The Best Time to Visit Bergamo 2024: The Ultimate Guide

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Planning on visiting Bergamo, Italy? Check the forecast for precipitation, sunshine, average humidity, and also entertainment highlights in the city so you can plan accordingly. No matter whether you are taking the airport bus or traveling into the train station, you'll want to be prepared to have the best holiday ever!

Bergamo is a small town in Northern Italy, part of the Lombardy region. Its proximity to Lake Como, Milan and Venice attracts more visitors each year, mostly in the summer months. Bergamo's history is 2000 years old and the city boasts numerous museums, churches, the Venetian walls, and many historical landmarks.

Set in the foothills of the Italian Alps, Bergamo's climate is mild, with warm winters and cold summers. Over the course of a year, the weather stays relatively nice, with a few cold weeks in winter. The average temperatures vary drastically, so be prepared for weather surprises no matter the time of the year.

Over the seasons, the temperature varies from 31°F (-0.56°C) to 84°F ( 29°C) and is rarely below 23°F (-5°C) or above 90°F (32°C). If you want to stay dry during your stay in Bergamo, the months with the least rainfall are July, October and January. Typically, the busiest months are from May to August but this also means they are the most expensive too.

The best time to visit Bergamo comes down to what you want to do and see during your stay, whether or not you enjoy crowds, and, of course, your travel budget. But whichever season you decide to book your trip for, make sure to find our luggage storage location in Bergamo, where you can keep all of your belongings safe and sound.

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Summer in Bergamo: June - August

The best time to visit Bergamo, Italy for hot weather is during the summer months, especially in July when the temperatures reach a high of 87.2°F (30.7°C) and a low of 67.3°F (19.6°C) at night. The summer season lasts for about 3 months, starting June 4 to September 11, with an average temperature of above 76°F (24 °C).

It is highly likely to rain in early June, so double-check the weather forecast before booking your accommodation. The warmer months typically see from 4 to 7 days of rain per month. Boaters will be happy to know that July is the windiest month of the year, with an average wind speed of around 5.3 knots.

It is safe to say you can pack light summer clothing, hat, sandals and sunscreen, and maybe a cardigan for the cooler nights.

Surprisingly, summer is also the cheapest time to visit Bergamo, especially from August to September. The summer period is also one of the best time for outdoor cinema and festivals. Mid-June through early July, the Summer Dance Festival takes place, followed by the Celtic Days in mid-July.

The 26th of August is the Festa di Sant’Alessandro, a festival to celebrate the patron saint of Bergamo. The countryside also organizes a bunch of festivals like the one dedicated to the Madonna della Castagna, the DeSidera, and the Sarnico Busker Festival in Seriate.

Things to do and see in Bergamo during summer are plenty. A ride on the funicular to the upper city is a must. Once you get there, the medieval feel of the old town will immediately transport you back in time. Take time to visit Pallazzo della Regionne, Palazzo Nuovo, Duomo di Bergamo, or the Museo di Scienze Naturali "E. Caffi". Or explore the lower town known as Citta Bassa which is the more modern part of Bergamo.

A trip to San Vigilio Caste is a must while in Bergamo, and there is no better time than summer to enjoy the beautiful sunset and stunning views from San Vigilio hill. Bergamo is also packed with parks. From the Parco Sant'Agostino and Giardino La Crotta in the upper town to the Parco Frizzoni, Parco Suardi and Parco Caprotti in the lower city, these parks are equipped with cycle paths, playgrounds, and other areas, making them ideal for picnics.

Summer is fabulous for day trips to the neighboring towns of Milan and Venice. These cities are just a short train ride away so you will have a lot of time for sightseeing and still be back to Bergamo by night.

Summer is undoubtedly the best season to visit Bergamo. Keep up to date with the forecast and make your reservations well in advance.

Fall in Bergamo: September - November

Fall in Bergamo, Northern Italy, sees a significant drop in temperatures, especially in November. The average temperature throughout fall ranges from 78.9°F (26.1°C) and 49.4°F (9.7°C). The humidity and wind make the weather in fall feel chilly, which is why Bergamo sees fewer tourists during these months.

It is common to rain or snow in Bergamo during fall. There is a 50% percent chance of rain per day or 5 to 7 days per month. This means you should carry your umbrella or raincoat with you at all times, just to be safe. Fall temperatures can be both pleasant and chilly, so it would be wise to pack a mixture of clothing.

Rainy and cloudy weather call for some indoor activities, so it's best to start your Bergamo history tour in the old town. Citta Alta is packed with museums and galleries for every taste. From the Historical Museum and Gaetano Donizetti's birthplace to the Civic Archaeological Museum and the Palazzo del Podesta, these museums will keep you entertained until the weather gets better (if it does).

Fall is a good time of the year to take beer, wine and food tours in Bergamo. This is the month of festivals like the Beer Festival and the Feast of the Madonna del Rosario, both in October. Mercatanti or the (International Food Stalls in the Sentierone) and BergamoScienza (Bergamo Science Festival) are other festivals you don't want to miss out on.

Christmas markets in Bergamo are magical. You will find tons of stalls on Piazza Dante and Piazza degli Alpini beside the bus station. Santa Lucia or The Feast of Saint Lucy is another festival taking place in early December, not only in Bergamo but in other areas of Northern Italy too.

Since tourism in Bergamo, Italy is slow in the fall, you may be able to get some good deals on hotels and flights. But keep in consideration the rain, the clouds, and the chilly weather, so you can plan accordingly.

Winter in Bergamo: December - February

The cold season in Bergamo lasts for 3.5 months starting mid-November to the beginning of March, while the snowy period lasts for 1.7 months, from mid-December to the beginning of February. Rain is less frequent during winter, with on average 5 days of rain per month.

The average daily high temperature in winter is 51°F (10.55°C) and goes to a low of 31°F (-16.11) in January, the coldest month of the year. This means it's best to pack your winter essentials, water-resistant clothes, and snowshoes.

The low temperatures make the winter months the least favorite for tourism in Bergamo, especially for warm weather travelers. On the brighter side, prices are much lower than any other season, but not around New Year's and Christmas.

There are over 186 miles of ski slopes in the Bergamo area, so those looking for winter sports will have a blast. From cross-country skiing, snowboarding and bobsledding, to ski mountaineering and snowshoeing, the ski slopes, snow parks and trails of Bergamo offer the best adventures you can have in winter.

If you are not the sporty type and you'd rather relax somewhere warm, Bergamo has plenty of wellness centers and thermal spas to relax in, and one of the best is the nearby San Pellegrino Thermal baths.

Despite the cold temperatures, there are quite a lot of things to do in the town of Bergamo in winter. Starting with the Christmas markets in November and December and the Christmas Village in Piazzale Alpini, to the Feast of Saint Lucy and the Chocolate Festival (Fiera del Cioccolato) at the end of January, Bergamo offers a lot to winter weather travelers. The end of February is reserved for the Carnival when a great parade with live music, masks and costumes brings the city to life.

Winter is also the perfect time to explore the historical landmarks, churches and museums of Bergamo. The lines to get in anywhere are shorter (if any), and the attractions see fewer crowds, allowing you to explore at your own pace.

Ultimately, winter in Bergamo, Italy is for travelers who don't mind the cold weather and snow. Prices are much better compared to other seasons and if you are dressed nice and warm you may have the best time of your life.

Spring in Bergamo: March - May

The wet season in Bergamo, Italy lasts for 6.5 months starting from April all the way to October. Yes, rain is very common in Bergamo, in fact, the rain falls for 19o days and collects up to 38.74" of precipitation. Spring is the rainest season of the year with 17 days of average monthly rainfall.

The average daily high temperatures very from 51°F (11.11 °C) to 77°F (25.3°C) with May being the warmest and April being the least humid month. Layering is recommended for the spring season so pack your shawls, sweaters and cardigans, but don't forget your rain boots and raincoat too.

Spring starts seeing tourists from May, which is also the busiest month for tourism in Bergamo. This means prices on plane tickets and accommodation are the highest, but you may be able to get good deals if you book well in advance.

Come May, tourists start their sightseeing tours. This is the best time of the year to stroll around the city or take day trips to nearby Milan, other neighboring cities and Lake Como. Tourist attractions may be busier than usual but this shouldn't stop you from visiting some of the top attractions in Bergamo.

Surrounded by the Venetian walls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Citta Alta (the upper town) is the old town of Bergamo, packed with landmarks. From Duomo di Bergamo (Bergamo's Cathedral), the Civic Tower, Santa Maria Maggiore (The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore), the popular Piazza Vecchia, and the Colleoni Chapel among many others, Città Alta is one of the best places to visit in Bergamo.

During this period the Spring Festival takes place and the Bergamo Jazz Festival is in mid-March. Though spring is the wettest season it still sees a lot of tourists, so make sure to book your stay well in advance.

Best Time to See Northern Italy

Bergamo weather is relatively nice year-round. If you don't like the cold then avoid the winter months, but keep in mind that winter is also the driest season of the year. The best time to visit Bergamo, Italy is from May to late August, and this doesn't mean you won't get any rainy days as precipitation in Bergamo occurs one out of two days.

If you are a budget-conscious traveler and want to take the entire family on a trip to Bergamo, besides the winter months, October and November are the cheapest regarding flights and accommodation. March, April and May see a significant rise in tourist arrivals with each year, and for a good reason too. Not only are prices lower in early spring, but the weather is still pleasant and crowds are fewer.

Ultimately, the best time to visit Bergamo, Italy depends on your preference and budget, just make sure to check the typical forecast before you book your flights!

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