving you the freedom to enjoy everything this beautiful city has to offer. See you in Savannah!

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All you need to know

  • What time is the St. Patrick's Day parade in Savannah 2024?

    The St. Patrick's Day parade in Savannah for 2024 is scheduled to start at 10:15 AM on Saturday, March 16th.

  • How big is Savannah's St. Patrick's Day?

    Savannah's St. Patrick's Day Parade is one of the largest in America, ranking right behind New York City and Chicago. It attracts attendees from all over the world to participate in the festivities, making it the largest event in Savannah and a highly anticipated celebration for both locals and visitors alike.

  • What is there to do on St. Patrick's Day in Savannah GA?

    On St. Patrick's Day in Savannah, GA, there's a wealth of activities to partake in, showcasing the city's rich Irish culture and lively spirit. The celebration kicks off with the St. Patrick's Day Parade, one of the largest in the U.S., featuring elaborate floats, marching bands, and traditional Irish dancers. Throughout the day, local bars, restaurants, and cafes welcome visitors with special menus and festive events. Food enthusiasts will enjoy the variety offered by food trucks, serving everything from traditional Irish fare to international cuisine. River Street and City Market become hubs of activity, bustling with vendors, live music, and street performers, creating a vibrant atmosphere for holiday revelers. The city's historic squares, particularly Forsyth Park with its green-dyed fountain, offer picturesque settings for a leisurely stroll. As night falls, the festive spirit continues in Savannah's pubs and bars, where special events feature live Irish music and dance, rounding out a day filled with cultural celebration and fun.

  • Where is the best place to watch the St. Patrick's Day parade in Savannah?

    The best place to watch the St. Patrick's Day parade in Savannah is along the beautiful, tree-lined streets near Forsyth Park. This area offers a picturesque backdrop for the parade, with ample space for spectators to gather. The park itself provides a more relaxed viewing atmosphere, where families can spread out blankets, enjoy picnics, and children can play freely. Additionally, being further from the starting point means the parade reaches this area a bit later, allowing for a more leisurely morning. It's also conveniently located near many of Savannah's charming cafes and restaurants, perfect for grabbing a bite or a drink after enjoying the parade. With its scenic views and comfortable setting, Forsyth Park and its surrounding streets are ideal for those looking to experience the parade in a more laid-back, yet festive environment.

Other places to explore in Savannah

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