Where To Find The Best Street Food In Bergamo

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In the Lombardy region of Italy, Bergamo is an older city in northeastern Milan. The historic upper district, Citta Alta, is one of the most popular places in Italy with quaint cobblestone streets surrounded by Venetian walls. Don't miss the chance to museum hop here!

But since you are reading this, you are probably more interested in the street food in Bergamo. In Bergamo, the motto is il Cibo è arte, which means food is art. The Italians take food very seriously and street food is particularly important to the culture.

At almost every eatery in the city, you can find street food. Just look on any menu and you will notice a variety of bread, cheeses, and meats as well as pasta in many shapes and flavors.

And you can always find gelato for dessert. But first, try grilled handmade bread topped with local lard slices or toasted bread slices topped with tasty taleggio cheese to Dolce e Salato, sweet and salad.

Why not take a Bergamo food tour while you are here? A local foodie will introduce you to farmers' traditional meals as you learn about the food culture of Italy as well as Bergamo. Find out the most popular street food. Learn about the contemporary Bergamo food scene and you can even try the favorite pasta shape in Bergamo.

Also on the Bergamo traditional food tour, you can find out why espresso coffee is customary at the end of every Italian proper meal. In fact, every Bergamo food tour will introduce you to è cultura (the culture) of Italian street food and how è cultura includes so much of every meal eaten in this proper city.

No matter whether you are enjoying street food on the street, in a small cafe, or at a fine dining establishment, you will not be disappointed in the rich flavors of both pork meat and beef meat as well as savory cheese and espresso coffee.

But first, leave your luggage at a Bergamo bag storage site so you don't have to drag them around with you. You'll want to carry as little as possible and eat as much as you can!

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The Best Street Food Vendors in Bergamo

La Romana Gelato

La Romana Gelato is where to go when you want to try the most loved gelato flavor in the city. The favorite is the stracciatella, which is milk, cream, and dark chocolate chips but this place has such a variety of flavors, you may be overwhelmed at first.

They have over 100 flavors at La Romana Gelato so it is virtually impossible to try them all. But you can enjoy quite a few if you come back several times a day during your visit. They make small batches so the gelato is always fresh and delicious no matter what flavor you get.

Leo Burger

Do you have a hearty appetite after a Bergamo hike? Everyone's favorite street food no matter what city you are in, the burger always seems to find its way into our everyday menu. As a street food in Bergamo, the Leo Burger can be served in several ways from the traditional recipe of burger on a bun with cheese to the egg burger scamorza cheese, bacon, and eggs.

Besides the typical burgers, you can also get a vegetarian burger. Leo Burger also sells french fries, potato wedges, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and chicken nuggets. For dessert, try the tiramisu classic served in a jar to go or one of their giant chocolate muffins with a cup of coffee or glass of ice-cold beer.

Patisserie Cavour 1880

This historic coffee shop is another great place to enjoy street food in Bergamo. The name says it all, as this quaint cafe opened in 1880 serving street food and the best coffee in town. You can find homemade gelato, cakes, and pastries as well as other desserts with your coffee.

Some of their best street food is the foiade flavored with sage and parmesan cheese and their piadinas in many flavors. And of course, they serve pizzas with many different toppings. But the main draws are the dessert cakes and coffee.


Similar to the toasties you can find in other European cities, Capatoast has a menu full of different kinds of toast sandwiches. This is street food with a crunch as you can get just about anything between two pieces of crunchy fresh toast here. The classic has raw ham, tomatoes, lettuce, and mozzarella cheese, or try the super classic with fried pork, provolone, and potatoes.

But that is not all they have on this street food truck. You can also get a special toast with salami, provolone, and salad or pulled pork with caramelized golden onions. To feed your sweet tooth, try their sweet crunchy bread with Nutella. If you've got the kids trying fun things in Bergamo, bring them here afterward to sample this Nutella treat! Other street foods here include salads, bowls, and fries.

Grano Puro

Famous for their whole-grain pizzas, Grano Puro is true Italian pizza as street food. Get it by the slice or pie, it is all-natural and they use only the freshest ingredients sold by locals. Their natural tomato sauce is mouthwatering and you can taste the country in every bite.

This street food is on the Bergamo traditional food tour and boasts over a dozen flavors from ciabatta to Mexican. They also serve other street food like burritos, fish and chips, and desserts such as muffins and fruit. Wash it all down with coke, beer, or coffee.

DOT Chianti Street Food

In Guastalla on Via Orti this casual place serves a variety of street food from kebabs to pasta. The gentlemen who run the place are extremely friendly but professional and take Italian street food seriously. The carpaccio with olive oil and pepper is outstanding and the pizza is truly Sicilian.

If you want true Italian cuisine in a street food environment, DOT Chianti Street Food is the place to go. They even serve vegan versions of just about anything you want on the menu. And the wine list is excellent.

Scemo Chi Legge

The name in English means Fool Who Reads and that should tell you how much fun you will have eating at this food truck. Chef Torpal is not just a great cook, but he is also a comedian and artist publishing many hilarious books on Amazon such as Absolutely Nothing and 50 Things to do on the Toilet.

However, it is his menu of delicious street food that you should be reading with items like Fried Tubers (french fries), Corn Bowls (popcorn), and Mini Javelins (kebabs). He even sells gummy bears in regular and those infused with alcohol. No matter what you get here, you will leave with a smile.

Where to Find the Best Bergamo Street Food Spots

Citta Mercato

Also known as Mercato City, this area in mid-city features over a dozen street food vendors from food trucks to restaurants. Panda is a cute little Asian food truck with the best dumplings in the city. Expect very fresh dishes and incredible prices.

Pico is another one just a short walk away. They sell everything from hot dogs and burgers to polenta and empanadas. Next door, the Chicken & Burger Truck has some mouthwatering fried chicken, pizza, and kebabs. And Farina & Company has a huge menu with pizza, pasta, and more.

La Marianna Restaurant

In the heart of the central business district of Bergamo, you can enjoy all sorts of delights. Zero 60 Coffee House is a popular place to get a cup of coffee and danish, La Caffetteria Di Porta Nuova is a large truck with a wide variety of street foods, and La Marianna is well-known for its gelato.

In fact, they serve Stracciatella ice cream in the very gelato confectionery it was invented in. Back in 1962, Enrico Panattoni was working at La Marianna when he decided to break up some dark chocolate chips into his ice cream. It was love at first bite for everyone who tasted it and this scrumptious street food is what put this eatery on the map.

Citta Bassa Bergamo

Also known as Lower City (there is Upper City too, both accessible to Bergamo Train Station), you can find a vast array of different types of eateries here. The Ravioli Special Snack is a popular little Chinese shop with Asian risotto, ravioli, and dumplings as well as bubble tea. Next to them in Arli Hotel is La Delizia, which is a wine bar serving all sorts of delicious dishes.

And next door to them is Hawaiian Poke Experience, where Hawaiian food meets Italian. The result is poke bowls full of flavors you will love. Goss Quality Burger is next, and you have never had a burger like this. In fact, they have 21 different burger flavors as well as chicken wings and ribs.

Street Food Festivals in Bergamo

Bergamo Food Film Fest: Il Cibo è Arte

Why not watch a film while you eat? Actually, they have more than 500 films at this festival every year. Located in Citta Alta at Piazza Mascheroni the last week of August, every local foodie will be at this festival to make sure you know all about this local tradition celebrated in Bergamo.

Foiade is the Sunday dish loved by all. It is the traditional recipe of all the small villages made with scraps of cornflour and served at food feasts as common and cheap street food. Another favorite street food is the casoncelli, which is handmade pasta filled with meat, parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs, raisins, and almonds topped with sage and bacon.

Hop Hop Street Food: Ogni Evento è Pensato Bergamo

This festival shows exactly how much the Italians believe in the motto food is art, or il cibo è arte. Several times a year, you can find a variety of food trucks, vendors, and restaurants selling street food in Bergamo at the special festival. At this fun food fest, you can enjoy every street food in Bergamo as well as many from around the world.

Although the lineup changes every year, the typical items include burgers, paella, seafood, and pasta as well as churrasco, pizza, and desserts. You can even find kangaroo and other unique foods here. Greek cuisine, Sicilian slices, and Dutch chips are also featured.

The Bergamo Big Food Fest: Ci Sarà Sempre Tempo

In October, the Alzano Lombardo Food Festival has everything from beer to bigoli pasta. Located at the Spazio Fase Event Center, you will find every kind of street food you can imagine and some you cannot. They also have fine dining menus, cooking classes, and a variety of beverages.

With 20 of the best Italian food trucks on two levels of space, you can enjoy fine wines, delicate cheeses, fresh fruit and veggies as well as spicy meats, and handmade pasta. The wines are from local vineyards and there is even a special area for kids.

Bergamo Street Food

If you are still hungry for street food in Bergamo, you can keep on eating your way through Italy one delicious bite at a time. Whether you want to try the Dolce e Salato topped with fresh cheese and caramelized golden onions, richly presented meats, handcrafted pasta, or the most loved gelato flavor, you will love every bite.

When looking for the best street food in Bergamo, you do not have to go far or look too hard. Street food is everywhere from the Ramera hills surrounding Bergamo in the north to the Malpaga Castle in the south. You can get the best street food in Bergamo no matter what you are craving.

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