Wine Tasting in Bergamo: 10 Places You Have to Try

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Steeped in medieval history, Bergamo is an Italian city renowned for its wealth of artistic and historic heritage. But besides its magnificent ancient architecture, numerous museums, and historic buildings, this charming city is celebrated for its exquisite gastronomic treasures.

It’s the seat of the Province of Bergamo in Italy’s Lombardy region, a northern wine region known for sparkling wines, rosés, and whites. It’s also a land of pastures with agriculture and goat farming as the local population’s livelihood, employing ancient craftsmanship and skills in the traditional cheese-making process. So if you’re traveling to Italy for food, wine, and flavorful local cheeses, Bergamo is an extraordinary destination you shouldn’t miss.

Discover the eclectic restaurants and wine bars offering delicious dishes and excellent wines if you’re looking for things to do at night in Bergamo. You can also explore the wine region and visit a wine cellar or participate in one of the wine tours and enjoy an exciting Bergamo wine tasting to sample some Valcalepio DOC red and white wines. It’s Bergamo’s most famous wine produced in Valcalepio with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

No matter what you opt to do, don’t forget to leave your bags at a reliable luggage facility in Bergamo. It’s the most convenient way to travel and ensure your bags are in a secure and safe location.

Enoteca San Tomaso

Located in the heart of Bergamo’s artistic district, Enoteca San Tomaso is a wine shop in the ancient San Tomaso village. It carries a meticulous selection of wines, allowing visitors to discover the most coveted and famous labels from wineries in the country and abroad. It’s a stone’s throw away from the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art (GAMeC) and the Accademia Carrara Museum, making it an ideal stop after your cultural trip to the city.

At Enoteca San Tomaso, not only will you be given the opportunity to sample the best international and local wines, but you’ll also be served fresh French and Italian food. From tasty local cheeses and honey to sauces and jams, there are food specialties to add to your shopping list. In addition to wine products and gourmet items, they also offer refined spirits, liqueurs, authentic balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and more.

If you have a special event or an important dinner, you can get professional advice from a wine master to help you pick the best wine list. The shop also has a private wine cellar featuring sought-after bottles, including the famous Fiorduva by Marisa Cuomo and a few bottles of Jacques Selosse.

Location: Via San Tomaso, 96, 24121 Bergamo BG


Whether you’re looking for high-quality wines or a gift box to take home or participate in wine tastings in Bergamo, Winefully is an obligatory stop for every wine lover. It is found in the historic Bergamo city center, surrounded by cultural attractions and ancient buildings.

Winefully takes pride in its direct relationship with wine producers and customers. It focuses on the quality of the selected labels available from the shop, stored in a controlled environment to ensure the wine’s balanced aging. Its products range from about $50 to over $3,000, so no matter your taste and budget, you’re sure to find one that matches your needs.

In addition to providing a satisfactory wine shopping experience, this wine shop often organizes meetings and sharings. It includes wine cellar visits, wine tours, wine tasting evenings, meeting with the producers, and more.

Location: Via Nazario Sauro, 9, 24123 Bergamo BG

Vini & Spiriti

Good food, delectable wines, and a warming atmosphere welcome you at Vini & Spiriti. It’s a small wine bar and restaurant just a few blocks from the Bergamo train station. It’s a wine lovers’ paradise boasting over 400 labels and traditional dishes perfect for lunch, aperitif, and dinner.

No matter what wine you’re craving, Vini E Spiriti has something to satisfy your palate. From the rare and hidden treasures to aged wines from the Italian wine region, you can get it from here. When in doubt or just starting your wine journey, their helpful staff will assist you with your choice or in the tasting of a prestigious bottle. They also have the perfect dishes that go well with your drinks, as well as new flavors that originated from Italy or anywhere in the world.

Location: Via Giorgio e Guido Paglia, 19/b, 24122 Bergamo BG

Bergamo Wine Tasting and Winery Tours

Nothing beats winery tours and wine tasting in Bergamo if you’re looking for extraordinary enogastronomic experiences. You can choose a private tour around the province, explore the wine region, or see the beautiful Lake Iseo while admiring the sights and tasting local wines, cheeses, and food. Even if you’re only here for a brief visit, joining one of the reputed Bergamo tours is the best way to see the region’s picturesque vineyards and sample Valcalepio wines.

Il Cipresso

A few minutes from Bergamo city center, Il Cipresso is an easy-to-reach winery in a farmhouse in Scanzorosciate. Visitors are welcome at the expansive vineyards, the technologically advanced wine cellar, and the showroom clustered around a beautiful 16th-century villa.

As you go on a walking tour at Il Cipresso, you’ll marvel at the scenic hills covered with vineyards and dotted with farmhouses and villages. Then head to the new cellar and learn about the intricate winemaking process using modern equipment. Discover the winery’s history and end your Bergamo tour with a taste of some of the delicious wines produced at Il Cipresso.

From 10 AM to 12:30 and between 2:30 and 6 PM, you can look forward to a savory wine tasting experience at the winery. Book in advance and enjoy a great chance to get to know its award-winning wines and taste seven different vinos. You can also buy its signature Valcalepio DOC, Moscato di Scanzo DOCG Serafino, and Terre del Colleoni DOC, at cellar price.

Location: Via Cerri, 2, 24020 Scanzorosciate BG

Tallarini Wine Tour

Located in the province of Bergamo in the hills of Valcalepio, Tallarini winery boasts twenty hectares of vineyards and a spacious cellar divided into three rooms. It serves as a processing area, storage, and tasting room between large wooden barrels and steel tanks. Along its walls are 240,000 thousand bottles produced every year, refined and preserved, waiting to be open for wine connoisseurs, tasters, and lovers of great wine.

Visit the winery and experience a memorable day in uncontaminated nature. Here, you’ll discover a paradise of flavors, scents, and aromas by tasting different wines accompanied by cheese. It’s an excellent opportunity to get an insight into the impressive process of wine production, from preparation to bottling and labeling.

Pick the food and wine tasting you prefer. A wine tour and tasting at Tallarini often take up to two hours. Make sure you book in advance to reserve a spot.

Location: Via Fontanile, 24060 Celatica-tolari BG

Azienda agricola Il Calepino

Another place to enjoy an exquisite wine tasting and wine tour is Il Calepino. Founded in 1972, this winery has been producing excellent classic sparkling wines for decades. It is located in the heart of Bergamo’s wine-producing area in Castelli Calepio, only a few kilometers from the spectacular views of Lake Iseo.

When you visit Il Calepino, you might get a chance to taste a glass of wine from its precious collection of Calepinus, including the oldest dating back from 1523. You’ll also enjoy an aperitif, which includes two classic method sparkling wines paired with local cheese and cured meats. As part of the wine tour, you’ll head to the Al Tram Restaurant, about fifteen minutes by car, in Sarnico for a scrumptious lunch.

Tours at the winery are available daily except Wednesdays and Sundays, between 10 and 11 AM. You can choose from a Basic and Full Menu, which costs about $50 to $60 per person.

Location: 1 Cascina Suripe, Castelli Calepio, BG

Moscato di Scanzo Pagnoncelli Folcieri

About a ten-minute drive from the historic Bergamo center is another winery owned by the Pagnoncelli Folcieri Family. Since 1962, they’ve been producing Moscato di Scanzo wine, a red straw wine made from the local grape. It’s Italy’s smallest DOCG wine label, produced exclusively in the quaint town of Scanzorosciate in the Bergamo province.

You’ll find this winery inside Villa Pagnoncelli, a 16th-century building featuring vintage furniture and gorgeous frescoes. Guests are welcome to explore the small winery, giving them enough time to walk through the vineyard while learning about the grape’s history and characteristics. Then, you’ll be rewarded with a tasting of different Moscato di Scanzo with a special food pairing.

Location: Via F. Martinengo Colleoni, 108, 24020 Scanzorosciate BG

Le Driadi Slow Farm

Flavorful local wines and fun outdoor adventures await you at Le Driadi Slow Farm, a producer of natural, organic wines in the province of Bergamo. It’s only under half an hour by car from Bergamo’s medieval center, making it a great destination if you’re looking for a quick and convenient out-of-the-city tour.

Make an appointment and visit the vineyard, see the cellar, and enjoy tastings with some appetizers. Knowledgeable staff will guide you to help you understand the organic and biodynamic culture and discover the natural winemaking process. Your two hours of tour and tasting will be a feast to the senses as you enjoy the aroma and taste of their local specialties.

You can also take advantage of a five-hour vineyard trekking, including exploring the old vineyard and admiring the wild forest. It’s a complete immersion in nature through the trails in the hills near the cellar.

Location: Via Capietaglio, 24030 Palazzago BG

Tenuta Castello di Grumello

Nestled in the center of Valcalepio between Lake Iseo and Bergamo, Tenuta Castello di Grumello is a must-visit tourist attraction about twenty minutes from Bergamo city. The Grumello Castle was built in 1200 as a military fortress and later became an aristocratic manor. Today, it is open for vineyard walks, guided tours, and wine tastings, offering the Castle’s unique wine served with traditional products.

The winery is one of the oldest in the country, so every visit is like stepping into history. You can book a guided visit to the Castle and explore the simple, austere-styled building. But if you reserve a spot for the wine tasting and guided tour, you can see the wine cellar and the 18th-century chapel, plus a tasting of three wines produced at the winery with breadsticks and cheeses. For a prestige tour, you can enjoy five glasses instead of three, and the entire tour can last for two hours.

Location: Via Fosse, 11, 24064 Grumello del Monte BG

Azienda Vitivinicola e Agrituristica Eligio Magri

If there’s a winery that’s worth going out of your way but still close to Bergamo’s top attractions, it would be Azienda Vitivinicola e Agrituristica Eligio Magri. Founded in the 1980s, the Eligio Magri winery is a family-run business that takes pride in its focus on quality instead of quantity.

The grapes here are obtained from the vineyards around the town of Torre de ‘Roveri. They have a planting density of about four- to five-thousand plants for every hectare, grown on healthy soils to ensure delicate flavor, quality, and delicious taste.

Come and visit to taste its flavorful wines and taste for yourself! You can book a hearty lunch or dinner in the farmhouse or obtain a selection of fine wines for your special occasions and events.

Location: Via Colle dei Pasta, 8/A, 24060 Torre De' Roveri BG

Bergamo Wine Tours and More

You no longer have to worry about filling your 3 days in Bergamo (or longer) with plenty of activities and adventures to experience in the city and the surrounding areas in the province. It’s often overshadowed by other popular cities like Milan, which is less than an hour's drive from Bergamo.

But once you set foot in this medieval Italian city, you’ll discover its unparalleled charm and unmatched beauty. No matter what time of the year you visit, you’ll always have things to do and see, from enjoying nature walks and visiting the museums to taking a guided tour at a winery and wine tasting.

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