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1 April

8 must see parks in Bergamo

Parks with views of the Alps and picturesque lakes await in Bergamo. Start at Orio Gravity Park for a real adventure.

13 January

Where To Stay In Bergamo: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

Bergamo is full of lovely neighborhoods. Each has its own special touch and offers travelers the best of Italy. Where will you stay in Bergamo? Read our guide on Citta Alta, Citta Bassa and more!

13 January

The Top 15 Free Things To Do In Bergamo

Visit a fortress or marvel at incredible art for free in Bergamo. We've compiled a list of things to do. You are sure to find many that take your interest!

13 January

The 8 Best Hikes In Bergamo

Hiking in Bergamo is a treat, whether it's a vigorous trek or an easy meander. Even if you've never been hiking, try it in Bergamo!

13 January

14 Unmissable Things To Do In Bergamo At Night

Bergamo at night is exactly what you'd want it to be. Tour a museum, stop for wine and cheese, or people watch in a busy piazza. Take a look at our list of fun things to do after dark!

13 January

Where To Find The Best Street Food In Bergamo

In Bergamo the variety of street food available is quite impressive. From food trucks to festivals, you'll have no trouble finding delicious eats like churrasco, pizza, fabulous sandwiches and more!

13 January

How To Get Around Bergamo

Bergamo has an efficient transportation system, including the funicular and the bus. Find out all you need to know in our handy guide on getting around Bergamo.

13 January

The 10 Best Museums In Bergamo

Bergamo is a city teeming with history. See for yourself by meandering through the streets and popping into museums!

13 January

10 Things To Do In Bergamo With Kids

Maybe your kids like science or perhaps the great outdoors. If eating great food or exploring parks is their idea of fun, Bergamo has all of these things.

13 January

Best Brunch In Bergamo: The Definitive Guide

Enjoy brunch at a cafe or bar, or sit for a while at a fine dining restaurant. Pancakes, frittatas, piadinas and more, brunch in Bergamo is delicious!

13 January

Best Day Trips from Bergamo

While Bergamo has plenty to keep you busy, why not venture out and see nearby areas? Lake Como and Clusone are two areas we suggest.

13 January

3 Days in Bergamo: Everything You Should Know

Tour the upper and lower city or museum hop from one ancient building to another. Bergamo has plenty to keep you busy on a 3 day visit!

13 January

Wine Tasting in Bergamo: 10 Places You Have to Try

Bergamo is known for its sparkling wines, rosés, and whites. This guide will tell you where to taste them and nice wineries to tour as well.

13 January

Rooftop Bar in Bergamo: 8 Places to Drink with a View

Bergamo has lovely bars and restaurants that offer a great ambiance. Although not all of them have rooftop views, you can enjoy the friendly spirit of the city!

13 January

Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Bergamo

Bergamo is full of unique items and is an ideal destination for shopping. Buy art, name brand goods, and artisan specialties. From malls to markets, Bergamo will not disappoint!

13 January

What to Eat in Bergamo: 9 Treats You Should Not Miss

From polenta to pizza, Bergamo has tasty food ready to be served and enjoyed. See what other delicious treats Bergamo has in store.

13 January

Bergamo On a Rainy Day: 12 Things To Do

Fans of malls, museums, churches and cozy cafes won't mind a rainy day in Bergamo. This guide gives you plenty of ideas for seeing Bergamo when the weather is wet.

12 January

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Bergamo

Restaurants in Bergamo are embracing vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Where to eat to taste the best of Bergamo's vegetarian offerings? Read this guide!

12 January

8 best hostels in Bergamo

Bergamo, with its Upper Town and Lower Town has a wide variety of sights to greet visitors. Choose a hostel in Bergamo near biking and walking treks or stay in a property close to ancient churches and cathedrals.

12 January

Is Bergamo safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Bergamo is an intriguing city that will show you an exciting side of Italy. From views of the Italian Alps to museums that deserve exploration, Bergamo has it all. Read on for Bergamo safety tips and then start your adventure.

12 January

Music Festivals in Bergamo in 2022

Bergamo may not be a big city, but the people here know how to celebrate music! Check out one of many festivals including punk rock, folklore and classical.

12 January

The Best Time to Visit Bergamo 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Bergamo is an Italian city with both warm and cold seasons. This guide will help you decide when is the best time to visit Bergamo. Look at the seasonal features and the festivals and events.

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